11/9: Florida vs. Vanderbilt post-game report; Muschamp takes responsibility for Gators’ failures

By Adam Silverstein
November 9, 2013

The Florida Gators (4-5, 3-4 SEC) hit rock bottom on Saturday by falling 34-17 to the Vanderbilt Commodores (5-4, 2-4 SEC) at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, FL on homecoming. After his team’s fourth-straight loss, Gators head coach Will Muschamp met with the media to provide some of his thoughts on the defeat.


» Opening statement on Florida committing four costly turnovers: “Not going to win many games turning it over four times and spotting them the ball on the 10, the 22, the 4 and the 10. We’re not good enough to overcome critical mistakes like that. … Emotionally it takes the wind out of your sails when you turn the ball over. You throw it to them and give it to them inside the 10-yard line three times, you’re just not going to win. We’re not good enough to overcome those things.”

» On why the Gators have struggled to come from behind in games: “Right now we’re not strong enough mentally to handle that. A year ago, maybe earlier in the year, we were. Right now we’re not. It’s a woe-is-me mentality right now, and we got to overcome that. Our leadership needs to step forward. … We’re going to move forward with the guys that are willing to accept challenges and opportunities that sometimes are difficult, sometimes are tough.”

» On his opinion of fans booing and his altercation with a fan last weekend: “That doesn’t bother me. You know what, I made a mistake last week, I made a real mistake with a very passionate, passionate Florida fan [who] was telling me his opinion of me. You know what? That’s fine. That’s fine. They pay their ticket, they can boo all they want. That’s good. Doesn’t help our program. That’s fine.”

» On whether he is worried about his job and/or plans to make changes to his staff heading into 2014: “You evaluate everything at the end of the season, and that’s what I certainly will do. I’ve done that in my first two years and will do it again this year. I’m not worried about that.”


The lone bright spot for the Gators on Saturday was a terrific touchdown grab by freshman wide receiver Ahmad Fulwood. Though Murphy’s pass was initially deflected by the defensive back, it ricocheted off his foot and into there air where Fulwood grabbed it with his feet in the end zone. Check it out below, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

“I was happy for Ahmad. He’s worked hard. He’s really developed himself, practiced well and [we’re giving] those opportunities to a guy that’s’ going to continue to be a really good player here,” Muschamp said.


Muschamp pointed the finger at himself after Florida’s loss, putting the blame on his shoulders and not shying away from expressing his disappointment with his team and the 2013 season as a whole.

“I’m a competitor. I don’t like losing. I certainly don’t like the product we’re putting on the field, and that’s my responsibility. I take full credit for that. When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s not good, it’s not good. And it hasn’t been good. So that’s on me,” he said.

“We’ll make the decisions to move forward that we need to do to help this football team through the latter part of this season as we move forward. That’s my plan. I’m not asking for anybody to be happy. I’m not asking anybody to give a pass. This is the real deal, the University of Florida.

“My expectation, I guarantee you, is as high or higher than anyone sitting in those stands. There’s nobody more let down or hurt or competitive-edge dented a little bit by this run. It’s on me. We’ll get it turned [around], I can assure you of that.”

Muschamp said he puts “more pressure on myself than anyone else” to do a great job for the Gators and is in no way losing sight of his or the team’s long-term goals.

“I’m a lot harder on myself than [the media is] or anyone else is going to be or anybody in this Gator Nation, I can assure you of that,” he explained.

“Again, I self-evaluate. I’m very critical of myself and what I need to be better. And I don’t need to hear anything from the outside telling me what we need to do with this football team. I can assure you of that.”


Former Florida WR Chris Doering served as the honorary Mr. Two Bits before Saturday’s game. Check out video of his performance below, courtesy of GatorVision.tv.


» Vanderbilt beat Florida for the first time since 1988 and first time in Gainesville since 1945. The Commodores broke the Gators’ 22-game winning streak and earned their first victory over their SEC East rivals since joining the league in 1992 (1-21).
» UF played in and lost its third-straight game against a team coming off a bye. Florida has lost four consecutive games overall
» The Gators lost to unranked opponents in consecutive weeks for the first time since 1988. Florida is 18-3 against unranked opponents under Muschamp.
» UF is 7-13 under Muschamp when rushing for fewer than 150 yards, 8-9 when an opponent scores first and 4-12 when tied or trailing at the half.
» Florida’s streak of 19-straight games with a turnover was snapped.
» UF outgained VU 344-183 in total yards but lost.
» The Gators committed a season-high 11 penalties for 84 yards, matching the most yards lost due to penalty by the team this year.

» Redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy completed 30-of-46 passes for 305 yards and a touchdown. But he also threw three interceptions on the day and committed four total turnovers by fumbling the ball as well. His 46 passing attempts were the most by a UF signal caller since Rex Grossman in 2002, and his 305 yards were the most since John Brantley in 2011. Additionally, Murphy’s 30 completions were the most since Tim Tebow on Jan. 1, 2010. Every category was a career-high for Murphy.


