10/1: Pease on Gators offense, Hogs pass rush

By Adam Silverstein
October 2, 2013

Florida Gators offensive coordinator Brent Pease met with the media on Tuesday ahead of the fifth game of the season against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Oct. 5.


» On if sophomore Matt Jones will be the primary running back going forward: “It seems like now we’re all trying to create the controversy of the running back deal, but I’ll say this: Matt did a very good job. I think when Mack [Brown] was in there, he ran the ball well. He obviously did not get the number of touches. I don’t know if it’s a ‘hot hand’ because I think they’re both capable. I think if Mack Brown had those carries, I think Mack Brown’s doing the same thing, and that’s not to take anything away from Matt. I think the kids up front did an outstanding job. And Matt was a guy that got the carries and sometimes we look back and say can we balance it out? Yeah, maybe we can do a little bit better job of that because I think some wear and tear is on you. But Matt obviously had led up to probably needing that game. I don’t know if it’s a ‘hot-hand’ situation because I think they’re both capable of doing it.”

» On if freshman Kelvin Taylor will be redshirted because he’s not being used: “No, he’s still in the mix. We want to get him in there. I think Coach [Brian] White has a good feel on how he controls those guys and how the game flow is going and where we’ve got to pick our spots. It’s hard with one ball, three players. They’re all capable. They’re all very good. A couple of them have experience. We spot guys in certain packages to use at certain times. We’ve got to continue. The good thing about it is they’ve all been very unselfish and they’ve all grown and continued to practice real well.”

» On freshman wide receiver Demarcus Robinson getting involved with a big conversion on third down: “He did a nice job on it because we had pressure. He had urgency, made a nice catch. … And he knew where the sticks were. To me, if you got receivers that can make a catch and understand where they got to get to [first] downs when you don’t always get to that distance [that’s a positive]. Because he’s one kid, he’s one kid that one of his strengths is really probably being able to run after the catch. He’s elusive, he’s quick, he’s strong. He’s not afraid to run guys over, make them miss.”

» On what redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy can fix after two games: “I don’t want him to fix anything, just keep playing. What I’ve said to him is, ‘Keep just being yourself. Don’t all of a sudden change on me that you’ve got to be this guy that’s carrying the team because right now everybody’s doing their job. Just go out, execute and have a scope of what you’re controlling. Be good at that.’ I think he’s doing that. He’s accurate with the ball, he’s tough when he runs it, he’s smart, he gets down. He’s making good decisions, you know, run [and] pass checks. He’s been high percentage throwing it; I know he had the pick the other day, but you know that’s something we can fix. … I think he’s just got to continue to get more comfortable understand that you’re gonna continue to face faster people, coverages are probably going to get a little bit tighter, teams are going to start to do things to fluster you or come after you with pressure. If there’s anything, it would just be ready to react to pressure.”

» On redshirt junior left guard Max Garcia’s performance: “He just graded out high. He’s blocking his guy, missed zero assignments. Protection — we had no protection issues with him. I just I’ve seen him finishing on guys, guys are down on the ground. He’s downfield on runs. He’s very consistent, this guy is, at making plays.”

» On redshirt senior center Jon Harrison being able to pull outside and help the running game: “We cut the defense. You get a guy around the edge and … Jon being able to run gives him angles to get the guy instead of trying to get through sometimes on what we call a ‘straight call’ or something where he’s gotta get through the line to get up to the ‘backer. If you get around and just get angles to the blocking, and then, at that time, they have an opportunity to cut also.”


» On Murphy’s touchdown-saving tackle: “Good, he tackled the guy well, the guy didn’t score and we got the ball back on a turnover, he didn’t get hurt. We don’t work on tackling a lot as quarterbacks”

» On if he cringed during Murphy’s interception and/or tackle: “I wouldn’t say cringe is what I did. You don’t wanna know what I did.”

» On Murphy making checks at the line of scrimmage; “Well, in all our quarterbacks, I have a lot of confidence. But in him, I have a lot of confidence because he’s been doing that. And he ‘s sometimes the guy that’s telling me, ‘Just relax, I have it handled.’ I said, “OK, you can.” I mean he’s really – I think what I’m finding out a little bit more of is [he’s] a pretty solid extension of a coach out there. And I asked him, I don’t know, a year ago maybe, if he was ever interested in coaching. I think he’d be a great coach. I think he thinks like that a lot.”

» On Arkansas’ pass rushers: “Those guys are good now – [Trey] Flowers and [Chris] Smith. The other guy that’s getting up there capable of starting is the [Deatrich] Wise kid. Those guys, they’ve got length on the edges. They got speed coming off the edges. They got good size in the middle with [Nicholas] Thomas and [Chris] Jones and the kids backing them up. And they move them around. And the fact they’re leading the SEC in sacks. They can win one-on-one battles. They can demand combinations where they single somebody else up. And I think their scheme, how they maneuver them and use games with them. It’s tough. We have a lot to handle with that.”

» On Florida’s improved pass protection: “I think we’re better in one-on-ones and just doing a good job of keeping the pocket, and I think scheme wise we’re doing some things that help them out and don’t put them on islands as much. Last year I think I went to our certain man protection way too much and now we’re trying to do some things to help them out and keep them more off balance, which, when you get rid of the ball quicker sometimes you don’t throw it as very vertical. So protection is an issue for us, that’s why you like to preserve the guys back there throwing. The more you throw vertical, the more you have to protect.”


  1. cline says:

    one play that stood out to me from the UK game was the Dunbar screen. He really made a good move up field after the catch. I hope his role continues to grow as the season moves along. Go Gators

  2. G2 says:

    Pease says the same thing every week…..were going to get DR and KT involved and then doesn’t.
    No excuse vs UK, controlled the game…..we should see what these freshman have instead of just grinding it out on the ground like we do. Gonna need these guys at some point and they are not going to have any real experience….. just do it!!!

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