TWO BITS: Hill signed by Ravens, Pounceys sued

By Adam Silverstein
July 25, 2014

1 » Former Florida Gators safety Will Hill is being given yet another chance by an NFL team with the Baltimore Ravens signing the free agent and adding him to their training camp roster on Friday. Hill, who is serving a six-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for a second time, has also previously been suspended under the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. He will be cleared for reinstatement on Oct. 13, at which time he will be able to play for the Ravens. Until then, Hill can practice with the team and participate in preseason games in hopes of earning a roster spot. In his second year with the New York Giants in 2013, Hill amassed 77 tackles with two interceptions and a pair of forced fumbles. He has proven to be a capable NFL player and even a spot starter but is still struggling with off-the-field issues that have prevented him from keeping a job or earning a healthy contract.

2 » After weeks of accusations, a lawsuit has finally been filed against brothers and NFL centers Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey for an alleged assault at a night club in early July. Though neither man has been charged for a crime by the Miami-Dade Police Department, and both Pounceys claim their innocence through their lawyer, the accusers are nevertheless suing for damages in excess of $15,000.

The accusers claim that both brothers began by addressing Ricquan James with “derogatory and homophobic remarks and anti gay slurs” before shoving the man. Eventually he claims, Maurkice struck him “in the face several times,” causing him to fall to the ground in a fetal position. At that time, he claims Maurkice, Mike, “their security and agents all began to punch, hit and kick” him. When his friend, Niya Pickett, “attempted to intervene and requested that the Pouncey group seize from beating” James, “Maurkice then grabbed [her], spun her towards him, punched her in the face and knocked her unconscious.” Furthermore, the suit states that “James and Pickett were then violently beat and thrown throughout the club and eventually thrown outside the club.” The victims are claiming blunt force trauma, contusions, bruising, broken teeth and an eye injury. The Pounceys are each being sued for assault & battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and vicarious liability by each of the three co-defendants.


  1. SC Gator says:

    Hmm. I’m not a lawyer – I don’t even play one on television – but I would think that if they actually had any evidence against the Pouncey’s I’d be worth slightly more than $15,000.

    • NYC Gator says:

      Claiming damages “in excess of $15,000” is likely just to ensure that this isn’t handled by a small claims court but an actual trial court. They’re probably claiming much more than that in damages if the injuries are as extensive as they claim.

      • Dave Massey says:

        It’ll go to circuit court where attorneys fees and court costs will likely to be rewarded to the prevailing party. They will probably be asking for millions. Looks like someone’s trying to punk the punks. Think their problem is going to be finding corroborating witnesses and evidence. Always best to sue the deep pockets.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          That’s probably the whole point.. Large enough not to go to small claims court, but small enough to make it not worth the hassle of litigating and just a quick payday. Tax-free minus lawyer fees

  2. Dave Massey says:

    Low enough that they will probably pay it, Hiring a lawyer will cost more than that. Extortion money. Not that I feel particularly bad for them. They can take it out of that bag of cash they allegedly got while playing for the Gators. That was supposed to be 100G’s.

    • Julio says:

      They already stated they’re counter-suing which should, if they’re smart, will cause the accusers (idiots) drop any legal action.

  3. Pecan says:

    15k is merely the jurisdictional requirement to get a level above county court. That is not what they are suing for.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    At least they won’t have to worry about the NFL coming down too hard on them. Savagely beating people (allegedly) or knocking your girlfriend out cold and then dragging her unconscious out of the elevator and dumping her like a sack of potatoes on the floor isn’t anywhere near as horrific as smoking a joint.

    Yes, stoners, I side with you on this issue. Any kind of violent personal assault is much MUCH more serious and morally reprehensible than getting baked.

  5. Ken (CA) says:

    While I believe in 2nd chances, this is the 4th or 5th chance for Hill. Really proves the NFL cares nothing about quality of character (see Tebow)

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