Snell’s Slant: Florida Gators on a path to nowhere under Will Muschamp’s leadership

By Adam Silverstein
October 20, 2014

By Shannon Snell – Featured Columnist

I had hope. I had faith. Unfortunately, when it comes to the 2014 Florida Gators, both of those are now gone. As an alumnus and former Florida player, I ultimately believed the Gators’ ills would be corrected, the program would get turned this year. At this point, there is no kidding myself anymore. Florida will go nowhere under the continued leadership of Will Muschamp.

You have heard Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer say this before but there is a rule of thumb that if a team plays well in all three phases of the game – offense, defense, special teams – the percentage chance that team wins said game is very high. Play poorly in one of these areas, your chance of winning goes down drastically but is not eliminated. Screw up in two phases, you have almost no chance to survive…and that is exactly what happened Saturday night.

Defensively, the Gators were great on Saturday. Hell, they were plain out dominant. Allowing only 119 yards is great for a Pop Warner football game, let alone in a big-time college conference like the SEC. But as usual, Florida’s offense failed; in a surprising new twist, special teams was equally as awful, not just giving up two return touchdowns but also seeing a significant regression at punter. You cannot win a football game when you fail in so many ways.

Muschamp’s entire career has been based off the age-old premise of “defense wins championships.” Well, the former – and potentially future – defensive coordinator has learned some hard lessons over the last few years, namely that a teams must be three-dimensional, not one-dimensional.

Again, as a biased backer of the Gators, a player who fully invested myself in the program and put my education and future in the hands of the great University of Florida, I hoped Muschamp would succeed. I saw him as a great, young defensive coordinator – and a local product – who had great passion for football and a vision for the future of the program. I was a fan of Texas football for a long stretch of my life, and I previously saw him as one of the driving forces behind Mack Brown’s success. It was exciting for me when Muschamp was hired ahead of the 2011 season.

Now, looking back on the hire, I should have tempered my expectations and remembered that there are plenty of quality coordinators that simply do not have that extra head coaching gear.

Here’s the bottom line, a phrase Muschamp loves to use: the head coach at Florida is not winning football games. The ones he does pull out are by the skin of his teeth. Watching the Gators is now a painful chore instead of an uplifting experience. It’s time to repeat a thought I tweeted after the game, one I nearly deleted but wound up keeping on my timeline: it’s time for Muschamp to go.

That’s how I feel as a former player and an alumnus. I am not proud of the product on the field. I will always support Florida football, but I cannot get behind a Muschamp-led Gators team.

I hope Florida finds the motivation to play well next Saturday against Georgia. I hope the game is competitive. There is nothing I want more than for the Gators to win that rivalry game, but win or lose that week or any week going forward, Muschamp’s future with Florida – or lack thereof – should already be sealed. He’s done.

Things cannot get worse for the Gators on the field, so whether Muschamp remains in his role through the end of the season or not, Jeremy Foley better be doing whatever he can in his office to make sure things start getting better as soon as the final whistle sounds in Tallahassee, Florida, on Nov. 29.

A three-year starter for the Florida Gators who played under Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook, former guard Shannon Snell joined in 2012 as a football columnist to provide his unique perspective on the team. He is now in his third year sharing his musings and will do so through the 2014 season. Snell, who played in 46 games over four seasons and started 36 of those contests, was named a First Team All-American by Sporting News in 2003 and spent two seasons in the NFL.


  1. RexGrossmn says:

    Muschamp should be relieved of his head caching duties this week. Its too big of a distraction for the players by keeping him around. He has lost the team in my opinion.

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    “What must be done eventually, must be done now” – Jeremy Foley on firing of Ron Zook.

    How about some consistency, get ahead of the game, can’t really start a head coaching search until the man is officially fired, even if you fire him and say it is effective end of season.

    • Steven says:

      Ouch. How has no one thrown that back in his face yet?

      • apprentice says:

        I’m guessing he’s probably seen this once or twice now. This week, particularly, it’s been quoted on many articles.

        • Gatoralum88 says:

          It’s probably the most famous quote attributed to Foley & I even referenced in posts on this site last November after their blowout loss to Vandy & again after the GA Southern debacle.

          When Foley fired Zook the Gators were 4-3 with losses at UT (30-28 on a 50 yard FG in the final minute), at home to LSU (24-21 with LSU scoring a TD in the final 2 minutes), & Mississippi State (38-31 after leading going into the 4th quarter)…certainly circumstances which weren’t nearly as bad as it is now. The difference between then & now though is that Meyer was THE hot coaching commodity back in 2004 who Foley got a jump on Notre Dame (who waited until after that season to fire Tyrone Willingham) in hiring talks for. So, it proved to be a master stroke by Foley.

