WR Joshua Hammond commits to Florida Gators

By Adam Silverstein
June 4, 2015

Three-star wide receiver Joshua Hammond (Hallandale, FL), the brother of former Florida Gators wideout Frankie Hammond Jr., committed to join the same program Thursday night as a member of the Class of 2016.

“After talking it over with my family. I am truly blessed to announce that I am committed to the University of Florida #GoGators #Blessed,” Joshua Hammond tweeted.

Added his brother: “Lil Bruh on his way to be a Gator…!!! #HotLightHammond2”

The younger Hammond (6-foot-1, 180 pounds) received scholarship offers from a number of programs but chose Florida primarily over Notre Dame, Ohio State and Stanford.

He was recruited to the Gators by WR coach Kerry Dixon and South Florida ace recruiter Randy Shannon, who has snagged five prospects from the area already this cycle.

Hammond took 25 receptions for 413 yards and six touchdowns as a junior at Hallandale High School. He has already accepted an offer to participate in the Under Armour All-American Game and also listed offers from Georgia, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee and Wisconsin, among many others.

Frankie Hammond suffered through some difficult offensive campaigns at Florida, never topping his senior year stats of 22 receptions, 295 yards and three touchdowns. However, the older brother still linked up with the Kansas City Chiefs on an undrafted free agent contract and played 16 games – mostly on special teams – last season.

With Joshua Hammond aboard, the Gators now have 14 verbal commitments for 2016, 12 of which are rated as three-star prospects in the 247Sports Composite, a set of rankings that averages ratings from the major recruiting services. Hammond is also the third wideout to commit to Florida, joining Rick Wells (Jacksonville, FL) and Isaiah Johnson (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), both in-state three-star players.

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  1. Tractorr says:

    I had Frankie in a class and he was a very nice young man. Too bad he couldn’t do a bit more on the football field but I am certain he is doing well for himself.

    • Michael Jones says:

      He’s another NFL receiver from the group of UF receivers who allegedly had “no talent.” It was the coaching staff who didn’t have any talent, not the players.

  2. Wow another 3 star ! How does he do it ? They can start calling the gators 3 Stat U !!I hope he continues to stay away from the 5 star kids that all the top schools want .When you go after the 3 star kids you don’t have to compete with Alabama and Fsu and Lsu for them .You just have to beat out Florida Atlantic or Georgia Southern for them .Much easier and the coach doesn’t have to work so hard .Because you know these poor coaches work so hard for their measly Millions .

    • Gators says:


      • Dave K says:

        Mr Scott…I didn’t see that Hammond had offers from Florida Atlantic or Georgia Southern. I did see offers from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Tennessee, Penn State and Miami though. You are an ass, sir.

    • Marc says:

      This is so shortsighted.

    • Gatorbait says:

      Michael Scott is a moron, Mac knows who turns into the best players, 3 stars routinely become superstars in the league while the so called 5 stars flake out, you know nothing of football talent you idiot. Shut up and get hit by a truck somewhere Mr. Scott, prolly an idiotic criminoles fan on a gator blog being a troll, I hate you and your whole bloodline

  3. NOLA Gator says:

    All told, nearly 66 percent of the players taken in the first round since 2009 have been three- or four-star recruits.


    With respect, Get a Grip. Coach Mac is going after Florida players first (within 500 miles of G’Ville) and certain body types that fit his system.

    Hammond is 6 ft and is a good route runner – Something we have been lacking for years

    • Buster says:

      Considering there are only a handful of 5 stars every year out of thousands of recurits. The fact that it’s not closer to 95% 3 and 4 stars is really telling that these evaluators do get it right.

      People can blast the rankings with anecdotal evidence, but 5 stars are proven to be better than the 4 stars and 4 stars better than 3 stars.

      • Only a hand full of five stars really ? Check out how many hand fulls of five starts Fsu ,Bama .ohio st ,get there are plenty of 5 stars out there but Foley and Muschump
        Put such a horrible offensive product on the field that offensive high school players don’t dare trust that it will change .When you hire an offensive coordinator whose offense at Michigan whose offense was worse than the gators ( if that is possible ) then you didn’t give much confidence that there will be a change in the offense .This everything Will be fine motto ran out years ago .Its time to get it done or hire a new athletic Director that can get the job done . Foley has allowed the facilities to drop to the lower half of the sec and the cash cow football program to the bottom of the sec .Softball titles are great but they don’t pay the bills .If the football program keeps dropping like a lead balloon the rest of the programs will suffer .

    • If you ain't a Gator......... says:

      Definitely agree NOLA, Mac will get it done with whoever, these naysayers are trembling with the idea of Dem Gators back on top.

      • The big question is will our offense come out of the leather football days of up the middle up the middle qb sack, avoid losing nails on a chalk board to watch offense . To an offense that takes advantage of the speed that southern high school players possess.Hiring an offensive coordinator that had the worst offense in the country in Micigan doesnt give me much confidence .If the gators don’t open up the offense you will see the best high school offensive players continue to go elsewhere.Gator fans wil not continue to sit in 100 degree plus temperature to watch the garbage offense we have been tourtured with for the last four years .

  4. Buster says:

    I don’t have an issue with anyone of our recruits individually. Love Josh Hammond and welcome him to gator nation.

    The issue is as a group a bunch of 3 stars aren’t going to get it done in the SEC. Talent beats coaching and hard work 99 times out of 100.

    • senuod says:

      Understood….but we as fans need to get a solid grip and realize what happened to us over the last few years. The big offensive recruits, if they have any intelligence, are not going to commit to UF without getting an idea of the new offensive product on the field. I would love for them to all jump on board, but you can’t blame these kids for watching and waiting.

      If Jim produces, the 4 and 5 stars will come. Be. Patient. People.

