FOUR Video BITS: Rainey, Tebow, Florida Field

By Adam Silverstein
August 31, 2012

1 » Former Florida Gators running back Chris Rainey is having a preseason to remember with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In addition to scoring two long touchdowns on offense earlier in the preseason, Rainey found the end zone twice on Thursday as he brought back a pair of punts 90 and 78 yards, respectively, only to have both called back on penalties. The video below, though a little choppy, contains both impressive returns.

2 » Jim Cantore, a reporter for The Weather Channel, was in the middle of Hurricane Issac in New Orleans, LA on Wednesday when he had to take a knee (Watch) in order to ensure that the strong winds from the storm did not push him over. Cantore likened his posture to that of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow’s and quipped, “For whatever it’s worth, I hope I’m making Tebow proud.”

3 » “Tebowing” was also used this week as a celebration by a Pennsylvania man who assaulted a teenager for accidentally driving his riding lawn mower onto the road and into the path of his vehicle. According to police reports obtained by The Smoking Gun, the assailant pushed the 17-year-old off the lawn mower, “Tebowed” and then drove off. “I turned around to see what was going on. He clotheslined me off the tractor and landed on me and did a ‘Tim Tebow’ before he left and got back in his car.”

4 » UPDATED: In last of three short videos created by the University of Florida, the school’s turf management team explains how Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium gets prepared and painted for game day. The Gator Head logo, now spanning between the 40 yard lines at midfield (as first reported by OGGOA), can be seen up-close along with the new F logos, SEC logos and the completed end zones.

One Comment

  1. gatorboi352 says:

    I think having Demps and Rainey at the same time hurt both of them. I think if they would have been staggered a few more years apart they both would have shined for UF even more than they already did.

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