Florida basketball to introduce new uniforms

By Adam Silverstein
October 20, 2011

In addition to the Florida Gators roster being adjusted for the 2011-12 season, the team will also be sporting new uniforms when they step out on the court this year.

Florida provided a sneak peak of their updated threads at the team’s media day last Tuesday as players donned the new blue away uniforms featuring a bold orange font for the letters and numbers. OGGOA has learned that the Gators will also have new home uniforms as well as an alternate jersey this year.

All three designs are the same general style (the letters and numbers will likely be altered on the home/alternate uniforms) with different color combinations. The home kit is traditional white, while the alternate uniform is orange. Below is a real picture of the away uniform courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel‘s Gary W. Green (view the rest of his gallery) next to some OGGOA-made mockups of the home and alternate jerseys.

Updated 2:45 p.m. Florida just decided to release two sneak peaks of the official home jersey for this season, which looks like this:

UF will play an exhibition game against Catholic University on Nov. 3 before beginning the regular season Nov. 11 against Jackson State. Tip-off for both games is 7 p.m.


  1. JS says:

    I love the black alternate jerseys… I hope we have four different colors. I know historically we don’t have a great record in the black unis but I at least want the option to buy the black shorts! I hope the orange is brighter than the mockup.. it looks like Texas orange. Go Gators.

  2. Josh says:

    I know these are hyper elites, meaning we will have a design imbedded in the mesh on the back. Any word on what our design is? Most schools have a building on campus, or something that is a symbol of the university.

  3. Jackson says:

    Love them! And what an idea! Actually using the SCHOOL COLORS!!! As long as they use the school colors I’m good with just about anything. I pray we NEVER see those God awful black uniforms again.

  4. Joe says:

    Best part is no duck tape on the shoulders!

  5. Sergio says:

    I like them a lot. I loved the black unis and hope they make a return either later this season or next. I’m a little disappointed by the design on the back though. It would’ve been cool to incorporate Century tower into it or something.

  6. Joe says:

    I liked the all-black as well, but I think I’ll like the all-orange better.
    Then again, I liked our orange jerseys and white pants for football too.

  7. npgator says:

    I like them and hate all black – that is not our school color.

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