» On whether slow starts – and allowing teams to score early – hurt Florida: “It’s a 60-minute game regardless of how the game starts.”

» On the third interception, which senior WR Trey Burton bobbled: “Trey, the ball was maybe a little behind him, but you got to make that play. You got to make that play. That’s a senior. You make that play.”

» Muschamp said he had planned to move redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Ian Silberman to tight end before the Georgia game. However, an injury to Gators sophomore left tackle D.J. Humphries (sprained MCL), made Silberman staying on the offensive line a necessity.

» On if he ever thought about replacing Murphy: “No. I think he’s our best opportunity to win.”



  1. Champ supporter says:

    Once again, everyone is calling for Champ’s job. Well, with all of the negativity, someone present a legit solution. Who is out there to turn it around and not actually set the program back because of a coaching change?

    • Michael Jones says:

      Steve Spurrier, Charlie Strong, Dan Mullen. . for starters. And, let me tell all of you “lmao” responders out there in advance–I’m lmao right back at you.

      • Tractorr says:

        Because Dan Mullen has been setting the world on fire at MSU?

        Sure he would probably be a slight upgrade but we need long term solutions.

        • Michael Jones says:

          I beg to differ with you about Mullen. He’s done a WHOLE lot more with a WHOLE lot less at MSU. Give him our budget, our national rep, our university, our program, our resources, our facilities, our state to recruit in. . .see what happens.

          Mullen is an extremely bright, extremely talented football mind. Has a proven track record here as well. You saw what happened–even with Tebow and plenty of other talent still on the team–when he left our program, right?

          Ask Tebow what he thinks of him. . . I mean, you know, if you have his number. ha ha

      • I absolutely agree with you Michael, and in the same order you listed. there is no good reason that the Gators shouldn’t make a big offer to coach Spurrier and bring the greatest Gator of all home. He says he wants to coach ten more years. It will be a return to a relevant, competitive, and winning program again. Imagine the reaction of Gator faithful and the dollars that will roll in upon the return of the ‘ole ball coach. Fire Muschamp. Hire Spurrier. No brainer!

        • Sharon M. says:

          I graduated in 1982 before Spurrier’s coaching days. The perfect solution would be for him to come back, but I don’t know if he wants to leave SC. He is doing well there.

          One thing is sure Muschamp needs to go now. Each game the Gators are getting worse rather than better. it’s not enough to take responsibility. He is the HC and he has not solved the problem! Really losing to Vanderbilt on Homecoming!! I can hear the Gator fans screaming to fire both him and the lousy OC.

          No more excuses. I don’t think he should get one more year. It might actually be worse than this.

          This is UF!! winner of three national championships, two in the last 10 years!!~

  2. Matthew says:

    Art Briles

  3. Matthew says:

    He made Baylor relavent. ‘Nuff said

  4. Gatorfan3376 says:

    Mike leach would be a viable option to breathe some offensive life back into the program. He has made strides at Washington State with way less talent.

  5. SJ210 says:

    Set the program back?! We just got our a$$es whipped by VANDY!! At home!!! Call Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin first.

  6. SW FL Joe says:

    We are about to have the first losing seaon since 1979 and a 22 year bowl streak snapped I don’t see how this program can be sent any farther back with a complete coaching staff change

  7. Fire Muschamp says:

    At this point the only reason to keep Muschamp around next year is to use the extra time to find a better quality coach

  8. CH says:

    If you seriously think muschamp is the best option at HC- you clearly don’t pay attention to college football.
    Art Briles, Charlie Strong, Kliff Kingsbury, Kevin Sumerlin, James Franklin, Chip Kelly, Chris Peterson, Sonny Dykes- in no particular order, but all would be improvements over what we have. Surely we can get one of those. And don’t say anything about champs recruiting- what HC at UF hasn’t recruited well the past 2 decades. It’s a premier program in a premier high school football state- UF recruits itself. Any new HC can recruit at this program.
    Time to go. USC and UT are already talking….don’t get us behind the 8 ball and having to settle.

  9. Todd says:

    Kerwin Bell. As OC or HC. Your move Mr. Foley.

  10. GatorGrad98 says:

    I live in Alabama surrounded by crimson & white 24/7, I have found myself tuning into AL football on more than one occasion this season to watch a real football game…
    I’m just done, I can’t justify wasting 4 hrs to watch something that leaves me so totally empty at the end, the entertainment level of Gator football is zero for me right now.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      The sad thing is that that is true win or lose. As I have mentioned a few times before, even going 14-0 with this style of football would be painful to watch. at 11-2 last year every game was painful to watch and a sigh of relief that we pulled it out.

      • Michael Jones says:

        Can’t agree with that, but I’m the guy who thought the 9-6 LSU win over Bama was a great game. You were “bored” with us going 11-2 last year? Seriously? Whatever happened to enjoying great defense?

        This is football, people. t’s not flag football, it’s good old fashioned SEC tackle football. It’s a game were one side tries to score and the other side tries to stop them.

        You want special effects? Go rent one of those crappy Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis movies.

