FOUR BITS: Dunker (again), Harvin, Rainey, Tebow

By Adam Silverstein
March 13, 2013

1 » Less than two months after being arrested for third-degree felony grand theft of a motor vehicle and second-degree misdemeanor driving with a suspended license, Florida Gators redshirt freshman guard Jessamen Dunker was cited by the Gainesville Police Department on March 6 for speeding and once again driving with a suspended license. His total fees for the two offenses are $277, according to Alachua County Court records. Dunker’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, claimed in court back in January that Dunker paid $600 for the scooter he is accused of stealing. The player was released while the State Attorney’s Office determines whether or not it will file formal charges against him. Head coach Will Muschamp suspended Dunker from all team activities on Jan. 18 and reiterated Tuesday that he remains indefinitely suspended. The most recent citation received by Dunker is his third brush with the law since arriving in Gainesville, FL. On Nov. 14, 2012, he was cited for driving without a seat belt and reportedly directed multiple expletives at the officer that pulled him over. Dunker’s latest written arrest was first reported by The Miami Herald‘s Matt Watts.

2 » Signing a brand new six-year, $67 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday (which included a $12 million signing bonus and $25.5 million guaranteed), wide receiver Percy Harvin has been all smiles as he gets acquainted with his new team. Another bit of good news that Harvin announced on Tuesday was that he is migraine-free for the first time in his life and that the ailment has not returned after the Mayo Clinc diagnosed him with sleep apnea. “I haven’t had a migraine in two years now,” he said at his official press conference on Tuesday. “Been fully healthy from that aspect so everything’s been good. I’m gonna knock on wood that nothing resurfaces, but it’s all been great.”

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and read two more BITS in this post.]3 » Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey, who was released from the team in January after he was arrested for simple battery (a charge that was later thrown out), was at Florida’s Pro Day on Tuesday as he is in Gainesville for the offseason living with his girlfriend while his agent tries to get him back in the league. Reports out of Pro Day were that Rainey and the Pittsburgh contingent – which included general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin – did not speak or come near each other during the event. The media caught up with Rainey after the workouts were over. “I’m just being patient man, that’s all,” he said, according to the Palm Beach Post. “I’m just wanting my agent to give me that phone call. […] I guess they probably wanted to teach everybody else a lesson or something [by cutting me].”

4 » The New York Jets were supposed to have cut quarterback Tim Tebow by the time NFL free agency opened on Tuesday at 4 p.m. Except now more than 24 hours has passed and Tebow remains on the team’s roster. Stemming from comments made by the team’s new general manager that indicated Tebow may very well remain on the team and compete for the quarterback job this season comes a story from the New York Daily News that quotes new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg (father of Gators redshirt freshman quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg) saying he has already spoken with Tebow and believes he can contribute to the offense – if he remains on the team, of course. “We had a long discussion,” Mornhinweg said. “He’s got my thoughts on the situation and he has some thoughts as well. If he’s on this football team, which he is right now, then I would do it a certain way and try to utilize all of our players that can help us win a football game.”

“First of all, he would be taking reps at quarterback and then some of his other skills could certainly help a football team,”he continued. “What he did in Denver, that was something else. So, the man can play football. So, how do you utilize him would certainly be the key. So, he’s on our football team right now. It’s my duty and responsibility to have some thoughts on how he could help us win the next football game. So I have put an awful lot of thought into that. He certainly has some skill to do that. I will say. He’s got some quarterback skills. As a quarterback, the gut instincts are real important and he certainly has that…. Just talking in general [about] quarterbacks, the decision making is key as well as the accuracy and timing. He certainly has some of that. That’ll be interesting to see exactly where he’s at.”[/EXPAND]


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Really liked hearing what Marty Mornhinweg had to say about Tebow. An open mind and, finally, a voice of reason that acknowledges what he did in Denver and isn’t trying to tell us and the rest of the world that what we all have seen Tim do over and over again was a mirage and that he really can’t do what we all know he can do. . . which is, in the infamous words of the late Al Davis: “Just win, baby!”

  2. GatorsAlumLA says:

    Dunker fought the law and the law won.

  3. Ken (CA) says:

    Morninweg may be a voice of reason, but Ryan is still the Gorilla in the room and he has made it very clear what he thinks of Tebow. sounds like more of the same rhetoric. Make him feel useful then don’t use him in any way relevant to his skills.

    As far as Dunker, It is time to change thatindefinite suspension to a permanent reduction in scholarships. This kid proves over and over he not only isn’t very bright but doesn’t have good judgement at all. Cut the losses and let him get on with life somewhere else and slow down the “arrest tallies” people like to fill in on the Gators. How many chances should he get?

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