LOOK: Florida Gators show off diagram for new ‘luxury’ dorms for football players

By Adam Silverstein
June 25, 2015

Florida Gators head football coach Jim McElwain is not taking his new role at one of the top programs in the country lightly. In fact, upon being hired by Florida, McElwain had a list of demands requests, which the Gators and athletic director Jeremy Foley have – to their credit – not wasted time implementing.

In addition to McElwain requesting that plans (and associated costs) for the yet-to-be-built indoor practice be significantly expanded, he also determined that the dorm rooms lived in by Florida football players – which have long been left without renovation or improvement – were simply not up to snuff.

Foley had casually mentioned that plans to renovate those dorms would commence at some point, and McElwain was proud to announce on Thursday that the Keys Residential Complex will be spruced up and ready to go as soon as the fall of 2015 with new “luxury” dorms for his athletes.

It should be noted that Keys will be renovated, not reconstructed, which is definitely a short-term fix for the Gators’ needs. To really compete with the living arrangements of other schools, Florida may need to go to a greater extreme in the future.

But UF’s investments into the program since McElwain took over go far beyond the living facility. The still-under-construction indoor practice facility’s space was greatly increased while its price tag was raised from approximately $12 million to nearly $17 million. The Gators are also expanding and rejuvenating the Office of Student Life at a cost of approximately $25 million, all while making plans to renovate the locker room and coaches’ offices and make improvements to the weight room.

Simultaneously, Florida is making additions to the Basketball Practice Complex and exploring options on improving Pressly Softball Stadium for the back-to-back national champion softball team. Of course, there is also the $60 million renovation to the Stephen C. O’Connell Center coming next spring.

Suffice to say, the athletics program is investing into facilities and living spaces, and it’s not going to stop with this offseason.


  1. Fernzpat says:

    I would like to know how the luxury dorms proposed compare to other SEC schools? Does Alabama have a fountain in each living room? Does Tenn have a Vol moonshine still in each room? Texas A&M a large spittoon?

  2. Dave Massey says:

    Try making an intelligent comment next time, they are appreciated on this site.

  3. Seth says:

    I think he asked a legitimate question about how the facilities compare as they seem quite nice but the article implies that they aren’t up to standard. He just happened to followed it with a lighthearted knock on some of our rivals. Ease up Dave.

  4. Terd Ferguson says:

    After extensive film review of house hunters, I don’t think this floorplan design will resonate with students…
    – not open concept
    – no formal dining space
    – the sinks are just out in the open in a carpeted room/hallway
    – tub showers, what are we in the 60s
    – what is the long hallway all about on the bottom bedroom?
    – the kitchen doesn’t look to have stainless appliances
    – did Coach mention if crown molding is included, or is that an upgrade?
    – there are 4 bedrooms, but only 3 seats on the couch and a little dining nook, maybe physical plant has some nice slipcover sectionals they could swap from the couch, or at least a bean bag chair
    – also, what are the 2 closets at the top of the floorplan and how do you get there?

    Still better than the linoleum cell at the regular persons dorms…Also, Dave, why so serious?

  5. Fernzpat says:

    Ouch Dave. Save it for our rivals.

    UF Class of 94

  6. Buster says:

    Foley is always 2 steps behind. I hope you all enjoy Softball titles because that’s all we’ll be winning until Foley leaves.

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