TWO BITS: gator meat, Muschamp’s seat

By Adam Silverstein
September 7, 2012

1 » Restaurants in and around College Station, TX have loaded up on alligator meat, reports KBTX television, so much so that specialty meat markets in Houston, TX and Beaumont, TX are completely sold out and ones in Austin, TX (as of Thursday) were in short supply. In this report from the station, restaurant owners discuss serving the item and welcoming new fans to the area as the No. 23/24 Florida Gators are in town set to face the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. live on ESPN. It looks like TAMU has adapted to playing in the Southeastern Conference quite nicely.

2 » Saturday’s game against Texas A&M will be the first of two road contests for Florida, which is looking to prove that the last two years were an aberration and that they are on their way back on top of the SEC. The Gators’ flat season opener did not give the average fan much hope to believe that is the direction that the program is heading, and head coach Will Muschamp has taken a lot of the heat for the team’s paltry 13-point victory over Bowling Green. That is why CBS Sports senior college football columnist Bruce Feldman was prompted on Friday to discuss how long Muschamp has to turn things around before his seat really starts getting hot.

This is his first head-coaching job. There are always bound to be some growing pains especially when a guy breaks in on the highest stage, not at a mid-major, where the pressure and the competition level isn’t the same. First-time head coaches often struggle putting together their ideal staff. They have to learn on the job. In addition, Muschamp took over an unusual situation where he not only had a significant change in schemes from his predecessor, Urban Meyer, but he also inherited a challenging dynamic in the UF locker room. He had a program full of supposed “five-star” talent, but none of those guys really were a factor in winning the national titles. So when Meyer talks about “de-recruiting” that’s a lot of what has ended up falling on Muschamp. Beyond that, there are the growing pains of breaking in two new QBs dealing with their second quarterback coach and system in two seasons. […]

I do think Muschamp will get this program going by 2013. But there is no getting around it, the heat is rising in Gainesville. Expectations are always going to be sky high at UF after what Meyer did there. A road loss either this week at A&M or next week at rival Tennessee will only elevate the temperature even more. Losses to both would send a lot of folks down there into a panic. The Zook comparisons would then kick in. It certainly won’t also help Muschamp’s cause if FSU proves to be as good as some people have speculated either. But, as tough as this may be down there, people have to be more patient. It’s not even Year Three yet.


  1. Daniel M. says:

    Recruiting is the cornerstone of building a champion. WM is doing a great job with that so overall i feel very good about the direction of the program. Weis did the program no favors so the Gators are still firmly in a transition period. Give this thing a little time people. Maybe let 2012 play out? Or maybe even let the QB who was just named starter and has a huge upside get into a rhythm? Sheesh.

    Or go running through the streets waving your arms over your head and hollering. A solid performance today, especially by JD, should go a long way towards calming those who are stocking up their bunkers with apocalypse supplies.

    And this is just an amazing stat:
    – TAMU’s offensive line allowed just nine sacks in 13 games in 2011 and was only flagged for holding twice (the last time in the second game of that season).
    So they went 11 consecutive games without a holding penalty? And while I’m sure they are disciplined up front, this just seems as impossible as their is basically holding on every play. Sounds like an officiating aberration to me. We’ll see.

  2. gator says:

    Nice halftime adjustments job by the coaches. Driskel is going to just get better.

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