Florida Gators remain unranked in top 25 polls after victory over New Mexico State

By Adam Silverstein
September 8, 2015

The Ohio State Buckeyes unsurprisingly remained a unanimous No. 1 selection in the 2015 regular-season edition of the AP Top 25 poll after becoming the first team in history to achieve that mark in the preseason rankings. Ohio State also checked in No. 1 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, receiving 53 of 54 possible first-place votes.

The Florida Gators, on the other hand, remain unranked in both polls. Florida is currently in the 32nd spot in the AP Top 25 (+4) and 36th spot in the Coaches’ Poll (+12).

The preseason polls marked the second time since 2003 that the Gators were been ranked by AP voters to open the season, and the second time since USA Today took over the Coaches Poll in 1991 that Florida was unranked in its preseason edition.

This edition of the AP Top 25 included 10 SEC teams, the first time that mark has ever been reached by the league.

AP Top 25
1-5: Ohio State (61), Alabama, TCU, Baylor, Michigan State
6-10: Auburn, Oregon, USC, Notre Dame, Georgia
11-15: Florida State, Clemson, UCLA, LSU, Georgia Tech
16-20: Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Boise State
21-25: Missouri, Arizona, Tennessee, Utah, Mississippi State

Others Receiving Votes
Wisconsin 79; BYU 74; Northwestern 72; Arizona State 49; Oklahoma State 30; West Virginia 23; Florida 8; Temple 8; Cincinnati 7; Kansas State 7; Minnesota 5; Louisville 4; NC State 4; Western Kentucky 3; California 2; Stanford 1

USA Today Coaches’ Poll
1-5: Ohio State (63), Alabama (1), TCU, Baylor, Oregon
6-10: Michigan State, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, USC
11-15: Notre Dame, Clemson, UCLA, Ole Miss, LSU
16-20: Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Arizona
21-25: Missouri, Boise State, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Utah

Others Receiving Votes
Mississippi State 97; Arizona State 66; Oklahoma State 52; Northwestern 35; Brigham Young 23; Kansas State 23; South Carolina 22; Duke 15; West Virginia 13; Miami (Fla.) 12; Florida 7; Louisville 6; Marshall 6; Minnesota 5; North Carolina State 4; Nebraska 3; Maryland 3; Temple 3; Pittsburgh 2; Illinois 2; Louisiana Tech 1; California 1; Memphis 1; Stanford 1

Seven SEC coaches will be voting in the coaches’ poll this season: Gus Malzahn (Auburn), Les Miles (LSU), Gary Pinkel (Missouri), Mark Richt (Georgia), Nick Saban (Alabama), Steve Spurrier (South Carolina), Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M)

Miles, Richt, Saban and Spurrier all voted in 2013 and 2014 with Pinkel and Sumlin also voting in 2014.

Coaches from five of UF’s 12 opponents will be voting: Miles, Pinkel, Richt, Spurrier, Jimbo Fisher (Florida State)


  1. Christine says:

    At this point being unranked doesn’t really bother me. What’s important is to keep winning! Go Gators!

    • 1974Gator says:

      Dat’s right. Winning will cure all that ails us including the rude slights from these, early season, meaningless rankings!

  2. Rich says:

    So only Florida and Vandy aren’t ranked? That’s funny

  3. Dan says:

    I believe Temple received more votes than the Gators. Hilarious.

  4. ga8or22 says:

    After their performance over the past 3 years and a single win over a totally over matched opponent they are ranked exactly where they deserve. If they have an 8-4 season they might crack the top 25 best teams in the country BUT they still have a lot to prove.

  5. Mike The Red says:

    Yes, it is great that we could actually pass the ball. Yes, it is great that Coach Mac knows how to use the players that he has.

    Having said all that, time to throw some cold water. We let NMSU score 13 points and gave up a fumble which they converted into a TD. We are not going to win the SEC East playing like that.

    Fortunately, it is the first game. We have some time to work on that stuff.

    • Ryan D. says:

      The main take away from the turnover is that the team responded with a better drive after that. It’s adversity early on that will carry us and have us ready for the tougher competition. I was mad at it at first but glad it happened to see how they would come back from it.

  6. 305Gator says:

    We will be ranked once we beat Tennessee, we will climb higher in the polls after beating Ole Miss and Mizzou.
    Top ten once we dispose of LSU, USC and Georgia. Top 5 after taking care of FSU.

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