10/11: Urban Meyer’s Monday press conference

By Adam Silverstein
October 11, 2010

Updated 11:45 p.m. (ET)

Head coach Urban Meyer and a small group of players meet with the media each Monday after the Florida Gators participate in a game the previous Saturday. OGGOA has compiled some of the most important notes and quotes from the event this week.


Just as Florida was lucky enough to a number of its starters back healthy another rash of injuries has hit the team. In addition to junior running back Jeff Demps missing Saturday’s game with a sprained foot, sophomore RB Mike Gillislee appeared to hurt his ankle, redshirt freshman guard Jon Halapio broke a finger, and both redshirt junior WR Deonte Thompson and freshman safety Matt Elam suffered concussions. Halapio had surgery on Sunday and will miss Saturday’s Mississippi State game, but Demps, Gillislee, Thompson and Elam are all expected to be able to play.

Speaking of injuries, redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley expressed for a second time in three days that his ribs are neither broken nor fractured nor cracked and that his thumb is just sprained. This counters rumors and a report from ESPN‘s Joe Schad that claimed Brantley was more injured than he and Meyer were letting on. Meyer did indicate that Brantley had some shoulder issues during the week because he was overcompensating for his injured ribs; however, he was fine to go on Saturday and will be starting once again this week.


Meyer noted that the two biggest issues facing the Gators offense are the lack of home run plays and inefficiency in the red zone, not play calling. Those two factors, combined with unforced errors in the form of turnovers and penalties, were what limited Florida the most on Saturday.


Though fans have been getting on offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio for his play calling, he received plenty of praise and support from his head coach and players on Monday. Meyer said Addazio has “a tough job, obviously I think he can handle it” while redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley said, “I trust coach Addazio and his play calling.” Senior center Mike Pouncey added that the team is “moving the ball, just ain’t making the plays when they’re there to be made” and that Addazio does not deserve the blame whatsoever.

The dive play was booed extensively during Florida almost-game-winning scoring drive at the end of the fourth quarter, something that confused Pouncey and redshirt senior wide receiver Carl Moore (and likely many others, too), both of whom said it did not bother them. Pouncey specifically noted that the Gators were “going down to win the game” on that drive, making the boos quite ridiculous.

QUOTES (After the break…)

Meyer on the defense: “I don’t feel that we did play great defense, I thought we played – at times – good defense against a talented team. Gave up four in the red zone, three TDs and obviously the last one hurt us bad.”

Meyer on the penalties negating junior cornerback Janoris Jenkins’ long punt return: “That was a significant play in that game.”

Meyer on the team’s outlook: “One thing around here is we win as teammates. We win championships as teammates and as a team, and we fight through adversity as a team. I made that real clear to our guys. I’ve seen poison January 9th after we hosted the crystal ball. I’ve seen some things go on with NFL and other stuff. I just want to make sure we avoid the poison that infects a lot of college football teams across America. There’s only one way to do that: get a little tighter, get a little closer and work a little harder, and that’s all we know how to do around here.”

Meyer on standardized plays inside the five: “We’re banged up at running back. We feel right now that [freshman QB Trey] Burton and [redshirt freshman tight end] Jordan [Reed] are kind of big backs. We need to go get one. We need a pounder in there. The one thing about red zone, basically, when you get inside the five yard line there is no depth to the field. […] Single-wing … there’s only one defender that’s unblocked.”

Meyer on Brantley’s performance: “I thought he fought through great. […] He’s a tough guy; he played really tough in that game. Showed a lot of toughness came back on that last drive and led us down the field. That really showed us a lot about who Johnny is, and I’m really proud of the way he played that last drive.”

Meyer on Debose: “We tried to throw a fade down there and there was a PI against him going into the end zone. […] We’re trying to get that ball in there trying to have someone go make a play and obviously Debose is fitting into that equation much more than he had in the past.”

Meyer on the offensive line: “I don’t think we played great. There were some plays to be made. As a group offensively I don’t feel we played very well. Very inconsistent. It seems the moment you get one group back from a series of injuries, then the skill positions gets all banged up. We’re anxious to get everybody back and have some explosive plays in there. […] We need them to play better. We had a couple issues where we missed protection in the backfield. Teams will have a tendency to blitz more when you don’t have the home run shot, so we need to strike when they blitz. LSU became a blitz-a-thon.”

Meyer on the I-formation: “Inexperience at tight end. It’s difficult to run the ball from an I-formation without an extended end. We’re still trying to develop the tight end position, especially for blocking. What makes an I-formation successful is a pounding tailback, a very stout tight end and a very good fullback, and we’re still working through all of that.”

Meyer on Addazio and fans booing because of play calling: “I think [Addazio] has a tough job. I think he can handle it. I’m very involved in the offense as well. An offense minus big plays is tough in this day and age. How do you create big plays? If your big playmakers are hurt, you get guys loose and hit ‘em when they’re open and break some tackles.”