          Now, unfortunately, there is no obvious choice so we’ll all have to suffer through 6 more weeks of the Muschump error/era before Foley finally fires him December 1st.

          • corey says:

            I think the biggest difference between Zook and now, is that Urban Meyer was waiting in the wings, and we all know now that as much as Urban always says that he’s not going anywhere, he was always thinking about his next big move. Right now, I don’t know who is out there that Foley can be looking at and even possibly talking to others about.

  3. Aligator says:

    Agreed. He is a good man and a great coordinator, but he has been in over his a a long time. I just hope that Foley has learned from this and will really go get someone who can use the talent we have in our state, to bring back winning championships as a mainstay, and not just needing to correct and improve week to week.

  4. Steven says:

    Been saying this for over a year now.

    Foley is not without criticism here. He was way too quick to award Muschamp and extension.
    He was wrong not to fire him after 4-8 and ga southern last year.
    He is wrong not to fire him yesterday.
    He has hired 3 football coaches and 2 have been epic failures.
    The other was obviously a huge success, but Machen had a lot to do with that hire.
    If he doesn’t hit a home run with the next head football coach he needs to be fired with him.

  5. Steven says:

    Also I disagree that the defense was great. You have to take into account that when you score on special teams or defense that the opposing offense doesn’t even get a shot. It’s hard to rack up yards when you aren’t on the field.

    • Shannon Snell says:

      Ehhh, lets look at Mizzou’s offense drives:


      1. 3/-3/Fumble
      2. 3/8/Punt
      3. 4/19/TD
      4. 18/55/FG
      5. 3/4Punt
      6. 4/-11/FG
      7. 3/7/Punt
      8. 3/-7/Punt
      9. 6/24/Punt
      10/ 3/-5/Punt

      And they didn’t play well? One drive over 50 yds, and other TD and FG were in the redzone when Mizzou got the ball. I don’t know about that one dude.

      • Timmy T says:

        Right on, Shannon. Like the last few seasons.our D has kept us competitive. Just imagine if Mizzou’s offense did anything. Would have been 70-13.

      • Steven says:

        What was the score during most of these Drives? It was already a blow out.
        Mizzou was really conservative.
        I’m not sure you can draw any defensive conclusions from that game.

  6. apprentice says:

    At this point in time, a losing season is on Jeremy Foley’s head. Listen, I’m not calling for Foley’s head or anything because I believe he is good at his job. But perhaps THIS particular decision should be taken out of his hands. Who would take this decision out of Foley’s hands? The Presidente of the University? Another executive body?

  7. 1974Gator says:

    Any suggestions as to who we should be pursuing as our next Head Coach?

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I am certainly not in the know nor do I watch what all the other programs are doing so I don’t know much about any up and coming coaches that may be doing well, but I thought of a few recently:

      Charlie Strong (very unlikely, but my like coming home if doesn’t feel stiffed from 4 yrs ago)
      Brian Kelly (ND isn’t what it used to be, and playing in SEC may be more appealing with a much easier recruiting base)
      Chris Petersen (UF > UDub)
      Greg Schiano (unemployed, solid coach, never any NCAA issues, almost impossible program to win at previously)
      Bob Stoops (He was almost lured from Norman once, maybe he is getting ready for a change of venue to come home)
      Dan Mullen (unlikely, doubt really on radar for 1 season success)
      James Franklin (Is UF a better job than Penn State to him?)
      Kevin Sumlin (unlikely, seems to have a nice fit at TAMU)
      Chip Kelly (very unlikely)
      North Dakota St. Coach – don’t know much about but he seems to excel at raising expectations and meeting them)

      I don’t know anything about any stellar FCS coaches

      • Steven says:

        Out of these Schiano and Mullen might be sure things to accept.
        I don’t really want either.

        The rest are long-shots to even throw their name in the hat.

      • Michael Jones says:

        Wow. We Gator fans can sometimes be a little delusional about the draw of our program. This list is an example of that. This just in: it’s great to be a Florida Gator, but get it out of your heads that we can take coaches away from Notre Dame, Penn State, the NFL, lol, Okla, Texas, and other big time programs with winning traditions. I’m not saying that those programs are above us, but you need to stop thinking that we are above them.