      • G2 says:

        So true, the games were all so close because we don’t score many points. Style points do count in my opinion. Just goes back to the philosophical problem…..grind it out, 3 yards in a cloud of dust just doesn’t cut it at UF….a school built on offense first.
        I actually like WM but its not going to work this way, this is just a poorly coached team all around. I think we start loosing recruits soon. There is blood in the water, noise in the system, do it now before it gets any worse because people are turning these games off. Strangely reminiscent of the Zooker!

  11. Champ supporter says:

    Like I said, legit options. Those aren’t legit. Those guys aren’t leaving just because it’s florida. But hey I see why I don’t normally comment on these things. Why the heck is florida exempt from losing! As much as our unrealistic expectations exceed every year, tell me one program in any sport that has never experienced a rough stretch even if it does mean losing to Vandy. I just wish people would get real and quick expecting success when you have a team that isn’t very good. Show me another team that lost as much defensively to the draft and suffered injuries to so many starters and they are still able to compete! None of those coaches listed could do any better. Heck your own basketball coach said the best play you can ever draw up is – PLAYERS!

    • Ken (CA) says:

      UF is one of the top 5 coaching jobs in the country, if not one of the top 3. Right in there with Notre Dame (which shouldn’t even be elite), OSU, Texas, Oklahoma, maybe Bama now too. Anyone not coaching at those schools would almost certainly jump to UF unless they had no desire to play in a real conference with the pressure of a real program. 8-4 year in and year out at UF isn’t acceptable, and what Champ is doing now is even less so.

      The only thing I would argue is those may be the “sexy” choices of the current moment, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to long term success. People jump on current bandwagons without looking into entire scope. And someone with the baggage of a Leach or a Petrino, etc. have no business being at UF, unless we want to continue to tolerate that atmosphere among the “elite” athletes.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        That being said, though, I thought Strong would be the obvious pick to replace Meyer, and I think even moreso now. He is great defensively and yet still understands the needs of being solid offensively. He is a great recruiter and he understands all of the pressure that he would face being the head coach at Florida.

      • Michael Jones says:

        I’m with you, Ken, about our program being one of the top 5 in the country. Never have figured out why our fellow Gators are so small-minded and with inferiority complexes where our university and football program are concerned. A lot of them could use self-esteem counseling.

        I still say:
        1. Spurrier (if Foley has a problem with Spurrier, then he needs to make up with him. . in all due respect, I’ll take a great football coach over a great AD anyday);
        2. Strong,
        3. Mullen.

        In that order.

    • Sharon M. says:

      Come on. The Gators are horrible. It is obvious to everyone it’s the coaches.

      We deserve better.

      Really you think losing to0 VANDERBILT at Homecoming is acceptable? You don’t ha ve very high standards!

      If Muschamp stays next year things will only get worse. He isn’t ready to be a HC at such a big important university!

  12. Terrell says:

    Bill O’Brien. Look at the job he doing at Penn State. Develops qbs, gets his players to play hard everyday and plays freshman through there mistakes. Can recruit florida with ease. Nfl experience. He is the man. No one else could compare.

  13. Champ supporter says:

    Say what you want about the guy, but at least he is staying in there and trying to fix it. He isn’t quitting like someone else did when things got bad!

    • Ken (CA) says:

      what’s he fixing? The penalties keep adding up week after week, the offense is putrid, the defense has been completely exposed in the front lines, and our special teams are some of the worst in the nation as well. You listen to his “coach speak” he says the same thing every week as a mantra “It’s on me…It’s my fault..Lets simplify and get confidence” etc, etc….look at press conference from 3 weeks ago, last week, this week, they are all interchangeable.

      • Gatorgrad79 says:

        Simplify and get better -SERIOUSLY!!! The Gator marching band can learn a complicated marching pattern and execute it perfectly week after week and our team can’t run the same 20 plays they have been practicing since August!!

  14. Champ supporter says:

    As they did prior to Saturday’s loss, the Gators voiced support for Muschamp after the Gators’ first home loss since 2011 to Florida State, snapping a 10-game winning streak at The Swamp.

    “I see the grind in his eyes everyday,’’ senior starting right guard Jon Halapio said. “I see what he does everyday. I see the passion he has for this team. I’ll go to war with him any day. He has our back, we have his – everyday, win or lose.”

    • I’m allowing it this once but please do not copy and paste stuff here from other sites. Thanks.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Champ Supporter, no one is saying that Will Muschamp is not passionate, does not care about his players or Gator football, does not work hard, or is a bad person. I love Will Muschamp. The problem is that he went ALL IN on an offensive strategy/philosophy that didn’t fit his personnel. And then, when the warning signs were there that it wasn’t working, he didn’t budge.

      He also picked the wrong offensive coordinator, and then compounded it by being such a good loyal guy that he wouldn’t fire him.

      Now he appears to have lost his team to a certain extent. Even his alleged “defensive genius” status is in question. I was at the game and watching Vandy march it all the way down the field from their own 12 and 1/2 yard line when we needed the ball back and we were running out of time was tough, man. Very tough. Yeah, Vandy hit an amazing 3d and long to Jordan Matthews, but still . . that was Vandy, we’re the Gators, and there was nothing about that series that suggested “defensive genius” to me.