Meyer on how play calls are made: “During the course of a game you have a scripted series that you say, ‘Let’s go head off in this direction.’ And then [QB coach] Scot Loeffler and [WR coach] Zach [Azzanni] are in charge of the throw game, coach Addazio is in charge of everything and I have my opinions as well.”

Meyer on dealing with losses now: “I can’t say I’m dealing with it better. I can’t stand it. It’s something you never want to get used to, obviously. We’ve been very fortunate around here to not have to deal with it very often.”

Meyer on if the team was told about a fake field goal possibility: “It was discussed at the time. It was also discussed – we watched the film of it before.”

Pouncey on the offensive line’s struggles: “Seventeen-play drives, 10-play drives, we’re moving the ball, we’re just ain’t making the plays when they’re there to be made. Obviously everybody has to get better and week-in and week-out we just gotta stay together as a team and keep fighting because it’s not over yet. But to point fingers at position groups, it just ain’t right. It’s a team effort.”

Pouncey on players holding each other accountable: “We do hold people accountable. Obviously we know the guys that need to get better, but we went out and had a great day on Sunday at practice. We need to find out who is going to be there to make the big plays when we need them.”

Pouncey on players showing leadership: “The leaders on the team, they’ve been doing good all year. We got a young team and we just gotta stick together and just believe in each other, that’s the biggest part. I hope that we can get it right because I hate losing games. I don’t even know how to act after a loss.”

Pouncey on if the offense is close or far from improvement: “It’s close. We look on film and it’s inches away from breaking big runs or inches away from getting a great pass off. We just gotta make the plays that are there to be made and get the players on the field that need to be on the field.”

Pouncey on the booing at the end of the game: “[Nodding] I didn’t even know what they were for. It was going down to win the game. I don’t know what the boos were for. I don’t even know.”

Pouncey on the booing when finding out it was for Addazio: “The play calling has been good. Coach Addazio is a great coach. He’s been calling all the right plays. They’re just not making the plays when they are there to be made. Obviously, it makes it look bad on him, but he’s calling the best plays that he can.”

Johnson on how the team played vs. LSU: “We have yet to put a whole game together. We have good spurts and good moments and obviously we have bad moments, but we have yet to put a whole game together. Just waiting for it to come together, click together.”

Johnson on the fake field goal: “I don’t want the NCAA to fine me for speaking on the refs, so I’ll just leave that alone.”

Johnson on comparing this team to the 2007 squad: “I think it’s different because the team we had in ’07 was a lot different, it was a lot younger guys who became Gator Greats like Brandon Spikes, Tim Tebow, Joe Haden and Jermaine Cunningham. We don’t have those so-called elite status players yet. But just like it took them time to get to the level they were, it’s going to take these guys time too. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Johnson on if he is frustrated when watching film: “All the time. Especially watching the film from Saturday and you see one or two minor steps or just putting your hand on a person could spring a back, or a back making a wrong cut could be the difference between a 15-yard gain and a 35-yard gain. That’s part of football. It’s a game of inches. Every inch count.”

Johnson on which players have stepped up: “I really think our defense has done a tremendous job as a whole. I mean we lost the entire defense to the NFL Draft and through seniors, so I think our defense has played really good. And our receivers have come a long way, so those guys have really, really impressed me.”

Moore on catching so many third downs: “It’s just competitive excellence really. Our coaches always talking about practicing and brining what we do in practice to the field. It’s my job to get open; I’m going to get open.”

Moore on how the pass catchers are doing: “I definitely think our receivers have gotten better in all aspects of the game.”

Moore on if he wishes there were more deep passes: “You gotta remember too that our Florida offense, we’re known for deep balls. Defenses notice that. Corners, when we do deep routes, corners bail before we can even get on their toes sometimes. It’s just certain things in a game that can eliminate the deep pass. Johnny B. makes his read and throws it to the open receiver. […] From what I’ve seen, a lot of DBs bail on us.”

Moore on if Brantley looks his way on third down: “It’s really more just a read. He’s making a read. [It’s] what the defense gives us. I’m supposed to be open on that route. That’s pretty much what it is. Just play calling. That’s great play calling.”

Moore on Debose’s improvement: “His work ethic has definitely improved and that shows in the game. Like coach always says, you gotta do it in practice first. He’s been doing it in practice and he got his chance in the game and he made something of it. Sky’s the limit for that kid as long as he just keeps working and comes to practice with his work helmet on trying to get better every day. There’s no telling what he can do. He can be whatever he wants to be.”

Moore on if the team needs more playmakers: “Only the Florida Gators really know what’s going on in this program and we know the playmakers we have. So I’m not really concerned with what the media or fans or anybody else is saying outside of who is in this room. Because we all know.”

Senior linebacker Brandon Hicks on Debose: “He will be a great player, he will. He doesn’t put anybody down or put himself down or get mad at himself for not playing or get angry at the coaches. He just goes. And once you put the ball in his hands, magic happens.”

