FOUR BITS: Muschamp, volleyball, Sloan, Driskel

By Adam Silverstein
December 9, 2013

1 » Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp apparently provided Pat Dooley, columnist for The Gainesville Sun, with a few minutes of his time at some point over the last week and dropped a couple tidbits of information about the program and where it is headed. Below are some of the most notable nuggets from the 2,000-word column, much of which makes excuses provides reasoning and perspective for Florida’s tough 2013 campaign. You can check out in full by clicking here.

* Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel, who just last year saw his team get ravaged by injuries before finishing the 2012 season 5-7 (2-6 SEC), called Muschamp personally to provide support. “He said he couldn’t imagine what we were going through. I got a lot of calls like that. Everyone has injuries, but I had guys in this league who called and said, ‘I don’t know how I would have handled it.’”

* Out of all the injured Gators, only sophomore running back Matt Jones (torn meniscus) and freshmen linebackers Matt Rolin (torn ACL) and Alex Anzalone (shoulder surgery) are expected to miss spring practice. Dooley reports: “Muschamp told me he plans to bump the start of spring practice to later in the year to make sure [junior quarterback Jeff] Driskel is completely rehabilitated after his leg injury.”

* Muschamp said he tried to be more easy-going this season in order to combat much of the negativity the players had to face each week. He regrets that decision. “I tried to make it fun for them and they were used to me being an [expletive] for two years.”

Check out four more BITS of Florida Gators news…after the break!

2 » Five-seed Florida Gators volleyball saw its 2013 season come to a crashing halt on Friday when it fell 3-2 at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center in Gainesville, FL, to the Florida State Seminoles in the second round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Florida allowed its unranked in-state rival to knock it out of postseason play as the Gators failed to advance to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2004. The match was not only a disappointment for UF as a whole, it also was an unceremonious farewell to senior middle back Chloe Mann, who deserved better in her final season of college volleyball. Click here to read more on Mann’s last game from Gators in-house writer Scott Carter.

3 » Florida gymnastics will be looking to defend its national title – the first-ever NCAA Championship in program history – this season, and sophomore all-around Bridget Sloan will undoubtedly be a huge part of that plan. Sloan, already an eight-time All-American as well as the 2013 NCAA title holder in both the all-around and balance beam, debuted her new floor routine recently for Check it out below.

4 » As much as some Gators fans may be down on Driskel, senior analyst Gil Brandt believes he could very well be the second senior quarterback selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. Nevermind the fact that Driskel will actually be a redshirt junior in 2014 and could very well return for his fifth season in 2015 unless he somehow has a miraculous turnaround under Florida’s new offensive coordinator.

Extra BIT » Florida women’s basketball (6-3) has been up-and-down early in the 2013-14 campaign, but the Gators hit a major mark on Wednesday by scoring more than 100 points in a game for the first time in nearly 13 years. UF topped Troy 104-74 in the O’Dome and was led by 22 points each from guards senior Jaterra Bonds and sophomore January Miller in the effort.


  1. Croc says:

    I hope the Spring game is as exciting as it was last year.

    Fire Muschamp

  2. Croc says:

    If the injuries are a valid excuse for Muschamp sucking why aren’t they a valid excuse for Pease sucking?

  3. Sharon M. says:

    I hope Foley is correct in his decision to keep Muschamp. My insides said NO NO it is the wrong decision. Only time will tell. Right now it is painful to be a Gator fan. Not even a bowl game!!

    • Croc says:

      He would be gone if Foley didn’t sign a contract as bad as the 2013 Gators.
      He has to pay him $2M for every year on the contract if he fires him.
      Muschamp only makes $3M a year if he is coaching. WTF Foley!?!?!

      Muschamp would have been due $8M if he was fired.

  4. SB says:

    Go Gymnastics team!

  5. traubgator says:

    agree with croc, why wasn’t injuries an excuse for pease then?

    i’m in the fire muschamp camp anyway, don’t see this thing getting turned around next season offensively.

  6. Nathaniel says:

    You know, normally, you do a good job of reporting the facts and when necessary, you do a superb job of providing perspective and insight without the muddying effect of personal gripes.

    Not that anyone should listen to me, but I don’t like your strike through line. Although most would likely agree with you (and maybe I would too), it still felt like a cheap shot uncommonly seen in your writing.

