SIX BITS: Tebow, Cooper, Jenkins, Angus

By Adam Silverstein
August 6, 2013

1 » The exploits of some of his former Florida Gators have kept New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow off the front page, but the spotlight is back on Tebow now that training camp has begun and some practices are open to the media. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King was at Patriots practice recently, saw Tebow play first hand and offered this opinion on his weekly MMQB column.

Take this for what it’s worth: Tim Tebow made three beautiful downfield throws that I saw, completions thrown 25 yards or more hitting receivers in stride. Tebow was also the personal protector on punts (kudos to you, Mike Westhoff, for getting him started on that last summer) and ran down on punts with energy. I bet the Patriots keep three quarterbacks, knowing they’re able to use Tebow as a utility player. Not necessarily a guy they’d have active every week, but a guy they could use in certain matchup situations against some teams.

2 » Former New England signal caller Doug Flutie spoke out about Tebow, telling that he believes Tebow is in a good situation but hopes he gets an opportunity to contribute. “If he’s just going to be the No. 3 quarterback and run the scout team, you want a guy who is going to be giving his heart and soul in every practice and running scout team to the fullest, hoping he can get better and doing everything he can,” Flutie said. “I think legitimately, Bill [Belichick] brought him in to be a quarterback, a No. 3 guy, that if they get down to their No. 3 they can be competitive with Tebow on the field, running a specified style of offense that is going to cater to his skills. A lot of teams can’t say that if they are down to their No. 3. I see that as a developmental thing for Tebow.”

3 » Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper returned to practice on Tuesday after missing a couple of days while undergoing team-sponsored counseling following the release of a video that shows him uttering one of the ugliest words in the English language. Also in King’s MMQB column, he takes a look at Eagles head coach Chip Keilly and why, following the reinstatement and rejuvenation of Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount, he is more apt to give Cooper a second chance than some others in the league. “Chip could have kicked Blount to the curb. He chose to believe in him. And it worked out,” former NFL head coach Tony Dungy told King. “With Riley Cooper, this kid made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. The big issue, too, is the alcohol. That has to be dealt with. But Chip will make the right decision. He doesn’t care what the popular opinion. He cares about what’s right.”

Read three more BITS of Florida Gators news…after the break!

4 » Though St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins had an outstanding rookie season – registering 73 total tackles, forcing a fumble, picking off four passes and returning three of those interceptions for touchdowns – the team that selected him with the No. 39 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft remains concerned about his off-the-field endeavors. Though St. Louis and Jenkins’s camp has assembled “a small army of mentors” to help direct him on the right path,’s Robert Klemko notes in a feature on Jenkins that “he has been slow to shed the reputation for immaturity that he earned at Florida.” Jenkins spent most of his offseason in Orlando, FL, not St. Louis, MO, returned to organized team activities underweight. “He also apparently took advantage of some of the spoils of his new wealth, posting a selfie on Instagram, for instance, with a gold chain and gold jewelry over his teeth and captioned ‘Strip club ready.’ Jenkins claimed that the reason he spent so much offseason time in Orlando was to get better acquainted with his children.

5 » Former Gators linebacker Jevon Kearse and RB Earnest Graham donated 500 backpacks filled with school supplies on Friday in Fort Myers, FL. Kearse and Graham were born and raised in Fort Myers and nearby Cape Coral, FL, respectively. Below is a slideshow of the two players giving back to the community.

6 » Three-star tackle Dontae Angus (Philadelphia, PA) has been hailed by high school coaches as the “next Sharrif Floyd,” but the 2014 Florida commitment will likely make his own path that has nothing to do with the 2013 first-round draft pick. In this piece by the New York Times’ Jere Longman, which takes a look at the involuntary union of two Philadelphia high schools that also happen to be football rivals, Angus is profiled. What is there to know about Angus? He is a “gentle, engaging teenager who builds bikes from spare parts, draws characters from Japanese animation and wants to design athletic shoes.” He also has a sense of humor – “girls won’t date fat guys” – and will be the first person in his family to go to college if he can qualify.

Friends, neighbors, coaches and even his pediatrician have collaborated to help Angus make his way to college by pooling money for necessary online courses, providing him with internet access, getting him into a gym so he can stay in shape, and ensuring that he does not get into trouble off the field. Angus had a gun pulled on him during his sophomore year, which is why he transferred for his junior year (and why he will be moving again for his senior year). In order to qualify for his scholarship and play for the Gators, Angus “will essentially have to be an A and B student” and pass the SAT. But he can do it, and it appears like the support system is in place for him to succeed.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Angus sounds like a great kid, Tony Dungy is a great man and a voice of reason, and Tim Tebow will one day be a great NFL quarterback.

  2. Oldflyer says:

    Riley Cooper may have used one of the ugliest words in the English language, according to Adam, although that is open to debate.

    On the other hand, my guess is that Riley hears that word used on the field, in the locker room, and at the clubs on a routine basis. There is a blatant double standard. Strangely enough, well meaning white people aid, abet and even foster this double standard in which some people can say or do as they please, and others must be severely punished for the same.

  3. Deuce-Five says:

    The world is full of double standards cant hide behind the double standard excuse Riley could’ve chosen another word to use….

  4. Timmy T says:

    Flyer and Deuce,
    Both of you make excellent points. Both of you are correct in those points. So, what do we do? I can’t speak for anyone other than myself on what should or shouldn’t be done but, my suggestion would be for everyone to heed the advice my mother gave to me some 45-50 years ago. I remember it well because she made it rhyme. It went, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.

  5. Oldflyer says:

    D-5. Love your sanctimonious response.

    You say that you can’t hide behind double standards. Well, you can ignore them; until they catch up with you personally. Ignore them and they proliferate, and sooner or later you can’t hide from them.

    We have ignored them for a long time.

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