      I’m also concerned and suspicious that Muschamp has a “doghouse” of sorts that maybe a player can get into too easily and for the wrong reasons. I saw it with Debose last year. Now I’m not seeing Roberson, one of the top 5 corners on the NFL draft boards, not seeing much action and he looks like a demoralized player. Kent Taylor’s situation really concerns me. The kid came in as a true freshman and looked as graceful as a gazelle running routes and catching passes. Suddenly now we can’t use a talent like him? He doesn’t see the field and isn’t even listed on the depth chart? There’s something wrong with that.

      The stupid decision to try the onside kick way too soon was poor headcoaching. A terrible almost shocking decision. He does that sort of thing frequently.

      Also, apparently and obviously Hargreaves is a world class punt returner. But we only put him in there when we really need one brought back to the house??? Who does that? Who makes coaching decisions like that? Did FSU do that with Deion because he was too valuable to risk an injury? Of course not. You put your best players in position to win the game, and Muschamp doesn’t do that. We ALWAYS need one brought back to the house.

      The consensus among a lot of people I talk to who know football is that Will is in over his head. He may be a career coordinator, who knows, but we need a change now. Sorry to say that, but that’s the way it is. Hopefully somewhere Will will re-emerge as a great HC from the lessons he’s learned here, but this situation is a bad one and needs to be fixed.

      • TST says:

        nicely stated and factual reply MJ . Kudos . I also was a huge Boom supporter but the writing on the wall . He and ‘His’ coaches just don’t have it and never will . Boom is stubborn as H_ll and has friends working for him . Not good . Foley himself dropped the ball really bad with that 8 million dollar buyout .

  15. JemaineClement says:

    Yeah this offense is awful. I think these coaches are actually making our players worse. Purifoy and Morrison aren’t as good this year, even Murphy has gotten worse since his first appearance. I know his offensive line isn’t helping any-they’re killing the running game too. I still blame Pease, but the offense has been bad since we lost Mullen.

  16. CH says:

    Champ Supporter: I prefer the pursuit of excellence over the acceptance of mediocrity. UF is a premier program and I can’t accept 3 straight yrs of below average offense. It’s not a personal attack on champ. It’s a professional attack- if I had 3 yrs of below avg expectations I’d be canned too.
    BTW: watch closely as those “legit” options jump ship at the chance to coach UF. Heck champ left a secure coach in waiting job and one of the best programs to come. I think most if not all those coaches will too.

    • Champ supporter says:

      Well, I think it’s pretty crappy to assume anyone is accepting mediocrity. Ain’t nothing like sticking with people through thick and thin! Oh yeah, I forgot everyone lives a life of perfection and Will Muschamp just happens to be the one person who sometimes fails at what he does. And yes I said sometimes being that he has won some games.

      I just don’t see where all the negativity will get anyone. Yeah, florida stinks right now and Someone else may need to be the HC, but Muschamp is the HC, so why not try to find a way to support the guy in hopes of the program getting back on track.

  17. Matthew says:

    How the hell is he trying to fix it? He says the same thing week after week! I had to laugh when he said this week that you can’t do the same thing week after week and expect the same result. That’s exactly what we are doing!!!

    • Frank says:

      Matthew, I agree with Champ supporter. Am I frustrated with the losses? Yes. But there’s not another coach anywhere, faced with the loss of NFL talent the past three years, combined with the amount of injuries to starters and affecting our depth, that could do any better. For all those that use his interview and presser comments as a negative, what do you want him to say? He’s admitted the shortcomings. He’s accepted responsibility. He’s vowed to keep working and not give up. What are you asking him to say? Huh? Muschamp: “This group is a mere shell of the team that went 11-2 last year. I don’t see us winning another game this year, even Georgia Southern. If I could forfeit the rest, I would. And to satisfy the blood-lust of Gator Nation, I will, after the fsu game, announce my resignation at midfield. In addition, I want to personally thank, on behalf of myself, my wife and kids, all those on the Gator comment boards for their honest and accurate portrayals of not only my coaching ability and that of my staff, but also for their assassination of my character. It has made me a better man. To the passionate Gator fan that confronted me in Jacksonville: You were right…I am a #%&%#*&$@# and can’t coach myself out of a wet paper bag. So, you can have it Gator Nation. You can have it all. Good luck with the next guy.” How’s that? Is that what you want to hear? Probably will be quite a few that would love to hear just that. But for myself and I guess Champ supporter, we think Boom can turn it around, if given the chance. That’s my view and I’m sticking with it.

      • CH says:

        And with Franks mentality we’d probably still have Ron Zook……

        Funny I didn’t hear any zook supporters speaking out against the national titles and conference championships Zook’s replacement brought to the University.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        Losing players to the NFL is no excuse. We recruit NFL caliber players every year which is why we lose NFL caliber talent every year. You have to teach that talent to execute at the new level of play they are now at, or they continue to perform like we have for the past 3 years and still send players to the next level.

