Gators up three more spots in Top 25 polls

By Adam Silverstein
September 25, 2011

The Oklahoma Sooners held on to their season-long No. 1 spot in the latest edition of the USA Today Coaches Poll but fell a spot in the Associated Press Top 25 released Sunday. The Florida Gators (4-0, 2-0 SEC), fresh off a 48-10 rout of the Kentucky Wildcats on the road, continued to advance in both rankings, moving up three spots this week.

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This Week 1-5: Oklahoma (32), LSU (20)/Alabama (7), Stanford, Boise State
6-10: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia Tech
11-15: Oregon, Florida, Texas A&M, South Florida, Clemson
16-20: Baylor, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, TCU
21-25: Georgia Tech, Illinois, West Virginia, Florida State, Michigan State

Last Week 1-5: Oklahoma (50), Alabama (4), LSU (5), Boise State, Stanford
6-10: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Nebraska, South Carolina
11-15: Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Oregon, Florida State, Florida
16-20: West Virginia, South Florida, Texas, Baylor, TCU
21-25 Michigan, Clemson, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina

This Week 1-5: LSU (42), Oklahoma (12), Alabama (5), Boise State (1), Oklahoma State
6-10: Stanford, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oregon, South Carolina
11-15: Virginia Tech, Florida, Clemson, Texas A&M, Baylor,
16-20: South Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, TCU
21-25 Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Florida State, Illinois, Arizona State

Last Week 1-5: Oklahoma (37), LSU (14), Alabama (7), Boise State (2), Stanford
6-10: Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oregon
11-15: Florida State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Florida
16-20: West Virginia, Baylor, South Florida, Texas, TCU
21-25: Clemson, Michigan, USC, Illinois, Georgia Tech

*Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.


  1. Steve says:


    FSU way below us and almost unranked. Balance in the universe has been restored.

  2. Tractorr says:

    I really don’t understand how anyone cannot rank LSU as number 1. They have, by far, the best resume in college football. Why do voters have to cling to the preseason polls so much. Those were best guesses and now we have more information.

    • scooterp says:

      I don’t get it either. Another reason why coaches shouldn’t vote – they don’t pay attention to whats going on outside their own team on game day, unlike the rest of us college football nerds. Anyone who watched that LSU-WVU matchup said “damn! this team is good” anyone who watched the OU – Mizzou game said “their alright, but certainly not great”. Another win this week should put us top 6 and maybe some respect from the national media that we haven’t been getting.

  3. liveoak87 says:

    How is FSU still ranked? they are 2-2 and only beat Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern. pretty pathetic.

  4. cline says:

    Lets go Gators! Bama week has begun

    • Tractorr says:

      I wish I shared your enthusiasm and I am hoping I am proved wrong, but I don’t know if this Gator squad is ready for the likes of Alabama.

      1) This was probably the least impressive 48-10 victory I have ever seen. Kentucky played like crap and looked like they just wanted the game to be over.

      2) Alabama looks like the cold calculating machine they always do. I don’t think they are unbeatable but I don’t think that our QBs and WRs have enough to keep them honest. They are going to stack the box and punish Rainey and Demps. By the end of the game both of those two will have lost a step.

      3) The only way to beat Alabama is to impose your style of play on them and that is inherently not what we are doing this year. Alabama does not give you anything so we will not be able to simply sit back and take what they give us.

      • HardToKillGator says:

        Go Gators! Unfortunately, will have to agree. We’re on the come back trail but haven’t caught AL yet.

      • John S. says:

        The good news is that Bama runs the ball which is where we’re strong. Our secondary is coming together so we’ll be alright. We’re a completely different offense that Ark or PS. Bama is probably better, but we have a shot.

        • Tractorr says:

          I do not think we will get blown out but as the game wears on I think Richardson will take his toll.

          Again, I hope I am wrong and I hope that Weis has been sand bagging, but unfortunately I don’t think that is the case. We saw a few more down field passes against Kentucky and neither the throws nor routes looked particularly crisp. You can get away with a little slop against Kentucky but that just won’t fly against Bama.

  5. JGreen says:

    New Seminole warchant— oh, oh, no,FSU suxs soooo!!! GO GATORS!!! BEAT BAMA!!

  6. GatorsAlumLA says:

    I know it’s early and much of the season still needs to play out. But seeing the success that LSU has achieved early this season makes me wonder if the Florida athletic department will ever consider scheduling a tougher out of conference schedule much like what LSU has done (Yes, I know our October schedule is brutal). Although, I do want to see our Gators beat up on a PAC 12 team (mainly because I live out west).

    I am also certain that LSU’s revenue is down slightly because they have scheduled games away from Tiger Stadium, and if the Florida Athletic department does schedule such a marquee match up it may be away from the friendly confines of the Swamp. I do not question Jeremy Foley’s wisdom (This guy is pretty awesome), but the Gators stock is on the up and up, and I want to see our Gators play better teams other than Florida Atlantic of a UAB, Appalachian State just to name a few.

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