10/17: Quinn evaluates Gators defenders

By Adam Silverstein
October 18, 2012

No. 2 Florida Gators defensive coordinator Dan Quinn met with the media on Wednesday to discuss some of the individual players on his unit as the team prepares for another tough home game against the No. 7 South Carolina Gamecocks.

» On senior Mike linebacker Jon Bostic and how he has improved: “Jon is really playing physical. I think you saw that over the last few weeks in his game, not just in terms of how he’s taking on blocks but the way he can tackle. He’s always had very good football smarts and real command of the defense. I think his leadership skills are improving as he’s moving forward and that’s natural progression as a senior when you’ve been playing and have the experience. The one thing that stands out to me is his physical nature.”

» On if injured junior Buck LB Ronald Powell could have played like Jadeveon Clowney and Barkevious Mingo this year: “I really thought Ronald this spring had a terrific spring. Each practice you kind of saw him grow and take steps forward. It is going to be important for him to take that step because I really do feel like, yeah, he would have been mentioned with those guys. The improvement from last fall through the spring, it was really significant for Ronald.”

» On what junior defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd needs to improve in his game to play at the next level: “It’s going to be pad level as an inside player and his inside pass rush as a defensive tackle. At the line of scrimmage, really that’s where you win the most, when you can play underneath a guy. It’s something that, the inside guys, you harp on all the time whether you’re in high school or college or even in the NFL. If you have your pads underneath a guy and you can play him and consistently see it on tape, you’re usually going to win more matchups than you’re going to lose.”

» On why Florida has been more successful turning the ball over on defense compared to a year ago: “Although we emphasized it last year, maybe [now] the players to each other are emphasizing it more. As you know, when another teammate is telling you or reminding you, maybe that is a little different voice than a coach. When it comes from a player or another teammate – that adds value, too.”

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  1. Walt P says:

    Go Gators. Them their Coaches got coach speak down pack.

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