FOUR BITS: Theismann, Chow, Hill, NFL Draft

By Adam Silverstein
August 23, 2010

1 » Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow’s initial performance as a professional did little to sway his doubters – most notably former QB Joe Theismann and UCLA Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow. Theismann, who has been on Tebow’s case since before the 2010 NFL Draft, claims that many of his contemporaries were surprised to see the signal caller drafted I n the first round. “I would hope there isn’t anybody who would say Tim Tebow was going to come in and start for the Broncos this year,” Theismann said, according to The Denver Post. “It would have been too great an expectation for him. […] if you can’t refine his delivery, then he’s going to struggle to become a consistent quarterback. […] It’s long and low. Randall Cunningham had a long windup, but it was high. Tim’s is long and low. The ball is away from his body a long time.”

Chow agrees. “I don’t think Vince [Young] was ready because of where he came from. I don’t think Tebow is quite ready because of where he came from,” he said. “The intricacies of a pro passing game are unbelievable. It takes time. […] They said they were going to change his throwing style and that’s a bunch of bologna. You don’t change, in one summer, the throwing style a guy has been using for 20 years of his life.” Chow doesn’t even thing Tebow will survive as a running QB. “Tebow’s strength, obviously, is running the ball, and he’s not going to be able to do that in the NFL. We tried to do some of that stuff my first year with Vince, and he had a little success. But once teams figured it out – which in the NFL it usually takes them a half, or a quarter to figure things out – it wasn’t very effective anymore. All it’s going to do is you’re taking a lot of hits. And you’re not going to survive if you take a lot of hits in the NFL.”

2 » Florida Gators junior safety Will Hill knows it is his time to shine in the team’s starting secondary. Now holding the full-time job, Hill is aware that he will have an important role in the team’s success. “I feel the same responsibility as when Major [Wright] was here last year,” Hill said, according to The Gainesville Sun. “Just become a leader and help the team win the next game. […] I’ve been looking forward to [starting] for a while now. I just have to sit back and do my job and everything will come to me.”

Two more BITS on the 40-second clock and 2011 NFL Draft…after the break!

3 » The Gators have put a concerted effort into correcting their play clock mishaps of a year ago, with QB coach Scot Loeffler noting last week that the coaching staff is attempting to speed up the offense. “Right now, they’re just worried about getting in the right play; get to the line of scrimmage and being able to run our offense before the clock hits zero,” he said, according to FOX Sports Florida. “They have to get the signal from the sideline, get the wristband call, get in and out of the huddle and fight that 40-second clock. If you don’t own the 40-second clock, the 40-second clock is going to own you.”

4 » The National Football Post’s Wes Bunting took a look at a number of Florida seniors whose names may be called by the time the 2011 NFL Draft rolls around next April. Included are running back Emmanuel Moody, wide receiver Carl Moore, center Mike Pouncey, offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert, guards Carl Johnson and Maurice Hurt, defensive tackle Lawrence Marsh, and safety Ahmad Black. You can check out his full analysis of each player right here.

Photo Credit: Ed Reinke/Associated Press


  1. Ellis says:

    Joe Theismann
    Does “NOT” know his azz from a hole in the ground….

  2. John Shanks says:

    Theismann seems to be softening his position substantially. The Norm Chow comments seemed like a dig at Florida and Texas. Vince Young did pretty well last year (8-2 in the games he started), they just needed to get rid of Chow. Congratulations on the Bowl win over Temple though Norm.

  3. MarshaR says:

    Totally agree with Ellis.

  4. OldflyerG8r says:

    Time will tell. The guys whose jobs depend on making good decisions, thought that Tim could help them keep those jobs.

    For the rest, talk is cheap and without risk. Theisman’s job depends on running his mouth, and if he gets paid by the word, he is earning his keep. Chow is just a crazy old man.

    There has developed a mime among the chattering folks, that a QB must come into the league ready. Theisman did not do it. Not many have successfully done it. It isn’t how a rookie QB starts his career that counts, it is the body of his work over time.

  5. Tampa Tom says:

    Theisman was probably drinking again, but I wish him well, Break a leg Joe

  6. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Joe Theisman. A man who once a month walked around in a clothes store, after hours, wearing nothing but his underwear(true story). Don’t think I’m gonna care to much about what he has to say.


  7. SC GATOR says:

    Tim Tebow did better than Sam Bradford, where’s all the critisim of him? Tebow did better than any of the other early drafted QB’s. Some people hate to see a christian do good. Joe does have a big mouth. I hope Tebow can shut him up.

  8. Mel Kiper, Jr. says:

    Theismann is a great golden God, and you guys have no right to disrespect such a great quarterback and announcer.

  9. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Are you the REAL Mel Kiper, Jr., “Mel Kiper, Jr.”?

    I think not.

  10. npgator says:

    I think Tebow will be successful and I watched Vince Young play last night and he lit it up! Titans are going to be a very stong offensive team and with Young coming on it will take some of the pressure of Chris Johnson (another Central Florida guy).

  11. alreegator says:

    Norm Chow, Matt Leinart. Enough said!

  12. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    How bad did Leinart look and sound in that interview last night….is just blatantly obvious he is not a leader…him dropping an F-Bomb on his WR before he even got off the field when it was obviously a terrible throw but hey he’s got better mechanics than Tebow!!!!!

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