Brantley on the trouble with getting plays in from the sideline: “It’s not one thing at all. I can miss one little hand signal and that can throw off the entire play. We just gotta make sure our signals, make sure nobody is running out in front of the signal caller and stuff like that.”

Brantley on if he was limited during practice last week: “I wasn’t limited too much. I took the reps I needed to take. I wouldn’t really call it limited, maybe one or two less throws. I wouldn’t call it limited because of an injury.”

Brantley on what hurt him the most injury-wise: “Nothing was really too bad. Nothing was going to keep me from not playing. They’re a little sore but it’s football, you’re going to be a little sore.”

Brantley on Moore: “He’s making great plays, and I’m really happy for him. He’s been working really hard in practice during the week and it’s showing on Saturdays.”

Brantley on if he wants to throw it 30-35 times, throw it downfield more: “It don’t matter to me to be honest with you. I trust coach Addazio and his play calling. I’m going to do what he says, and I’m not going to complain, because I trust coach Addazio and I think he’s a great coach. He’s trying to put us in the best position to win, and I believe that. So I’m just going to keep doing what he wants me to do.”

Brantley on the rumors about his cracked ribs: “I even had my sister text me asking if I was playing or not. I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m playing. Are you kidding me? Of course I am.’ I told her that all week.”

Brantley on Debose: “Andre’s been working really hard during the week. That’s been showing on Saturdays. If you can go out during the week and work hard and take game-like reps during practice then it’s going to show in the games. He can do a lot. He’s a very versatile player and he loves the game, that’s for sure. He’s really bought into this, and he’s working really hard.”


  1. Joe says:

    Meyer said Addazio has “a tough job, but I think he can handle it”

    After 19 games of the great SA experiment, Meyer should KNOW not just “think”.

  2. Ellis says:

    Yes, Fla fan’s can be rude at times just like any other teams fan base, ie ‘Boo’s”……

  3. CCG8TR says:

    The booing was unacceptable and those people should leave and never come back.

  4. Aligator says:

    Deny, Deny, Deny …. We don’t know anything, we are just fans remember? None of us are college educated, ever played any football or maybe even coach? So we need to all shut our faces and just watch a disaster in motion?

  5. ziggy says:

    I agree that the booing is unacceptable. As proud gator fans, we should be behind our team through thick and through thin. As Meyer pointed out, I just hope we avoid the “poison” that affects college football teams. The gators are on a very slippery slope right now and need confidence more than anything. A booing fan base will only serve to make things worse, especially with a young and impressional team such as this.

  6. RSeegobin says:

    No INT, no muffed punt, no KO return and we’ve got a grand EIGHT points…Yea, I think the offense is just fine under Mr. Addazio [sarcasm]…One routine, sustained drive (that resulted in points) all game long and Gator Nation doesn’t have a reason to boo? Are you kidding me?! Frankly, I’m surprised the booing didn’t start earlier…I suspect most fans aren’t booing effort. If that be the case, then the booing is unacceptable…But as ‘Aligator’ said, it’s pretty obvious, even to the layperson, when a particular play works or doesn’t work, and the dive play hasn’t worked since Percy Harvin was drafted…

  7. triplegator says:

    “LSU became a blitz-a-thon.”

    Wait a minute, do you mean to say that LSU was blitzing a lot? Wow! Who could have predicted that? It’s not like they’ve ever done that before. I guess that totally took us by surprise.

  8. Adoozio says:

    Why is booing unacceptable?..the fan’s are not booing the players, everyone in that stadium knew who was being booed…and he deserves it..our O-line play bothers me more than the play calling. Our O-line was supposed to be a strength not a weakness. and how the Gators don’t stop that fake fg is beyond me, alot of people sitting around me were yelling watch the fake, and why not play for the fake, let the guy kick the FG it’s 53 yds at worst we go to OT..but, no we were outcoached by Les Miles…

    • You guys really need to calm down a little. To the first comment, you are making assumptions points would not have been scored in those situations. On those occasions the Gators DID get it in the end zone. You are also forgetting the drive where Henry missed TWO FG on one possession. Points left off board by ST in that case, not offense.

      As to the booing, when you are down one score and trying to drive the field and are very much in the game, that is the wrong time to boo. End of the first half? Better time and more understandable. Also had more reason to at that point. Just my opinion on that.

  9. Mike says:

    Though fans have been getting on offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio for his play calling, he received plenty of praise and support from his head coach and players on Monday

    Read more:
    ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive

    Therein is the problem. Where is the righteous indignation. Everything is so casual. What a joke. Ever since Mullen left the offense has been embarrassing. If it wasnt for the talent last year, they would have lost more. But now Addazio gets another cream of the crop recruiting and cant make squat out of them.
    Meyer needs to stop praising Addazio. If my “JOB” yielded the same results Addazio’s is I wouldnt get priased. Until he changes or is replaced the Gators O will continue to flounder!

