Florida CB Vernon Hargreaves III injures left knee

By Adam Silverstein
August 7, 2014

Updated at 11:10 p.m.

Florida Gators sophomore cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III, widely considered the team’s best returning player on either side of the ball, injured his left knee in the middle of practice Thursday evening.

Hours later, results of an MRI determined that it was not a serious injury.

“An MRI revealed that Vernon Hargreaves suffered a bone bruise, and he is listed as day-to-day,” said head coach Will Muschamp in a statement released by the team.

According to reporters on-site, including the Orlando Sentinel’s Edgar Thompson and the Independent Florida Alligator’s Richard Johnson, Hargreaves was helped off the practice field by two trainers after a scuffle broke out between Florida’s defensive backs and wide receivers during a drill.

He was reportedly unable to put any significant pressure on his left knee while trainers were testing it in a tent far removed from reporters and fans, all of which gathered Thursday night for the Gators’ first open fall practice of 2014.

Hargreaves had ice wrapped around the knee to reduce swelling and was later removed from the tent by a cart. Thompson noted that Hargreaves was “limping badly to get on the cart,” while Johnson pointed out that he was “visibly frustrated [with his] hands on his head, banging the cart in annoyance.”

Hargreaves was named a Third Team All-American by the Associated Press coming off an impressive freshman campaign in which he registered an interception during each of his first two games and played lock down defense throughout the season.

He also earned unanimous First Team All-SEC and SEC All-Freshman honors for breaking up 11 passes, tied for most by a freshman in school history.

Muschamp has a planned media availability scheduled for Friday at noon.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports


  1. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    And thus it begins ….damn it !!! Go Gators…

  2. Timmy T says:


  3. Ryan says:

    if VH3 get a season ending injury because of a FIGHT in practice then WM is gone IMO unless they win the national title next year. That just cannot happen especially after all the injuries last year. It doesn’t look that serious but who knows. I pray it’s not.

  4. Erica E says:

    Damn it! I knew all those positive articles were going to jinx us,

  5. Michael J. says:

    Let’s hope it’s not serious, hopefully just a sprain. UF has plenty of players, they should be fine, no matter who goes down. Oklahoma lost their leader and best player on defense last year and replaced him with a true freshman. I just point this out to show that, even if Hargreaves’ injury is serious, UF can overcome it and thrive. Muschamp has to make sure that what happened last year doesn’t occur, he talked about the “woe is me” attitude that became contagious. UF has to have a strong enough team to handle adversity, otherwise you can expect the same results as last year.
    One thing I’d like to know is who was involved in fighting? It says it was the receivers against the defensive backs. If Demarcus Robinson is involved in inflicting a serious injury on UF’s top player, Muschamp needs to get rid of him immediately. I hope he wasn’t, but if he was, with his previous record of actions detrimental to the team, he should be history.

  6. kw says:

    Prognosis doesn’t look good. I was there….

  7. Mike Scott says:

    Once again a lack of on field discipline. Just stupid to let a fight get out of hand .

  8. Michael J. says:

    Everything is again rosy. A bone bruise is nothing, he’ll be in some pain, but that’s it. I would hope that Muschamp has a heart to heart with the knuckleheads who were fighting, I mean, it’s only his job that’s at stake here.

  9. Sroode21 says:

    Relax !!!!

  10. jpowell863 says:

    Thank you baby Jesus ….. I like the physicality…. Go Gators

  11. Cal Burke says:

    You can almost HEAR the sucking sound that Wilted Muslecramps cause! So, his Alma Mater, and the school he starred in football at, our #1 rival, will beat us 4 times in his 4 years? Such a shock!

    As a preface, please fill a sink with water, then pull the plug. Has hockey started yet ?

    Gator Bait Rank 27;
    SEC Rank 10.

    Good News: Hooray! We broke the Top Ten.
    Bad News: That means nine (9) schools in the SEC are doing better for 2015.

  12. J.A. says:

    I’m not trying to scare anyone, but Muschamp has a habit of saying injuries are minor and then a few days later, the player is out for the season. I’ve learned not to believe a word he says about injuries.

  13. LiveOak Mike says:

    When Easly torn his knee ligament last year “coach Boom” initially said it was twisted knee or some BS. Deadly when asked imidiatly said he knew it was torn. My point is Muschamp didn’t fully disclose his best players injury last year. Hoping not a repeat of last year in that respect. Always Great to Be A GATOR!

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