        • Jim says:

          Well We won’t need to worry about losing players to the NFL as long Chump remains.

          Any one remember Charlie Pell. It is happening again

          • 630Chucky says:

            This comment about Pell is stupid. Pell helped put this program on the map.

            Spurrier’s not coming back. I miss those days too, but quit wishing for it. It’s pathetic. Get over it. Other than Charlie Strong, pretty much all of the other candidates mentioned either aren’t realistic or don’t have any more experience or just make no sense at all.

            As since I’m here, do you guys really want Mullen or some other spread guy to come back and rip apart this offense again? Because that will required another couple of years of sucking while a new system gets installed with ill-fitting personnel. Y’all ready to be patient if that takes a while?

            I like Charlie Strong and thought he would’ve been a good fit when Meyer freaked out on us. But here’s what would happen: Charlie comes to Gainesville and Shawn Watson (look him up) stays to take over at Louisville. So Charlie gets to find a new OC. Then what? Who knows, but it’s going to be more change.

            Muschamp has had an uphill battle since he got here. He’s made some dumb mistakes too, but the offensive approach isn’t one of themThere’s nothing wrong with a power running game, and I’m pretty sure the coaches would also be happy to air it out if the personnel were in place to do that. We would’ve been okay this year if this patchwork line could pass block or pick up a blitz (or stay still until the ball is snapped). But we don’t. Now the coaches need to go out and find more guys who can block, and then some guys who can catch. And TIm Davis probably needs to be fired. And Derek Lewis.

            It’s funny how you people can’t figure out that a lack of fan support negatively affects the team. Go Gators!

            • Michael Jones says:

              We do have guys who can catch. A heck of a lot of them who aren’t being used or who aren’t being used properly. We do need guys who can block, though. And if Mornhinweg or Staver don’t know the plays or can’t out throw Murphy, then why are they on scholarship?

              And I like a power running game. You can win a championship with a power running game. But “power running game” doesn’t = unimaginative, predictable play calling. We never run a draw, we never run a screen, and EVERY power running game has a nice play action passing game that plays off of that. . . every power running game except for ours, that is. We’re allegedly a “power running team” and yet we never call a play action pass. You want to explain that to me? If we ever called a play action pass on 1st down the other team would go into shock. So would I.

              And our timing on offense is horrendous! We look confused and disoriented and out of sync A LOT. That’s unacceptable, man.

              I agree with you about fan discontent not being good for a program. I’m typically very positive. But, man, this is brutal.

            • Michael Jones says:

              Also love your comment about Pell. I agree 100%.

              • Ken (CA) says:

                Pell came in and did exactly what he was hired to do. He took a perennial bottom feeder and turned it into a national powerhouse. It wasn’t Spurrier that actually did that, it was Pell. We won our first SEC and NC ever under Pell (granted we turned down the NC and Tennessee whined and forced them to revoke the SEC championship so UT could have it and we weren’t bowl eligible) We are the only program in the country that had a winning record of Miami in the 80s and we beat them and were their 1 loss in both of their Championship years. Granted he committed a record 117 violations to get there, but I am not convinced that that wasn’t always the plan to take a short term penalty for long term success. Do you think someone like Galen Hall would be able to pull in an Emmitt Smith if there wasn’t a bright future he saw? The Spurrier had all the pieces in place and came in at the perfect time to work the magic and take us to the next level..Ethically…

  18. KB says:

    I like Champ but let’s face it he is better suited as a DC than a head coach. This kind of ineptitude on offense and then the lack of depth and player development are all things he is accountable for. I can’t think of one guy Champ has recruited in 3 years that has been a difference maker in any area of the team. I watch other teams and the linemen actually engage and hold their blocks but I see a tendency for our linemen at UF to engage in hand fighting and push-off whiff blocking. Nobody seems to be on the same page at times and it seems most players are not ready to play or pay attention to detail when they do. It makes you wonder what they hell they are practicing at practice.
    It’s a shame the high profile recruits on hand had to watch that. Hopefully… the coaching staff & players are embarrassed as I was as a fan watching and will go out in the next 3 games and produce a better effort but I feel that is unlikely. We will see what the outcome of this bad season brings forth and I hope that the administration does whatever they feel is best for the program so we never have to experience a season this bad again.

    • Champ supporter says:

      The call at the goaline was a check by Tyler Murphy. Coaches didn’t call that play.

      • TST says:

        How do you know that when no one else does ?

        • Sammage says:

          The pitch was a check down. Several players, including Tyler, said so after the game. At least that was what was being reported by different sources on Twitter.

          • Sammage says:

            In fact, Tyler said that the original play was an inside run to the left.

            • Sharon M. says:

              It’s not enough to “take responsibility.” There needs to be some positive change.

              There should at least be SOME noticeable improvement, rather than have the team get worse and worse.

              I will watch the first half of the next two games, however I think there will be very sad results for the Gators playing SC and FSU!(based on past experience).