  10. Jonathan says:

    I would’ve booed had I been there too. We have run that ridiculous dive play ad nosium and it never surprises any defense. We run it like 10 times a game and it’s normally only good for a yard or 2. It’s just a waste of a down. If the fans know what plays we’re gonna run, how much more do the D Coordinators of opposing teams know it? Where’s our creativity? Between the dive, the TE shuffle pass off the option, and our regular option, that’s like 75% of our plays.

    And that fake fg against us was completely unacceptable. Everyone knew it was coming, except our Special Teams apparently. Why even try to block it? Let him hit the 53 yarder by playing the fake and play for OT…sucks to be out-coached by Les Miles, but we were.

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam : Few comments.

    “You are also forgetting the drive where Henry missed TWO FG on one possession. Points left off board by ST in that case, not offense.”

    The reason we were back to the 16 and not the one was just because of the offense. It was Pouncey holding on a play he did not need to and a false start, so really, it is the offenses fault there. We should never be 2nd and goal from the one and come away with zero points unless we missed it on 4th down.

    Also for the booing, I think it was the right time and had no issue with it. We are down a TD in the 4th quarter, have had zero offensive production and Adazzio starts the series off with the same garbage that wasn’t working all night nor has been the entire year. Only after he got booed, did he try to go beyond 5 yards on and pass route. At that point, we hit Moore for the 50+ yard strike. All the players knew exactly who was getting booed as did ESPN as they wen’t straight to Adazzio calling his plays from the sideline.

    • 1) Yes, Pouncey’s holding call was the reason that Florida was pushed back. But is a penalty a play call? No, it’s not.

      2) Since the Gators have no offense, how did they get down inside the five on that attempted field goal drive? It wasn’t magic. It was a 15-play, 70-yard drive that could have resulted in a TD (save for Pouncey’s penalty) and did result in two missed FGs (because of Henry, not the offense). Missed opportunity due to miscues, not playcalling. Offense made a mistake but special teams tripled it.

      3) Zero offense production before that final offensive drive? Florida opened the half with a 70-yard drive. The only other two times the Gators touched the ball that half, Brantley was picked on a tipped pass (not playcalling) and Florida went 3-and-out (it happens, LSU does have a good defense after all).

      Their only other punt of the game was after an eight-play 36-yard drive that started inside their own five due to a fumbled opening kickoff by Debose.

      You need to realize that the Gators only went three-and-out three times during the game. Two turnovers (fumble, interception) and the missed field goal were the main flaws, along with the penalties, not the play calling.

      4) Your assessment of Addazio going downfield “only after he got booed” is incorrect. First of all, Moore’s route was a cross route meant to gain a first down and a few YAC that he took for 51 yards. It was not an especially deep pass. Secondly, on a handful of occasions during the game, Brantley had receivers open deep (I saw Hammond once and Deonte once specifically) that he did not hit. On many other occasions those options were all available to him and the receivers were covered so he dumped it to the shorter receivers for minimal gains to save the play.

      Execution, errors (fumbles, penalties) and poor blocking (offensive line) are the real issues with this offense. Addazio’s play calling is suspect, but it’s not losing this team games. The other things are. He is being made out to be a scapegoat. Does he deserve criticism? Yes. No question about it. Perhaps even moreso for how weak the offensive line has been (injuries or not).

  12. John S says:

    I much prefer stunned silence, gasping, and head in hands to boos. It would be easier if he was in the booth, it would allow for the more traditional collective head turn, with simultaneous WTF expressions. The boos are a bad idea, especially for recruiting. Also, we need to quiet down when the offense has the ball, some of the false starts were probably caused by the crowd noise.

    The dive plays and bubble screens were both drive killers though. We had 243 yards of offense, we did not move the ball at all. We had 2 drives which were both aided by penalties. We also deserved to have a safety that was saved by the fact we fumbled the ball first. Our line can’t pass protect, can’t run the ball, and contributes a ton of penalties. Unfortunately one guy is responsible for both. Our coach cannot blame the OC especially in front of the players. Urban is right that he is part responsible though. Those plays are in there because he wants them there.

    • John S – By bubble screens you must mean swing passes and dump-offs. Half of the swing passes worked (because they were called) the other half were dump-offs by Brantley when he either didn’t have receivers open downfield, felt pressure or wasn’t confident in getting the ball down there. The dive play is a source of frustration in general, I have no problem agreeing with you there. Read my comment above for more.

  13. John S says:

    I wasn’t sure about whether they were bubble screens or swing passes because they were blown up so quickly an I may have succumbed slightly to the drink at that point. I recall losing yards on 2 in the fourth quarter because the corner was lined up right on top of it, but I haven’t watched the game again. I wasn’t really taking issue with your comments just venting. I would comment that LSU committed just as many turnovers, but they moved the ball.

  14. g8ter27 says:

    Adam, I agree that they team did have some decent drives but I think everyone here knows that the pay calling is poor. Remeber last year after the first two games? Everyone was thinking “must be holding back for Tenn.” Then after that game people stated realizing it wasnt holding back, that was all he had. It is nobetter this year but I do agree that he is more at fault for the poor play of the O line. Regarding Brantley, I see a qb that misses open guys, his first read (whether it is suppose to be or not) is the dump pass, and when he is presured he never looks down field again but instead loks to find a place to hit the ground. In other words, once he is forced to take his eyes away from the receivers, he never looks back at them again..that is not coaching I am afraid.