        How in the heck you people have decided that Mullen has only had one year of success is beyond me. . .unless you equate success only with achieving the #1 ranking in the nation, in which case most of those other coaches need to be taken off the list.

        And Sumlin? Alabama 59 Texas AM 0, Sumlin? Sumlin who has been taken to the woodshed 3 weeks in a row and hasn’t proven that he can coach a lick without Johnny Football to bail him out even though he has the football-rich state of Texas to recruit from? And he has done more than Mullen? lol. I’m sure that we can get Sumlin right now for bargain basement prices, but I thought we were trying to get better.

        Has somebody been wandering around in Gatorboi’s garden? Ha ha. . jk.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          perhaps you didn’t read the comments after? Such as (very unlikely) for chip Kelly? This program is right up there with or ahead of several of the programs I named, but I didn’t list them all saying just pick one and he will come for the right price, I also graded the “possibility” in my mind that they might be lured. Penn St. for example. In Franklin’s mind, maybe the SEC and Florida is a better job than State College. Never know if don’t ask. ND isn’t what it used to be and we have already snatched one coach out of their claws, it isn’t unthinkable to have another prefer beaches and sun to wheat and snow.

          I don’t see anything way out of line with that list, and as UF is one of the top 5 jobs in the nation, why not reach for the stars to get exactly the right person wanted? Different things motivate different people, but even with what WM does, I choose to believe that UF is still an elite destination. Facilities, recruiting, Alumni support, Incredibly profitable program that can afford lots of things, there are a lot of things UF has to offer, not the least of which being in the elite conference.

    • DJ Chemist says:

      Just my personal wishful thinking, but I think we have to look at Gary Patterson of TCU as a the Sexy pick. 14 years of Head Coaching Experience. I’m not sure how attached he is to TCU, but it would seem on the surface that UF would be a worthy upgrade after elevating TCU to national relevance.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        That is one I missed on my list. I think he would be a great fit, and someone who we could potentially have a high probability of getting

  8. G8trATL says:

    Up to this point I have backed-off this year on getting rid of Muschamp and wanted go give him time to adjust and grow. HOWEVER, I have to say Saturday night was downright disturbing for a football program at UF. I watched every snap as if it was car fire. I truly believe, that I have reasonable expectations for the program which by no means do I expect to go undefeated every season, rather prepare well and play hard each and every game.
    I thought this off week would have been a good time to make change, allow Roper the chance to run the offense and DJ to run the defense without Muschamp looming with that extra week to prepare for UGA.
    I also followed the press conference and if you play back every conference this year, it always sounds the exact same.
    Also my question is why isn’t the Local beat reporters pressing Muschamp for answers and accountability? I’m not looking for a confrontation at a press conference for confrontation sake, but wow where are the hard hitting and pressing questions for a HC on a major program?

  9. Michael Jones says:

    While I agree that the defensive unit played the best Saturday out of offense, defense, and special teams, I think that the allowing 119 yards statistic is a little misleading. My reason for saying that is because Mizzou was always scoring on a kick off return, punt return, interception return, fumble recovery return, and then having to give the ball back to our offense.

    Mizzou also had a few short drives to score. When we had to stop them, we looked a little gassed and were only so-so.

    How do you people feel about Greg Schiano? He did a tremendous job at Rutgers. Turned a powder puff football school into a pretty tough, respectable program. A lot of his former Rutgers players are in the NFL.

    • Steven says:

      We would be even more of a laughingstock than we are now if we hired Schiano.

      Honestly I don’t think Schiano would be awful. The Bucs are worse than they were under him.
      He is a solid head coach, but he is not right for this job.

      • G8trATL says:

        That is indeed an interesting choice. While he was very successful at Rutgers and as you pointed out many player are in the NFL not to mention, NE Pats (Belichick) seems to have a likeness towards Rutgers players that were there at the same time, he most certainly rubbed folks and players the wrong way at Tampa. The question is could he get along with Foley and Gator Boosters which is a different world in the SEC compared to Rutgers.

        • Michael Jones says:

          As a disciplinarian who runs a tight ship, Schiano is probably more suited to the college game than he is to coaching entitled, pampered, professional athletes who have such high opinions of themselves and feel like, because they are “full grown men,” nobody should be telling them what to do (even though they are nothing more than employees like most of us “full grown men” who have to take orders from our bosses).

          We could use a little discipline in this program. I watched in amazement at some of our defensive players taunting the Mizzou sideline after making a tackle for a loss when we were getting our butts kicked 42-7.