  19. Broom says:

    Hey champ supporter….. are you drinking? Wow! The offensive philosophy of muschamp’s was never a good fit in Gainesville to begin with. History dictates the type of offense a school can run and have success with and UF has never been a championship team trying to be a power run football team. Even with the great running backs we have had here. However we have been successful with the speed that comes out of the state of Florida using the spread and spurriers air attack to open up the run. Many will say alabama can do it and win titles, and they r doing it but anyone that breaks down film can see Bama gets away with more holding calls than any team in the nation and not just this year it has been that way since they started their title runs. Watch game tonight vs. LSU and you will see all of the no calls. Muschamp is trying to follow suit NS and i can tell you Florida won’t get those calls so it is a mixed bag of 1 step forward 10 steps back which leads to frustration and missed calls and lack of execution. That philosophy of grind it out wont work with this defense but out scoring our opponents will. You ask for examples well hiring pease an oc who stunk at Kentucky and didn’t have anything to do with Boise states success is one example to get rid of. 2 our online coach is HORRIBLE and just watch our game to see the easiest of alignment assignments missed and guys looking around at each other. If has speed all over that sideline and athletes. Struggling is one thing and yea everyone loses Nd has bad years but truthfully UF shoulda lost at least 3 last year maybe four. But got lucky. This year luck wouldn’t even help us. So get real either champ has to hire an offensive coordinator and stay out of his business or he needs to leave. Example Malzhan has way less talent at auburn but the high school phenom coach is winning. Get real Kerwin bell has less experience but I believe. He knows what Florida has to offer and knows how to evaluate talent even without the experience at d1 and he is a winner. I would rather lose with a winner the. Lose with a loser!

    • Champ supporter says:

      Sorry Broom, I don’t drink. I just wish people would quit making excuses for players and stop placing ALL of the blame on the coaches. Everyone wants coaching changes, but you are still going to have the same players trying to execute whatever philosophy is there. My point is that I would continue to support whoever the coach is because all of the negativity does not help fix anything. Who needs crutches (supporter) when you are healthy? You need crutches (support) when you are hurting and things are not going right.

      By the way, Auburn doesn’t have less talent. They are just proof that those STARS don’t mean squat! It’s just players going out and doing their job and sorry, Florida does not have a collective group of guys doing that! But I know, that’s the coaches fault too. They are supposed to tackle or throw the right passes or block too for the players or make the right checks too!

  20. chris kyser says:

    we need chad morris out of clemson as hc or oc he would spark up an offense

  21. Stillagator says:

    Tim DeRuyter.

  22. aziatic41 says:

    Our next coach needs to be a coach with a spread-offense philosophy. Chip Kelly, Chad Morris, Kliff Kinsbury, Kevin Sumlin, Gus Malzahn, etc. We need to bring excitement back to Gator Nation. And no better way to do that than scoring a lot of points on Saturdays. Just my opinion

  23. Virgil says:

    Say it with me, all together now:

    Char-lie Strong! Char-lie Strong! Char-lie Strong!

  24. Matthew says:

    Maybe with better coaching, Mutphey doesn’t check to that play. IJS

    • Champ supporter says:

      Yep, always the puppet masters fault! I forgot coaching is the attempt to produce drones and robots! If Murphy can take the blame and own up to it, then why can’t people own up to the fact that there is a reason why Murphy was on the scout team. Yeah I know he volunteered, but there is a reason. Great kid, great character, but he was recruited by Temple. We just aren’t playing very well. Everyone is to blame! Everyone – coaches and players!

      I am not trying to say Muschamp should keep his job or change shouldn’t take place, but I am simply saying he is the coach and until he is replaced, I will continue to support him and hope for things to turn around.

  25. Shane says:

    Champ Supporter, I understand you want to keep Chamo but changes have to be made. He has never beat Georgia, he loss to Miami, we have consistently been one of the worst offense in the country during his tenure, and he lost to Vanderbilt!!! This season is going to be detrimental for recruiting purposes. We had 3 huge targets in the swamp this weekend including the nation’s top player Da’Shawn Hand. Florida is always going to recruit for itself but its not about just getting players, it’s having the ability and luxury to hand pick the top talent. The top talent for your scheme, with players who come in and pick up where the previous guy left off. Alabama loses players to the draft every year and it seems as if they lost anyone. Need to replace Mark Ingram, cool we got Trent Richardson. Oh Richardson is leaving , no biggie we got Yeldon. Why has no one mentioned trying to pluck Kirby Smart away from Bama? We need coaches with SEC experience and that’s why I think the replacement choices have to be Strong or Smart. A big name like that would keep this recruiting class in tact and bring in more talent this class. If we keep Champ and Pease, how are we going to continue to convince offensive recruits to come here and struggle especially with Florida State looking like a Juggernaut right now???

    • Sharon M. says:

      What is the difference between Alabama and Florida the HC!!

      HC has to recruit and development these players. They are just out of high school.

      Maybe in 10 years Muschamp will be ready to be a HC. He is not now.

      Please please get rid of him.

      I don’t think it can get worse than it is now except if Muschamp and the current OC are here again next year.