  15. Ftheguido says:

    What would you have the fans do, Adam?, We have a QB ill suited to run the offense of the past Tebow era, so what do we do , we run the same ill suited offense, and criticize anyone questioning the painfully obvious. Brantley is a drop back passer, pass protect and quit running 5yard curl patterns that the opposing D lineman knock down anyway. I like and respect Coach Meyer, but we need to correct our offensive problems before we meet UGA and S.Carolina

    • G8ter27 – Play calling is poor, yes. But I am getting sick and tired of hearing it is THE reason for the Gators’ woes. It’s simply not true. Does it play a part? No doubt about it. However, many, many other things went wrong over the last two games (and this season so far) that had more to do with the losses than the play calling. People are using Addazio as a scapegoat. That’s all I’m trying to say. (I also agree with some of what you said about Brantley.)

      Ftheguido – I’m not condemning a fan for booing, as a fan that is your right. I’m simply saying that, as a fan, one should know that when your team is trying to put together a game-winning drive (that it ended up completing) booing them is not the greatest motivator. If you want to boo on a three-and-out when the team punts, that’s one thing. No problem there. But booing multiple times on one drive as the ball is being MOVED DOWN THE FIELD is just stupid. Especially after it crossed the 50. Just my opinion.

  16. JW says:

    Is Will Hill going to do anything significant this year? What about Deonte Thompson? I thought he would be much improved but I don’t see it. Those two guys have been major disappointments.

  17. RSeegobin says:

    Adam, I understand your point that Addazio is not the SOLE reason for UF’s woes, but after the coaching staff indentifies that certain plays or certain players are not capable of or skilled enough to move the ball, isn’t it the OC’s responsibility to adjust to his players and circumstances. I feel like he’s being quite stubborn with his gameplan…It’s as if Addazio continues to push that agenda whether it works or not, and blame it on a lack of execution when it doesn’t work…

  18. TACB says:

    The horrific regression of the offensive line is enough grounds to fire Addazio. UF’s offense will continue to flounder as long as Sergeant Slaughter is calling plays. The meat head got pwned by Les Miles.

    Are we seriously still discussing whether Addazio is remotely competent to serve as the UF OC? After Saturday … it is pretty much a historical fact that Addazio will go down as a failure.

    To get the full picture of how inept Zook … err… Addizio is, listen to his pressers. It’s 2004 all over again. I keep waiting for him to say how our problems are “correctable.”

    Meyer, you left your program in the hands of a man who is playing checkers while everybody else is playing chess. Get your house in order.

  19. jimbo6812 says:

    you would think by the 6th game of the year we would have improved on this “trustful play calling”. yes our players need to improve a lot we had a lot of players step up this year. it really just seems since addazio took over calling the plays it has been a mess. a lot of games last year we frustrating, but thankfully we had those play makers on both sides. this year is much different, and we try to run the same frustrating plays as last year, and its not working. for the love of god if its not working, simply try other things. but we dont. im more worried about our coaching cuz they seem clueless on the sidelines. i know fans can do alot of criticizing, but gators rarely do. its clear now to everyone or else we wouldnt be saying all this. i was much much more worried about our defense and so excited for seeing some great offense this year, and it has been flip flopped. if we are gonna run it, go under center and pound it or sweep. dont start five yards behind the line. im tired of seeing the negative yards on the jumbo screen at the games.

    • RS- Good comment. The coaching staff (not just Addazio) believes that certain plays (dive, option) work. Period. That is their mindset, it isn’t going to change, and that is not just Addazio’s decision. Read Meyer’s quote above about how play calls are made during the game. A major flaw with the team right now is adjusting to the talent they have and getting players on the field (like Debose) who can make plays. But even if they were to add let’s say a new set of plays for Debose, they would still have to run the dives and options to keep defenses honest. That’s part of Meyer’s offensive philosophy, not Addazio’s.

      Jimbo – Don’t forget last year the team didn’t have Percy Harvin or Louis Murphy – two receivers who are starters in the NFL right now. One of whom was a Pro Bowler last year and the other who is his team’s No. 1 receiving threat. They were left with a marginal talent in Riley Cooper, a chronic dropper who Tebow didn’t trust in Deonte Thompson and Aaron Hernandez (who stepped up big-time and is the main reason the offense was successful in 2009). This year they lost Hernandez (the best offensive player left who is also now starting in the NFL), do not have a tight end and have starting WRs of Thompson (who has improved) and Moore (who is really playing his first season at UF and is getting better each week). Not to mention Demps was at 50 percent for Alabama and didn’t play against LSU. Remember what he did the first four weeks of the season?

      In addition to losing Mullen, the Gators have also lost a LOT of talent over the last two years. Think about it.