          • Ken (CA) says:

            Hey now, I suggested Schiano last week!

            • KB says:

              I posted him on this site last year as a possible replacement candidate after that fiasco with GSU. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t he a defensive coach at Miami too. Seems like he could be a fit at recruiting the state being if that was the case. I say shoot big and if you whiff this would not be bad choice assuming you miss on the big fishes. If I had my choice as a fan and some would not agree with this but I would say Bob Stoops as my first choice.

            • Michael Jones says:

              lol. . then you and I have both previously mentioned him, because I brought him up awhile back too. Mullen is my first choice, Schiano my second.

            • Michael Jones says:

              BTW, you and I also agree on the North Dakota State HC. He has done an incredible job and can obviously really coach’em up.

              • mjGator says:

                What about Jon Gruden? The man knows football. Tampa is his home, and he has a high school Senior and an 8th grader. He considered the Miami job and would probably see UF as more attractive. He could recruit like crazy, and would energize the program. It may be expensive (4-5M per year), but might just be that name we need right now. No doubt that he could develop the QB position.

              • gatormiami says:

                A Div II coach…. Why not a HS coach?////// Mullen should’ve been selected instead of Chump! Who has done more with less? Chump’s 4 & 5 star have resulted in what we’ve got today….Look what Mullen has done with 3 star athletes in the SEC West! Can you imagine where our program would be with Mullen’s coaching & player development…. & the quality players that UF can draw vs MSU?????

              • gatormiami says:

                Let’s hope Foley doesn’t screw up again…..MULLEN IS THE GUY!

  10. SaraGator says:

    I’m with you.. after Saturday night’s debacle – I have given up on Muschamp and have to admit it’s time to move on.

    But… I will not criticize him or allow my criticism to get personal. The man tried his hardest and tried to do things the right way. I will stay positive and thank him because he walked into an Urban mess.

    Hopefully, our team will rally and show some pride in the upcoming games.

  11. cline says:

    Maybe Foley is going to put his card in for the next SEC commish?

  12. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    Great Article Shannon. Took the Words out of my Mouth and GATOR NATION…. unacceptable pathetic embarrasing were just some thoughts and feelings going through the debacle that was Homecoming.

    PS Muschamp has lost the support of Alumni,Boosters,Bull Gators,and Students…… He”s Driven our Once great Program and 6 Years removed from National Championship to the Ground….

    PS What do you think Shannon? Do the Athens Folk enjoy a UGA Alum Driving our Program towards a Dumpster Fire?

    • Shannon Snell says:

      It doesn’t bother me that he’s an ex Dawg. I respect Georgia and their program a hellva lot more than I do say FSU, Miami, or Tennessee.

  13. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    NO Michael Jones Chiano was an epic fail in Tampa Bay. I feel he would be over his head at Florida. Better yet David Cutcliff…let”a reunite with Roper. He has SEC Head Coaching Experience… Also how about ED Offering who did a great job once Kiffen was Fired. Other names besides Mullen that I like Gary Peterson TCU, Mike Leach WSU….Kingsbury TTU

    • Steven says:

      People laugh but I would love to see Leach.
      He will put up points and we have the athletes that we could still play defense.
      The games would definitely be entertaining as well.

      Before you say it won’t work just be reminded that sure it won’t work if he has Texas Tech or Washington State athletes, but if he has Florida athletes it will work. I guarantee we will never see QBs as bad as Driskel or Brantley under him.

      He has some issues, but he would be the 2nd greatest offensive mind to ever coach Florida.

  14. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    Auto update on Phone I meant ED Orgeron

    • Shannon Snell says:

      I think this is who we need to go after. He did an amazing job with USC when he took over as head coach. Amazing leadership skills. He was the one that recruited me to USC 15 years ago. Single handily almost had me as a Trojan instead of a Gator.

  15. Mike The Red says:

    Do you all realize that we would be 1-5 if not for some blind luck?

    (1) 3OT win against UK.
    (2) Tennessee: Fumble on UT 30 yard line in 4Q produced the only TD. 49 year FG to beat UT. Interception to seal it.

    Really… this could easily be a 1-5 season right now.

    • apprentice says:

      We only won the UT game because they sucked as much as we did. A competent team would’ve had a bigger lead at that point.

    • senuod says:

      There’s no point in looking at it like that. IF not for “blind luck” in LSU’s favor (ie a dropped ball in the endzone), we could be 4-2. This season is what it is and this last horrible game was the breaking point for me.