      I won’t even watch, it is too painful.

  26. aziatic41 says:

    I think we need a proven head coach. I like Smart but he’s a defensive coordinator at Bama. I just don’t think we need to follow that same path of hiring a defensive coordinator as our head coach. Muschamp was very similar to Smart coming in. I do like Strong as a candidate. The only thing that scares me about Strong is he runs a pro-style offense at Louisville and I don’t think we have the immediate personnel here to run a pro-style offense. I think a spread coach like Chip Kelly would be a better fit for UF. Because most of the athletes in the state of Florida are speed guys. We could win immediately with an offensive-minded guy. Just my opinion

    • chigator says:

      You are living in a fantasy world along with the other people who think UF can get anyone we want (also slightly arrogant). Chip Kelly got served a show-cause and basically can’t coach for at least another year; Charlie Strong would be out of his mind to come to UF, he was passed up once before for the job. Remember UT and USC are also hiring this year, which essentially evens the playing field in terms of money. Plus, who wants to come to a broken program and know you only have 2 years to turn it around? Firing Muschamp this year will do more harm than good in the long run. Next year, however, is a better time to make a change.

      • Shane says:

        Arrogant? Florida football has the most wins in college football since 1990. We are one of the most prestigious programs in the country. We are a school located in the football rich state of Florida, the powerhouse SEC, and we have some of the best facilities in the country. Charlie Strong has ties to UF, he won titles with UF and he is the name that can help keep recruits in their seats about UF. Don’t forget Charlie Strong will be losing his prized QB Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville will be changing conferences from the weak AAC to the ACC. I don’t see why it wouldn’t make sense as this is a time for him to take a better job at a better school. He will have the ability to coach/compete against the best competition in the country. Plus I don’t think it is crazy to think Smart, Strong or even Spurrier ink their names in Gainesville. Spurrier and Strong can recruit better players at UF and Kirby smart can finally run his own team. He is Saban’s right hand man and basically knows the blueprint to building a program like Alabama. There is a reason Saban pays Smart already like a Head Coach for a reason. Oh and lastly money talks baby, so as long as UF puts up the green they can get almost anyone they want.

      • Michael Jones says:

        Not sure I buy your logic, Chigator. UF is a premier job. It’s not about those of us who feel that way being “arrogant,” it’s more about the puzzling tendency that some people like you have for an inferiority complex and not being as proud or thinking as highly of our program as you should.

        Shame on you, Chigator, and all other like-minded Gator fans. That loser mentality is apparently contagious, but some of us won’t have it.

        It really is GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR. . .that’s not just lip service.

      • CH says:

        Chigator, I don’t quite understand your logic. Are you saying UF can’t snag a top level HC because it’s a broken program, but UT and USC can? Seems to be a small oxymoron somewhere in that logic. I’ll say it again- wait and watch. $$, recruiting grounds, prestige, and the chance for a National Title will lure almost any coach.

  27. W says:

    IF Muschamp is let go, here’s my semi-realistic wish-list:
    1. Charlie Strong (obvious reasons)
    2. Greg Roman (great offensive mind, has coached mobile QBs)
    3. Scott Frost (Oregon OC, rising star)
    4. Mike Bloomgren (Stanford OC, FSU grad)

    No way we get Briles, Petersen, Gundy, Franklin, Smart, Spurrier, etc. I think those would all be comparatively lateral moves for them. We’re going to probably hire someone’s coordinator somewhere; would be VERY surprised if we can pull a college HC away.

    • Michael Jones says:

      And I’d be VERY surprised if we couldn’t. Just don’t get where some of you have such a low opinion of our university and our program. It’s embarrassing to read some of your comments. You’d think this was a website for Stetson’s football team, instead of the University of Florida Fighting Gators. . .multiple SEC and National Champions.

      • W says:

        I’m trying my best to view this through the orange and blue colored glasses we all love to wear, but I’m struggling to see how some of these hires would benefit the coach. You think Charlie Strong wants sloppy seconds after we passed up a chance to hire him back after Urban left? (he’s my top choice, too, just don’t see him coming here, especially since he’ll have blank checks on his desk from USC and Texas). Do you think Spurrier really leaves the program he’s built at USC, even for his old stomping grounds? Will Art Briles ever leave the state of Texas? Is resurrection possible so we can hire Bear Bryant? What has Dan Mullen shown at MSU that would make you think he’d be any better than Muschamp?

        I think we need a shock to the system. Roman’s an NFL guy with college roots who has had success at every level. Frost and Bloomgren…hell, maybe DeRuyter from Fresno, they’re all offensive-minded coaches from successful programs. I think they’re all attainable and would all bring a breath of fresh air to this program that will be much needed to restore the faith of the boosters, recruits, and the hardest fans to please in the nation.

        • Michael Jones says:

          Mullen has done so much more with so much less at MSU than what Muschamp has done at UF. Mullen has a great football mind as opposed to a lot of drooling and screaming and intense stares but without the intellectual substance to back all of that up. As I’ve said, give Mullen the same resources that Muschamp has had available to him and you’ll see a vastly improved product (for lack of a better term) on the field.