  20. E-Pain says:

    90,000+ fans were not being stupid…

    We booed when the plays that were called were the usual suspect calls that gained NO yardage. Not every play was booed as the drive continued, in fact, there were more cheers then I had heard all game when the playbook opened up a bit, crossing routes, Hines reverse, etc. The boos were loudest with the dive play and the repetitive runs up the middle. We didn’t move down the field 80 yards with the fans booing every step of the way, it was only when we disagreed with the play calling. I think the fans, who pay the money to see the game, along with the boosters, alumni, etc… were showing their frustration with the play calling that has been this way for this season and all of last. And as for the argument that we’re moving the ball downfield successfully, only to stumble in the red zone, well to me that falls under the umbrella of an OFFENSIVE problem. Who is the OFFENSIVE coordinator? Addazzio, plain and simple.

    Adam, I do agree with you however, that I am very much concerned about the play of our senior-laden O-line almost as much, if not more, than our play calling. And once again, that falls back on one man.

    I dont’ want the guy fired like some people do, I like him and think he’s a great motivator and recruiter, I think he needs to go back to O-Line Coach and shore that up, because it is having serious problems.

    Offensive problems, whether they be play-calling, O-Line, red zone, RB’s or QB play, as the Offensive Coordinator it ultimately falls back on you. That’s the nature of the job. If it continues to be an issue with no acknowledgment whatsoever from the coaching staff, then it will ultimately fall upon Meyer, who I feel is in a pretty tough spot here. We’ll see how it unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

  21. zach says:

    Im glad that they r gonna get Debose more involved. He needs to get the ball at least 10 times a game.

  22. Aligator says:

    i think that he calls his plays from the hi-jinks, shenanigans and tomfoolery playbook. Addozzio that is. ( I am just actually looking for a comment from Adam at this point, since every one else got one 😉

  23. Erick says:

    People need to stop blaming Addazio for the playcalling.

    Gators were #1 in the SEC in offense. In the top 10 in the nation for rushing, passing and scoring.
    Only team in the country to gain 3000 yds in passing and rushing.

    OL needs to step up.

    Thompson is doing ok… Moore has done more than i expected…. the rest of the WR just need more experience/reps.

    The TE position is Reed and Hines who never played that position at florida before.

    I think most people expectations of Brantley were out of hand…. i think he is playing fine considering his first career starts..

  24. HardToKillGtr says:

    Watching the Gators this year has been a little painful but never boring. An entertainment dollar well spent.

  25. Ftheguido says:

    Adam, I do not want anyone fired, also I am more concerned with the poor play of the O-line, I don’t care who is calling plays, if your O-line can’t block, nothing will work. and now the defense is also a legitimate concern.

  26. jimbo6812 says:

    With all of this, still doesnt make sense to run that dive play 80% of the time that works maybe 20% of the time. Maybe our team really is only good enough to get 2.5 yards a game rushing, which is why it wouldnt hurt to throw the ball since it works more than running.

  27. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Bottom line – IF the coaches are not going to change the game plan, then the O-line needs to each gain 30 lbs of muscle, develop a mean attitude, and grow a pair. Short of that, we will lose to Miss State, So car, Fsu, and maybe more.

  28. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam : Just admit you like Adazzio because of the traffic he brings here for people to vent. Offensive struggles = Adam gains 🙂

    • Ftheguido – I hear ya. Don’t disagree.

      Jimbo – Agreed…but it is a play that works better (a) when you have a healthy playmaker (like Demps, Percy) running it and (b) when the offensive line blocks properly. It’s not the play call that’s not working, it’s the execution. That’s what I’m getting at. The question then is: Why run it if the blocking isn’t there and the playmaker isn’t there? The answer is because it is part of the offense and to completely stop doing it means teams can cheat otherwise. As Meyer said today in the presser, it’s not like the team can just change to I-form without the proper personnel to make that work.

      Mr2Bits – I can’t say there is truth in that. But what I can say is that, unfortunately, negative news on average gets us the most traffic. Be it Tebow’s concussion last year (which happened right after we opened), arrests, recruiting defections (Elam for a bit, Nu’Keese), transfers, etc. That’s just how it goes. Those stories also get picked up by major outlets more often, which is what happened in all of those cases.

  29. zurbo says:

    The real problem is not just the play calling…He coaches the O-Line also which has been dismal since game 1. Every time Brantley throws the ball he has about 2 seconds before the pocket collapses. THIS IS SA’s FAULT ALSO. He is way out of his league in the OC position and Urban knows this. Just because Urban backs him up every week doesnt mean he really feels that way. Urban looks for blind loyalty from the coaches/players and he gives that in return. The bottom line is we have the talent and it is not being used correctly. This is not only bad for this season, but im sure recruits are not going to want to come to a school that is not using their talent effectively. (and dont start talking about our draft class last year because they were coached by mullen and strong). Stop acting like this is no big deal because it is a big deal for our future if we dont turn it around.

