Florida Gators football practice starts Aug. 6, indoor facility construction ahead of schedule

By Adam Silverstein
July 13, 2015

Appearing at the 2015 Southeastern Conference Media Days on Monday, Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain announced that the program will report for camp on Aug. 5 and open up practice the following day, taking the field for the first time since the spring on Aug. 6.

When Florida does begin preparing for the 2015 campaign, the Gators may be able to spend some time in its under-construction indoor practice facility, even though it is not scheduled to be completed until September.

According to McElwain, construction on the IPF is ahead of schedule. Florida has applied for a permit to utilize the facility for two-a-days during the summer despite it still being in its final stages of completion.

“I think it was long needed, and it’s a beautiful facility. They’re ahead of the construction date right now. It sounds like we’ll at least be able to get permit to be able to go spend a couple hours in there as we go through two-a-days. So that’s something that’s really exciting, and it’s exciting for our guys,” he explained.

McElwain also discussed how the Gators’ overall infrastructure improvement project has expanded to the dorms, which are currently being renovated for the athletes and will be ready by the fall semester.

Florida announced as much earlier this month, but McElwain got into detail about the project for the first time.

“Gutting out some of the dorms, the living arrangements is something we tackled right away, and that should be finished up for these guys to be moving in this fall. And we’re excited about that and the security within those dorms, something that’s really important,” he said.

The $17 million construction of the IPF, coupled with the price tag-less renovations to the dorms are just the beginning for the Gators, which also put a Gatorade Fuel Bar in the players’ area and are spending $25 million to rejuvenate the Office of Student Life for the entire Florida athletic program.

“The academic center and the nutrition component, the money that we put in there [will be beneficial],” McElwain said.

“As I told the people around, ‘Don’t worry about our offices.’ It doesn’t matter. It’s about what the players – it’s about helping them. We’re moving in that direction. Got a long ways to go, but it’s good to see that those things are happening.”


  1. SaraGator says:

    Coach Mac needs the IPF more than the players do. Or use sunscreen.

  2. Dave Massey says:

    53 days and waiting.

    Really looking forward to this football season. I know we are thin at O-line, linebacker, and QB. This doesn’t meant talentless and we’re solid everywhere else. We’ll see how good of an offensive coach Mac is right away. I expect it to be light years better than the Doug Dickey years, oops excuse me, the Will Muschump years.

    I think the Gators can contend for the East division, good thing we aren’t in the west though. We do have to play LSU and Ole Miss though. But with the East so weak I think it is wide open for the taking. I think 8-4 is a high probability depending on how the new guys on the O-line come up to speed. I think as long as Grier and Harris stay healthy at QB we’ll be fine there.

    Still think we can beat the women beaters up in Tallahassee too. They lost a lot of guys from last year and I think they were that good in the first place, just lucky. Oregon showed what they really were. And the way they behave there is no telling how many players they will have left by the time they play us anyways. That was a pretty funny comment from Dumbo saying that kind of behavior won’t be tolerated there. He needed to write a subscript saying that if you are a Heisman winner who rapes women, steals crab legs, breaks windows, takes money for signing memorabilia, and screams vulgarities in the cafeteria you get a free pass and you will be tolerated.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      If we don’t suffer significant injuries where we are very thin, I think 8-4 is a low end estimate. I could see a very realistic 10-2. There isn’t a single team on the schedule that is a “no change automatic loss” game, although LSU is certainly going to be the toughest test. The East is quite weak, and a few breaks go our way, could be a world shocker like our surprise 11-2 season under WM.

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