    • I thought the piece was very one-sided, perhaps due to the fact that Muschamp made himself available exclusively to the writer. And I felt that should somehow be communicated.

      But I appreciate both your opinion on the subject and how you communicated it.

  7. Aligator says:

    So if he had won a NC like Chizik did and then bombed he would have gotten fired? So let’s give him the injuries excuse and that Pease and Davis could not get along, but mark my words, this will not turn out well for Muschamp, he will need at least thre more years if and that is a big if, he finds the right guys.

    Why couldn’t Foley of just hired Mahlzan? What an idiot.

  8. Oldflyer says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Nathaniel.

    Your strike through was just too cute for words. Although cheap shot might be a better description.

    This site has turned into a negative experience. I started coming here because you provided news about the Gators for someone who is a continent away; without a constant negative drumbeat. Well, that is no longer the case. So, I will look for a place where I can get the news without the repeated shots at the man who will be the Gator coach for at least one more year whether you and other people, like Croc, like it or not.

    I suppose that all of those folks who posted above are going to have a perfectly miserable year because Muschamp is coaching the Gators. On second thought, they will probably wallow in their negativity and enjoy it immensely.

    • Oldflyer: I have taken absolutely no shots at Muschamp. Not in this piece or elsewhere. That is not what Nathaniel was saying.

      I do not suggest stopping reading this site because of comments below posts. Perhaps stop reading the comments altogether.

      Then again, I’m not sure where you will find a comment section that does not have people negative towards Muschamp.

    • I should also note that I agree people simply repeating “fire Muschamp” is annoying and does not add value. I may not approve such comments in the future if they are simply repetitive and bring nothing else to the table.

  9. Patrick says:

    Not only is repeating “fire Muschamp” annoying and lacking in value, many of the people beating the issue to death do so with a complete aversion to the facts (what ccurred during Urban’s last 2 years and the injuries this year). It is fine to be upset with the results of this season, but the personal attacks and repetitive “fire Muschamp and Foley” comments have the potential to be damaging to the program. And they are making this board and others very tiring to read. Insightful commentary, either pro or con, is great; but the junk some of you are posting is getting very old.

    • The problem, Patrick, is that I don’t want to restrict anyone’s freedom of speech here. I approve 99.9999999% of all comments that are not spam, of course.

      Hopefully crock and others will understand where I’m coming from. But I do plan to appropriately moderate the comment section if I see a lot of repetitive stale stuff from the same people/IP addresses/etc.

    • Croc says:

      I would love to hear how a post in the comment section of a blog proclaiming “Fire Muschamp” is going to damage the program.

      I’ll tell you what will damage the program though. Not playing in a bowl. Losing to Ga Southern at home.
      Losing to both in-state schools. Having 3 different OC in 4 years lead the worst offense in college football. Making non-stop excuses. Getting in heated arguments with fans. Alienating a fan base. GOING 4-8.


  10. traubgator says:

    so if injuries are why we are/were so bad, why didn’t pease get a pass. we were 11-2 with him calling plays last season.

    and i 100% support foley, he is the best AD in the country!

  11. Daniel M. says:

    All the “fire Muschamp” chatter aside, Bridget Sloan does a Gator chomp at 1:15 mark of her routine. That is one flexible young lady

  12. David says:

    Adam, Keep on keepin man, you’re doing a great job. I stopped following one Gator blog because that blog’s author began posting derisive comments about certain Gator athletes. He went way outside the lines to attack certain players. I see none of that here and enjoy all the content you post. Hopefully the basketball team will light a fire and tear through their season into the tournament. Maybe that will counter all the ‘bad news’ stories you have had to post and get peoples minds off of this past football season.

    • Nick Norris says:

      Same here. Bad Gator news day after day. I can only hope our players learn and grow from this situation. I have to keep in mind our players aren’t being paid a million bucks to play ball here and do not deserve the personal attacks they receive in many of the forums and particularly via today’s social e-forms of communication. These players did not recruit themselves, give themselves scholarships, intentionally injure themselves and above all coach themselves.
      Adam is free to report the news as it is because he has chosen not to ignore the facts for a little exclusive interview with our head football coach. Congratulations Adam and please keep it up.

