Tim Tebow pursuing a career in professional baseball: All about belief and faith

By Adam Silverstein
August 9, 2016
Tim Tebow pursuing a career in professional baseball: All about belief and faith

Image Credit: ESPN Images

While on a media tour to promote his new book, in which he discusses the disappointments he faced from attempting to become a professional football player, former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will reportedly try his hand at another sport.

Tebow will hold a workout for all 30 MLB teams later in August as he now hopes to become a professional baseball player, his agents told ESPN‘s Adam Schefter.

Talk about belief and faith.

According to Schefter, Tebow has spent the last year “training in Arizona and Los Angeles to hone his play as a professional batter and outfielder.” Of course, Tebow has not played baseball consistently since he did so for Nease High School, last in 2005. At the time, Tebow was all-state in the sport, hitting .494 during his junior season.

Six years ago, a Memphis University School coach told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that Tebow hit 12 home runs in 15 pitches he took during a batting practice.

There is obviously a difference between hitting home runs in batting practice — with the ball generally being thrown straight down the plate — and trying to locate a slider or curveball in the top league in baseball.

However, per Schefter, “Those who have seen Tebow hit have been surprised he picked up the sport so quickly after not playing it since he graduated high school in 2005.”

The Tebow bashing has already been swift, of course, with many criticizing him for not simply trying to play another NFL position like tight end or fullback and others simply laughing at Tebow’s belief that he can simply pick up another sport and succeed 11 years removed from playing it.

Tebow will remain with ESPN and SEC Network at least during the early stages of this pursuit, though the direction in which this goes remains to be seen considering his season-long responsibilities on TV and his various other media obligations on ABC.

It will be curious to see whether Tebow ultimately ends up getting a baseball contract after all this, but if he’s not willing to begin his career in the minor leagues — as he was unwilling to change positions in the NFL — it might be all for naught.

That said, he found a couple believers in the NFL — though their belief and desire to change their offenses to accommodate Tebow’s unique skill set was minimal — and basically just needs to find another one in MLB.

I guess we’ll see.

As with many things involving Tebow, this is all about faith.

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