    • Good post zurbo. It is most certainly a big deal. And you are right, just because Meyer backs up Addazio publicly does not mean he is happy privately. The most important thing you said is this: “Every time Brantley throws the ball he has about 2 seconds before the pocket collapses. THIS IS SA’s FAULT ALSO.” That’s the key. Addazio needs to be held accountable primarily for the performance of the offensive line. That is where I, personally, see the most fault.

  30. zach says:

    Adam, do you think Will Hill will ever play up to his potential? And what is going on with Josh Shaw i never see him on the field for special teams or anything.

    • Zach – I don’t know about Will Hill. I’ve been asking about him since the Kentucky game and I keep hearing the same thing: he’s not doing as well as he did during the spring and summer and everyone wishes and believes he will get better. Not sure about Josh Shaw. He’s just not one of the top guys right now. He’ll play next year.

  31. CCG8TR says:

    Again, no excuses for booing your own team under any circumstances. If you are not mature enough to control yourself, then please stay home. Everyone who did it should be very ashamed. I was sitting right behind a bunch of recruits and their families and I was embarrassed for them. I also don’t care about anyone’s assumptions about people understanding who and where the booing was directed. You know what they say about ASSuming.

  32. Creech says:

    Coach Meyer’s blind loyalty extends to more than just SA, it also extends to E.Moody. Sadly, it may take losing more games to overcome his blind loyalty to either. I guess I balance that with the knowledge that hes just as blindly loyal to UF too.

    Coach said we need a “pounder” for the red zone. Why not Steven Wilks?

  33. Alex says:

    Why is Addazio getting all the blame. Didn’t any one notice the 11th ranked SEC offense (at the time this is what LSU was ranked) basically drove down the field at will? We have zero pass rush (quite possibly worse than 2007) yet people are complaining about the offense; six years into Meyers tenure and we do not have a viable option at DE (mind you the pass rush savior Ronald Powell is no longer at DE; he is apparently a LB now) besides the 220 pound William Green and Justin Tarttou (who is a good player but he is not going to get pressure). We also recruited Lyden Trail at DE and he weighs 195 pounds (he maybe good but based on the failed William Green experience the out look is grim).

    Also, Will Hill is not making it happen at all; very dissapointed

  34. zach says:

    Also is Jeff Driskel much of a runner? or is he just a pocket passer? BTW u do a great job on this site. Thanks for all the hard work that u put into it.

  35. Rob Burkhart says:

    I’ve been a loyal Gator for over 20 years. While I agree with Urban’s philosophy of sticking together and not hanging any one person out, there also has to be accountability. It’s clear that Dan Mullen was the brains behind the Tebow era offense. Adazzio deserved to be boo’d and I think he’s had enough of an opportunity to get things right. Let’s not forget that his poor play calling has been going on long before this season. The O-line play was ridiculous. Teams have walk-ons with no previous college play do a better job at center than Pouncey. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s awesome–just not as a center. We’re six games in and we’re still on pins and needles waiting to see if Brantley is going to get a chance to catch the ball and hold it long enough for the pocket to collapse on him. I understand that the O-line is learning a whole new system from Tebow’s option-run offense, but the execution appears like they have never taken a snap together in practice. I hope Brantley, Pouncey, Janoris, etc. all really do support Adazzio since every game they play like this is costing them millions off their potential NFL contracts. Is it worth it?

  36. Timmer says:

    Everyone knew this team would be facing an uphill climb after so many players left last year, not to mention the loss of Coach Strong. While it’s obviously not fun to watch the team lose, I have faith in Coach Meyer, the present staff, and players. This team will continue to work and improve. Would you be feeling better if Coach Meyer had stayed retired? How about reliving the Ron Zook years? Maybe you’d like to go back to the pre Spurrier years.

    I was completey mortified when I heard the fans booing at Florida field during this past nationally televised game. It was embarrassing. I feel terrible for the coaching staff and players. What a bunch of spoiled brats we are. It sounded like a bunch of 16 year old girls whining because daddy didn’t buy them Beamers. Sad.

  37. dlatham21 says:

    i just read on another site that we hada recruit leave the game early because he was bored of how the offense looked. another recruit was down on the gators after the game because he expected us to throw the ball around a little more. sounds like play calling issues to me. i am tired of people taking up for addazio and saying its because of our offensive line. the offense looked horrible last year too. luckily we had superman to bail us out. face it. we need to open the playbook a little more. kind of like we did on that last touchdown drive we had.

  38. BillGator95 says:

    I really don’t understand how anyone can definitvely say that the playcalling is the smoking gun here. The bigger issue in my mind is that all our highly rated, young, players are not making plays and worse than that, they are making big mistakes.

    Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats, ease up on the coaches and the team and let’s see what they can do with this. We may not be in Tempe this season, but there is a lot of (hopefully) good football ahead of us.