  13. SWFL Joe says:

    Adam, I come here for some objective reporting about my beloved Gators. It’s nice to find a site the will report that “the emperor has no clothes” so to speak and not the constant Gainesville Sun-shine pumping of Dooley and Andreau. As far as the comment sections, I hope you don’t censor too much. I like reading all the comments here because, while message boards can offer insight like those of my fellow commenters, they tend to quickly denigrate into name calling and pi$$ing contests about who is a better Gator fan. Most of the posters here have valid points of view and truly want to see the Gators excel and are just not about spouting off at the keyboard for spouting sake. Keep up the good work.

  14. Gatoralum88 says:

    Adam, YOUR SITE ROCKS!!! Let Nathaniel, Oldflyer, & TST leave. I suspect they’ll all be back this time next year when the Gators are 7-5 and preparing for the Gator Bowl following a 2nd “not the dreaded vote of confidence” release from horse-face Foley. Crossing through “makes excuses” is completely appropriate. Dooley likely got the 1-on-1 BECAUSE he’s the ultimate apologist for the program. The Gainesville Sun is a FISH WRAP!!! I know because I’ve been a long-time subscriber because there’s no other choice for die-hard fans living in Gainesville. I’ve been writing for weeks on this site that all Muschump ever does is say “no excuses, but…” and then go on about how “we have great players and we’ll be a great team I ASSURE YOU”. I’ve heard and read “I assure you” coming out of Muschoke’s arrogant pie-hole more times than I can keep track of. My fellow Gator fan friends notice the same thing. All Dooley EVER does is constantly write about the injuries while always completely blowing it out of proportion with his lame jokes frequently using words like “zillion”. Adam, don’t change a thing! Again, this site and YOU ROCK!!!

  15. WP says:

    Adam love the site and love the fact if someone type your name you answer them. Whenever you have a season like this it’s going be a lot of negativity, hey if Auburn can turn it around in one season why not the Gators. Until then let’s hope they can and Go Gators.

  16. Jpowell863 says:

    Adam how many healthy players are the gators expecting back for spring ball …. barring any serious injurys we should be a pretty deep team next year with a lot experience

  17. Jpowell863 says:

    I was talking about the depth of this team next year … I, like many other fans, am tired of the negativity surrounding the Gators after this year. Noones happy … but its over we are undefeated in 2014. Lets get some new offensive coach’s in and get ready for a good year….. Go Gators !!!

    • It’s tough to give you an exact number because there is going to be attrition via the draft and maybe even transfer. But it will be the most veteran group of guys Florida has had probably since the 2009 season.

  18. GatorBoys4Life says:

    It’s funny how people really think that speaking facts about Boom’s ineptitude is so bad. I’d say the exact opposite. Supporting and continuing to make excuses for said ineptitude will lead to our program becoming the next Tennessee within a span of the next 3 to 4 years. Like it or not accepting and supporting mediocrity leads to perpetual mediocrity. By the time the next head coach is signed that path might be forged already. Again look at Tennessee and add Miami to that too. Both programs that you can look to that won’t ever matter on the level they did 10-12 years because they became fine with just being ok

  19. Joseph says:

    I use your site as a tool to add information to my personal abstract summary of gator events/topics.
    Considering all the injuries, I believe Pease should have been fired for one basic reason. Everytime we needed a “big” reception T burton got the call. Of all the receivers on the team we couldn’t build trust/develop one to be the go to guy. Burton is a beast and I trust him as a bad ass utility guy, but let’s have our true WRs do work.
    Just a note: with the talent UF brings in, there has to be real issues regarding offensive coaching to finish as low statistically as we have.
    Looking forward to next year-go gators!!

  20. jacob says:

    People asking why pease is not getting a pass must not read/watch much gator news. The offense has stunk under Pease ranked in the 100’s the last two years. Injuries or not you have to be able to score points against GSU thats the bottom line. From what i have read with pease and davis not getting along was about “hotroutes” which pease did not have???? why would you not have hot routes to counter blitzing is beyond me. obviously pease wasnt bringing that much to the table recruiting wise either as we saw no recruits complaining about him leaving only one guy for davis. i think he flipped morningweig from penn state his first year and thats about it. Muschamp knows he will have to change things and give his OC a little more control. If they dont go to atlanta this year it will probably be his last yr. Besides auburn lot of sec teams losing ton of talent, veteren qbs, linemen while gators will be returning a lot of veterens and some experienced youngsters. whew that was more than i planned on typing. Bottom line stop crying to you fair weather fans! Go Gators! Forever

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