LOOK: Florida Gators release update on indoor practice facility; IPF could open on Aug. 22

By Adam Silverstein
August 4, 2015

With the 2015 college football season fast approaching, the Florida Gators are not only fine-tuning their on-field product but also waiting for construction on their $15 million indoor practice facility to be completed.

Initial reports from the construction company had Florida’s IPF on schedule to open in September, though it quickly became apparent that the Gators’ facility would be up early in the month, ahead of the initial schedule.

On Tuesday, Florida released a video update on the facility. In it, the school announced that the IPF could be completed and opened as early as Aug. 22, following the conclusion of two-a-day practice for the Gators, which will be held at Donald R. Dizney Stadium.

Along with that note, Florida’s video included some new digital illustrations of the indoor portion of the facility, which can be seen below.

Images were taken as screenshots from the GatorVision.tv video below.


  1. Oldflyer says:

    I don’t suppose that anyone notes the irony. When Will Muschamp said anything critical about the facilities at UF he was pilloried. When he compared them unfavorably to those at Auburn, he was virtually hung in effigy.

    Since Muschamp left, and the new regime arrived, there has been a massive make over of facilities.

    Just noting

    • 305Gator says:

      OK so muschump was correct about the facilities. He’s still an incompetent buffoon.

      • Oldflyer says:

        Yep, Muschamp is so incompetent that people stood in line to pay him over $1mil/yr to coach football for them after he was canned. I refrain from using terms like “bufoon”; but, am curious about people who do. So, while on the subject; you do what?

        • kaput says:

          Musclecramp was a BUFFOON of a head coach for the Gators.


          He was the worst coach in my life time for the Gators.

          Good defensive coach, but AWFUL as the head guy.


        • 305Gator says:

          Sorry to hear you are a muschump apologist old one. You speak only a half truth, a few SEC teams with terrible defenses did go after him namely A&M and Auburn but only to coach defense. It is obvious to the rest of us that muschump has no idea what an offense is or does. Like kaput said he dude is a good defensive coach and a terrible HC and a buffoon all at the same time.
          Sometimes the truth hurts.

  2. Marshall says:

    I like the idea of an IPF and am glad Florida is making positive changes, but I feel this will take away the element of having an advantage of playing in the Florida weather. Just a thought.
    And another.. Muschamp is a great coordinator and mentor to these guys, but not HC.

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