Top 10 moments of Tim Tebow’s college career

By Adam Silverstein
December 31, 2009

In anticipation of Florida Gators senior quarterback Tim Tebow‘s final college game on Friday in the 2010 Sugar Bowl against the Cincinnati Bearcats, Dan Shanoff – author of and close friend of OGGOA, has ranked the Top 10 moments of Tebow’s career. Shanoff’s site has been obsessively covering the “Tebow phenomenon” all season and wraps up 2009 with this list, complete with extended commentary. Check out the Cliffs Notes version here then head over to TimTeblog for the rest!

Check out the Top 10 moments of Tim Tebow’s career after the jump!

10. Tebow Commits to UF: Nothing that happened over the past four years would have existed had Tebow decided to go to Alabama instead of Florida. (Can you imagine?)

9. I’m Coming Back!: The day Tebow announced he was returning for the 2009 season was the day the crushing “championship-or-bust” expectations were settled.

8. Circumcisions: If you want to see your profile raised with TV producers, sports-talk radio hosts and bloggers, you just need two words: “Snip. Snip.”

7. Crying: Alabama fans may have jeered the tears, but nothing showcased Tebow’s competitiveness like letting his emotions flow after the 2009 SEC Championship.

6. 20/20: The ultimate shorthand for one of the most dominant statistical performances by any individual college football player – let alone a QB – in history.

5. The Virgin: Another instant addition to the Tebow mythology. The funny part is that Tebow himself took it totally in stride, while the media completely flipped out.

4. Taunting Oklahoma: Tebow’s most human moment was a joy for Gator fans and a perfect ending to a national championship season.

3. John 3:16: Tebow and his family had no idea how powerful his platform as a college football player was until his title-game eye-black tilted Google.

2. The Jump-Pass: The defining play of Tebow’s career came merely a month after it started. It wasn’t pretty, but it was entirely effective – and cemented Tebow’s status as a cult hero in the world of college football.

As for No. 1, if it’s not obvious, we’ll give you a hint: It starts with “I’m sorry” and ends with “God bless.” It is also the most famous off-field moment in college football history.


  1. Ana says:

    *Sigh* I am going to miss seeing Timmy on Saturdays. God Bless that boy.

  2. Gatorfan33 says:

    I am interested in seeing how high flying this offense can be with Brantley under Center next season. All of us love Tebow but he doesn’t have near the arm that Brantley does. Now if only we get some WR’s that will step up and play catch. 😉

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