  16. 5wideU says:

    Obviously, there’s about 100% agreement we need a new HBC. Not sure why everyone wants it to happen right now other than to satisfy being pissed off and reacting. I would recommend we show some class and do this the right way. Treon is going to be good but don’t see us putting up 30 points a game with him in there as a true freshman this year regardless of whether Muschamp is there or not. Roper is obviously no miracle worker and I have my doubts how great he is anyway. The fact we attempt maybe one intermediate (10 to 15 yard) pass down the middle of the field a game makes me wonder how good Roper really is. Firing Muschamp would not be helpful or fair to the team at this point unless Foley thinks it would be advantageous to get a jump start on the next coach. Not sure there’s anyone out there right now we would want that’s not in thick of the playoff race so does anyone really think they would respond to inquiries at this point anyway ?

    • Gatorgrad79 says:


      “Not sure why everyone wants it (firing) to happen now”?!? How about losing all our freaking recruits and having the freaking last place recruiting class in the SEC, and maybe not even in the top 75 in the nation by January!! Isn’t that a good enough reason? Keeping him until Dec has NOTHING to do with class – stopping the bleeding in recruiting should be a priority! Recruits want to know who the hell they will be playing for. (OH, and let’s not forget how many top recruits may bail and transfer in January…..that has been a train picking up steam for the last 3 years!)

  17. mjGator says:

    I saw a team on Saturday that quit. I saw players who acted like they were going through the motions, but not emotionally invested in the game. A coach has to motivate his team through adversity. The Gators still had a lot to play for, but not so much anymore. There is no internal belief in Muschamp, and there certainly isn’t overwhelming fan support for him. For the short time that alumni, students and fans remained in the stands on Saturday, the crowd was as hostile as I’ve ever seen it toward our team. I didn’t like that atmosphere, and seeing the empty seats throughout the stadium reminded me of Doak, and the historical lack of support for FSU that we Gators always enjoyed seeing. We need to fire Muschamp, and we need to fire him now. There is a bye week and then another week to prepare for UGA. Muschamp can’t recruit in this situation, so the decision needs to be made swiftly and decisively. If nothing else, it will give the team hope, the fans hope, and maybe a spark to salvage some respectability. Take a look to right column of this page at the 2015 recruits. I am grateful for these young men committing to the Gators, but can’t help but compare that list to some of our rivals. We may be facing years of mediocrity if we don’t act swiftly and decisively now.

  18. Michael J. says:

    Who knows how good a coach Muschamp is? For someone to win 11 games with Jeff Driskel as the quarterback is downright astonishing. But I’m kind of reminded of the part in “The Godfather” where Michael tells the guy he’s going to buy him out. He just tells the guy that he’s not lucky. The same can be said of Muschamp, perhaps. But it doesn’t mater in the least what the reason is, his record is not good enough to keep his job at Florida. Foley said he expected UF to be relevant and compete for the Eastern division title. Halfway through the season, the Gators are out of the East race, maybe not mathematically, but eliminated just the same. AS for being relevant, Florida has become a team to pity, not fear. That’s the saddest thing of all, to have people feel sympathy for you because they know you are pitiful. UF better choose the right guy this time, or a decade long headache like Tennessee has had since firing Fulmer is possible.

    • Steven says:

      Zook was unlucky, Muschamp just blows.

      Seriously watch some old zook games and see all the bad breaks that went against the Gators.

      • Steven says:

        and as Mike the Red points out. I think you can argue Muschamp has actually had some pretty good luck this year

  19. Jeff says:

    How about Mark Dantonio, Dabo Swinney, Mike Gundy?

  20. bdown says:

    Schiano is a big NO, Ed Orgeron ran Ole Miss into the ground and hap the players support at USC and a wise athletic director said NO, Mike Leach has never had a decent defensive unit to complement his offense and does not play well with others, his former QB Kliff Kingsbury is an offensive coordinator who had a hot name and went back to his alma mater…..his Mike Leach Lite…..Gary Patteron isn’t a home run, but he’s the best of this list and although respected, David Cutcliffe is past his prime….but if Roper were to pan out he might be able to provide that HC for a “coach in waiting” scenario…….Adam already knows who I want to see….RichRod….great offensive mind, recruited the heck out of S Florida when he was at WVU, bad move to go to Michigan and they ran him off….look at’em now, guess that was all his fault…..NCAA hiccup, as Adam pointed out last week….but we need competence and credibility at the head coaching position and RichRod brings it immediately! Go Gators before we turn into Vandy football…..