          My basic problem with your approach is that I think a lot more highly of the UF job than apparently you do and I think the people we would offer the job too would feel the same way. This would be a dream job for Strong, and that’s not me looking through Orange and Blue colored glasses. Even if Strong had gone undefeated this year, his Cardinals wouldn’t have even gotten a sniff of the BCS championship game. Do you think the same thing would be true at UF?

          Strong can recruit and has done a tremendous job at Louisville. Imagine that same recruiting and coaching ability with the UF brand backing him? I also REALLY like the discipline his team plays with. They’re just as emotional and just as intense as our best defenses have been, but without the bush league undisciplined constant jawing and personal fouls.

          Like I said: Spurrier, Strong, and Mullen, in that order. I’m not suggesting that those are the only candidates, but they’re my 3 favorites, and they all have Gator ties.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      baylor, boise State, Vandy, Oklahoma State to UF are “basically lateral” moves? What are you smoking?

  28. aziatic41 says:

    Spurrier would be a very bad choice. He’s near the end of his career at SC.

  29. Chris Hendrix says:

    Take all those coaches that have been mentioned as possible replacements- give them 9 injured out for the year- see how good they are!!!!!! Take 9 players off bama or FSU and see how food they are!!!!

    • Michael Jones says:

      Look, Chris, the injuries are definitely a factor. But one of the problems I have is the failure to develop the talent behind them. I mean, Mornhinweg is a SCHOLARSHIP QB in his second year and he can’t do a better job than Murphy, who can’t throw the ball 30 yards downfield or hit an open guy without making him dive to the ground to catch the ball? Seriously?

      There’s lot of other stuff unrelated to the injuries that reflects very poor coaching. . bad decisions, a lack of discipline, players with poor technique who look confused a lot, missed assignments that kill us at crucial times. That’s coaching, man. I’m sorry. I love the guy and really wanted him to make it. BUT WE LOOK LIKE A POORLY COACHED TEAM, and that’s unacceptable in Will’s 3rd year.

  30. Ray Johnson says:

    Does anyone remember when Muschamp came to Fla. He said he was a difinsive caoch and would hire an offensive coach to run the offense. Well if this is the best he can hire we a headed for big troubles. Either he does not know what to do with the talent he has or does not realize the talent he has. Play calling is the worst I have seen in years. Maybe Muschamp needs to hire a new OC and sticki to the defence. No matter what happens this OC has to go.

  31. gatorfan says:

    Tim Hamilton
    November 11, 2013 at 9:28

    Mr. Foley you need to make a big decision at the end of the season we need a good ball coach, gator nation needs
    the old ball coach or the of the defense Mr. Charlie Strong. after this pass Saturday you are starting to lose fans
    and and recruits and before you know it you will lose boosters and who do you have to blame yourself make the
    decision Mr. Foley before its to late.

  32. Nugent1021 says:

    Just got back to the states and dvr’d the game – should I watch it? Sounds like more of the same.

    A losing season and no bowl game means pease is finally gone, but now I wonder about muschamp. I hope fsu doesn’t hang 100 on us.

  33. G2 says:

    Sadly enough I think we are stuck for at least 1 more year. If we are lucky maybe a new OC, OL coach. Think Foley might be as stubborn as Muschamp appears to be about making a mistake. Yes WM is in over his head, has lost the team to a larger degree, and doesn’t have an clue where to go from here.
    Next year won’t be as bad s, an experienced qb back, all the injuries back etc. Maybe some of the juniors will stay since nobody has played well enough to leave early in my opinion.

  34. SW FL Joe says:

    Strong is NOT coming here. He makes 3.5 mill at UL, 1 mil more than Muschamp does now plus champ has a huge buy out (8 mil). The UAA just doesn’t have the resources since so many boosters have quit giving. We are stuck until Champs contract gets renegotiated.

  35. Ken (CA) says:

    Not surprsingly, really hit a nerve on this one Adam. Getting close to OGGOA reply record?

  36. Todd says:

    Kerwin Bell for OC. That is all that is needed to bring back fan support. He’s an offensive genius. He’s a Gator and we will proudly root for our own to succeed. What’s the downside? Champ will not be fired because of his large buyout this year so expect a new OC. The throwin’ mayoin is the man for the job.

  37. CH says:

    Michael I agree with a lot that you say but W is right on your selection of replacement coaches. Love the ties to UF but strong and spurrier aren’t leaving and Dan Mullen has not accomplished enough. I think UF is a great job and will snag a top prospect but spurrier is tied of “building” and strong is getting paid too much. If foley buys champ out AND pays strong we have out ourselves into the same financial picture as Tenn- eggs in one basket kind of thing.
    Did anyone hear the comment about the Bama/LSU teams in 2011 title game? Lost a combined 31 players to the NFL after that game. And what did they do the next season? Win. Losing players to the NFL and injury is not an excuse for premier programs…..
    Oh and Adam, thanks for making the math problem easy- you’d weed out a lot of us with some long division.

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