    Things can always be worse, we could be FSU fans…

  39. Bob Bowman says:

    A fifth grade class could have called the fake punt. I called it and I’ve never played football! How? Because the punter was called back to the sideline and a coach said something to him, then he runs on the field and says something to his holder! Why? It’s going to be a fake punt otherwise, they would have just run on the field and kicked the ball without all the whispering to each other.

    If Meyer doesn’t think the Gators have a problem, then HE has a problem.

  40. ejlgator says:

    although i agree with alot of the criticism of addazio and the offense’s execution i think people are overlooking how the defense let two of the worse quarterbacks in the FBS look like world beaters….jordan jefferson…really???!!!!!

    personally i feel that people need to focus more of their criticism on the defense and the special teams…janoris should not have lost contain on that fake field goal and he looked like he just gave up on that last drive against tolliver

    also, when you look at the 06 and 08 nat champ teams…we had great pass rushes. this team has not pass rush and no push up the middle. i know our d linemen play with heart and make some big plays but we need to find a way to get a pass rush without a blitz. our LBs are young and would benefit if the d line was able to occupy the LOS better. i need more sharif floyd and better play from the DEs

    SEC football and championships are about DEFENSE and our DEFENSE did not it this week

  41. ejlgator says:

    and one more thing if i may. some people are being ridiculous with the doomsday criticism for a young team that just lost to and undefeated top 10 ranked LSU team bc of of some bullshit fake fg after putting together a 12 point comeback without giving up playing through the adversity that we played through

    we just finished two of the most successful seasons ever in the SEC, there is a little drop off BUT WE CAN STILL WIN THE EAST

    if we cant beat SC, Georgia or Miss St we dont deserve to win the SEC or play in a legit bowl….have some faith baby

  42. g8ter27 says:

    Well 1)we as Gator fans ARE spoiled. 2)The fans that booed at the game only hurt us more with such a young team and recruiting wise although I understand their pain. 3) our defense did let us down in that game ….29 points normally means you win the game 4) Addazio is a great and loyal Gator and one hell of a recruiter 5) his play calling and O line coaching this year sucks 6) Brantley has been the biggest one man disappointment, not because he is the worst qb of all time but because all summer and fall we heard how he was basically a heisman candidate already and that he always talked to Tebow and he was gonna really light it up and could make all the passes and on and on and on…..he is an average qb right now. 7) Throwing more stuff in to debate, we are offereing too many 3 stars too early…I know “but stars don’t always matter..look at Burton he broke Tebow’s record and he is a 3 star”, while this is true some 5 stars do actually work out nice, lets see: Tebow, Harvin, Dunlap, Spikes, Hernandez have all done rather nicly I would say. GO GATORS!!!!

  43. JC says:

    you guys are ridiculous,

    you do know that if it wasn’t for the defense and special teams we probably wouldn’t have scored before that last drive?

    hmm. let’s see, our first TD was a 17 yd drive as the result of a 47 yard interception return?

    and our second TD was the result of a special teams fumble by LSU recovered by UF special teams? Another less than 25 yard drive for a touchdown?

    And the field goal for LSU before halftime was due to an emmanuel moody fumble?

    And let’s not forget we were able to get back into the game BECAUASE of special teams thanks to an 88 yd kickoff return by andre debose..

    So if we take away the INT from jenkins, the fumble recovery by UF special teams and the special teams kick off return for a touchdown.. whats the score? 33-8!?

    PLEASE. our defense KEPT US IN THIS GAME. they should not have even been in that position on the last drive by LSU. If our offense could do something more than 3 and out every single drive they wouldn’t be gassed out at the end of the game and LSU would not have scored nearly as many points.

    Granted, EVERYONE should have seen that fake FG and I don’t even put that on our players. I put that on the coaches, players follow the play call and the coaches were retarded and decided to try and block a 53 YARD ATTEMPT rather than protect from the fake.

    Just face it. Addazio is a TERRIBLE play caller and needs to be demoted to focus on the O-line and recruiting. Our defense is playing just fine and our offense needs to stop running terrible plays and give them some rest.

  44. Rich says:

    Great quotes Adam, keep up the good work. This team is re-building a foundation.

  45. Oscar says:

    To ejlgator (first post):

    Jenkins was not covering Tolliver on the last two plays, it was the other cornerback, #8 Jeremy Brown. Jenkins should have been covering him actually, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

    A lot of people keep saying that the offense did fine. Like one of posters mentioned above, if it weren’t for special teams plays, and the interception by the defense, our points would be more in line with what the offense actually did. Lets not forget the drives that were kept alive by the refs (phantom call in favor of the Gators).

    There is plenty wrong with the Gator offense. Meyer’s comments at least give us some hope that something may change. I really hope that he is not blinded by all the good attributes of Addazio the person, but realizes that Addazio the coach is just not a good OC. Terrible play caller, and his offensive unit looks UNPREPARED every week…. dumb penalties, lack of execution, etc, etc.

  46. ejlgator says:

    Oscar…let me clarify my statement. I am aware that jenkins did not cover tolliver on the last two plays but he did give up the giant slant that set up the td.

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