Florida Gators break out brand new white helmets for homecoming vs. Vanderbilt

By Adam Silverstein
November 7, 2015

No. 10 Florida Gators football (7-1, 5-1 SEC) is riding high after a hot start to its first season under new head coach Jim McElwain.

With the Vanderbilt Commodores in town for homecoming, the Gators decided to break out a brand new set of white helmets for the game.

The left side of the helmet looks identical to the long-time Florida lid with the script “Gators” prominently featured. However, the right side features the team’s “Fast F” and has the same look that former head coach Urban Meyer banned after UF wore complete helmets with that style and lost in the 2009 SEC Championship Game.

Also unique about the helmets is the stripe down the middle. While it follows the Gators’ normal pattern up front, it tapers off going back until it forms a blue point on the backside.

Florida wore these white helmets with orange jerseys and white pants on Saturday. Previously (2006, 2009), the Gators had only worn white helmets with blue jerseys.


  1. Sharon Milner says:

    Maybe it’s about very sloppy offensive play, not the uniform. Gators look like they are sleeping through such an important game. What is going on?

  2. SW FL Joe says:

    Looked like Miami and played like Miami

  3. Kuji says:

    Loved them. Hope they are on ┼Ťale to buy! !

  4. I was at the game. Never noticed the helmets. I was distracted by the terrible offensive play.

  5. Mike The Red says:

    There is a reason that Meyers banned that helmet. Ban it for good.

    I hated the orange and white. Almost as much as the all orange.

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