    • senuod says:

      Rich Rod is probably the best realistic name I’ve heard in my opinion, but Michigan does worry me a bit. Not so much his record there, or even the NCAA violations, so much as players transfering because of what they deem verbally abusive mistreatment. For a football player, and a good/starting football player, to complain about the staff’s language and treatment of players to the point that he leaves to transfer to your largest rival…that worries me about him.

      Otherwise, he seems like the best bet I’ve heard.

  21. 5wideU says:

    Sorry but some of these names being suggested are just bad and non-starters (Leach (crazy), Orgeron (NCAA), Schiano (didn’t win as much as everyone thinks), etc.). Patterson seems interesting along with Dabo. I like Hugh Freeze better then Mullen. They guy has put that program in the top 5 in three years or so. Has always had a good offense and probably has the best defense in the SEC right now. Those three names (if they would leave) give us some hope.

    • Steven says:

      I agree on Freeze. He would be my #1.
      But why leave Ole Miss if he thinks he can compete year in and year out there?
      They will pony up the money after this season so $ won’t draw him away.

      Future is bright there. The future is dim here

    • Mike The Red says:

      Why is Doc Holliday not being considered? He has past experience at Florida during a NC. He is supposedly a strong recruiter. He has built a winning team at Marshall of all places.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Freeze has done a nice job but Mullen is the better coach. Spend some time researching it.

      I am slack-jawed that Mullen doesn’t have more support on this site. He’s a heck of a coach with UF history, knows the state of Florida, knows the SEC. If he had the chance to lead this program with our resources, we would be contenders every year.

      You guys are missing the boat on Mullen.

      • mjGator says:

        You are dead-on Michael Jones. Mullen is the natural choice for the reasons you stated. We love offense, have a legacy of explosive offense, and Mullen would bring that back. However, it is my understanding that he and Foley have a bad history and it isn’t very likely that Foley would ever swallow his pride enough to approach Mullen. Foley is a great AD for the breadth of the athletic program, but I think UF should appoint a committee to make the inevitable decision ahead. His history with football coaches isn’t a good one.

  22. Guys, I certainly hope I am wrong in this assesmemt, but I get that sinking feeling that Foley didnt fire WM after the Mizzou game that he is extending the leash on him in hopes that enough improvement will take place in the Ga. Game to keep extending the leash and at yrs end, the clown will be retained another yr! We cannot afford him another yr. He has completely destroyed our once proud program! I for one will NOT support em if he returns. Amazing as to why Foley is so enamoured with this guy!!!

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I can’t imagine that being the case, the writing is on the wall, I just don’t understand why he would consider keeping him through the season at this point. And no, I don’t agree with everyone talking about his ego. There has to be something else behind the scenes. He is too good of an AD(and too smart in general) to sell out for someone that has no support from ANYONE

  23. Jeff says:

    Ole Miss is still Ole Miss … Can’t compete year in year out with Auburn, Bama and LSU. Florida is definitely the better job.

  24. JimmyJam says:

    Foley and Muschamp must be drinking buddies. Only reason I can see why he hasn’t fired Muschamp yet. After watching last week’s debacle, I went through an entire 12-pack and didn’t even get a buzz, that’s how disturbing that game was. Unbelievable!

    • Gatorgrad79 says:


      My head blew up on the opening kick off and hasn’t stopped hurting since. All can think is ‘Holy shit!’ we have to go play Uga and fsu who could each potentially put up 70 points on us when the offense keeps turning over the ball, while if we score it will likely be a defensive score…

      • Michael J. says:

        I would not be too concerned about FSU and Georgia running up the score. Florida is so hapless that they will feel pity for Florida. Muschamp is Fisher’s friend, that’s the reason you saw FSU hold down the score last year and will be the case this year. Both team’s biggest worry will be not being injured, not the outcome of the game. Uf is very close to becoming Tennessee in becoming irrelevant for at least a decade. That will happen if the wrong guy is picked to succeed Muschamp. It can happen to anyone. A quick turnaround is possible. But it does take a decent quarterback. Who knows if Florida has a decent quarterback on it’s roster. As seen with Brantley and Driskel, the number of stars a guy has is meaningless.

        • senuod says:

          The assertion that FSU held down the score last year due to a relationship between the head coaches is ridiculous….RIDICULOUS.

  25. Frank says:

    Hey Shannon- Don’t look for a Christmas card from the Muschamps this year…Just sayin’

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