      • Tractorr says:

        Exactly, and the 5* defensive players need to see what our defense is going to look like considering the coaching switch.

      • Be patient ,you have got to be kidding me .Gator fans for the last 5 years have been told to be patient while Foley and Myschump ran the program into the ground .Losses to Vandy and Georgia Southern at home .The worst offense for the last four years in gator history .Ive been a gator fan for over 50 years and Im a graduate of Florida and I’m mad as hell and any loyal gator fan should be mad too .This mansy pansy be patient the coach knows what he is doing crap doesn’t fly .With the talent base in Florida only a moron couldn’t be successful here .Its time to stop making excuses and get the damn job done .Yes 3 and 4 star players make it in the NFL but check out how many 3 stars Fsu Bama and Ohio st sign compared to the gators .Then check out how many 5 star players they get compared to the gators .

        • Dave K says:

          OK. Over the last 3 years: Bama got 4 – 5 stars, FSU got 4 – 5 stars, Ohio St got 3 – 5 stars and we (Florida) got 4 – 5 stars. How ’bout we let the next 8 months of recruiting play out and see how we do this year instead of hyper-reacting to the good news that a fine young player has committed to Florida, even if he’s a 3 star. I’m a fan who welcomes this news. What’s your problem Mr Scott? GO GATORS!!!

      • Buster says:

        I agree to an extent, but it’s still Florida.
        We are in the most fertile recruiting territory in the country.
        I understand our position to FSU right now. They have won and Jimbo has been there several years and has established relationships. There are enough 4 and 5 stars for both us and them to.

        I question the strategy. Sometimes two in the bush is better than one in the hand.

    • Marc says:

      No argument here. The problem is that comments like the one from Michael Scott above fail to take into account that we are now rebuilding a program. In the short term, we need to fill the roster with players that want to play here and that fit the system both on the field and character/classroom wise. There seems to be a need to blame Coach Mac for “settling” for 3-star players when the reality is that (1) we need these guys field a team; (2) many will pan out to be very good players for us; and (3) they are the best available options at this time. Some of the posters here make it seem like Coach Mac is choosing 3 star players over 4 and 5 star guys. He’s not sabotaging the team. Once the team is back on the field performing at the level we expect, the 4 and 5 star guys will be banging down our door just like they have in the past.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Is that how you explain Mizzou bi–h-slapping us for the past 2 years in a row? When has Mizzou EVER had a higher ranked recruiting class than us? That’s right, NEVER.

      76.2934% of all statistics are made up. Your “talent beats coaching and hard work 99 times out of 100” is a good example. Actually, studies show that just the opposite is true. (yeah, I made mine up too)

      You need a minimum level of talent (and 3 stars would certainly qualify). . after that, coaching, development, hard work, heart, character and effort all combine to take talent to the woodshed.

      Repeat request to Gator Nation doom & gloom whiners: give Coach Mac a chance to do his thing before you rush to judgment.

      GO GATORS!!!

      • Buster says:

        Look at what teams have won national titles and tell me that it’s about “coaching” and “hard work”.
        All those schools bring in 5 star after 5 star.
        OSU, Bama, LSU, FSU

  5. NOLA Gator says:

    Let’s see how many of the 3 stars rise after their senior year.

    And let’s just guys who want to be here and fit the system.

    • Tractorr says:

      Let’s not forget about the misses that Muschamp made on key 5* recruits. Of course you want five stars but you fill needs with 3 and 4* recruits and if you get the blue chip players that is the icing on the cake. Otherwise you wind up with horribly inept play and lack of depth.

  6. Dave K says:

    A little perspective with a reality check thrown in (mainly for Buster): The TOP 3 teams at the end of the 2014 season were; Ohio State, Oregon and TCU. Looking at these three teams recruiting classes for 2011, 2012 and 2013 you will find that Ohio State recruited in those 3 classes: 3 – 5 stars, 47 – 4 stars and 22 3-stars…Nice classes, lots of talent. Oregon, on the other hand recruited NO 5-stars, 26 4-stars and 26 3 – stars: That’s about one half the talent! Must have had great coaching and hard work!!! TCU recruited NO 5-stars, 9 4-stars and 49 3 stars (plus 13 unranked players). Another huge example proving that Talent does not beat coaching and hard work – EVER. BTW, comparing Florida to Ohio State shows that we recruited 4 5-stars, 45 4 stars and 18 3 stars…very comparable to Ohio…BUT a huge difference in coaching talent…not player talent. Just saying…we’ll be juts fine if our coaching proves out to be better than the last crew. Go Gators!

    • Buster says:

      Right now our class is about 80% 3 stars. Do any of those schools have 80% 3 stars?

      No, because then they wouldn’t have a shot.
      Take a look at how Bama, FSU, and LSU have been recruiting.
      How we recruited when we were winning titles.

      I’m willing to give McElwain a second pass, but don’t kid yourself. If we don’t land some higher rated players it’s going to hurt us.

    • Tractorr says:

      Lets not forget that Muschamp only focusing on highly rated players and missing is part of the reason we are in the mess we are. How many big time WRs and OL did Muschamp whiff on? A whole bunch, and he never had a plan B. At least now we have bodies to fill holes and we can go out there and run our offense. If it is good then the players will come.

    • I was commenting on this years recruiting class not the last five .And I was talking about this years number of 3 stars we are loading up on not 4 star heck if half our 3 stars were 4 stars it would be a lot better .I know anyone can point out the three stars that have produced but overall the teams that get the most 4 and 5 star players win the championship .Bama fsu Ohio st are in the top ten every year and last year we were happy with 25 and the year we are no where near the top in recruiting and if you think you can build a championship team loaded with 3 star recruits and very few of the top players Ive got some swamp land for sale.Keep blowing sunshine and I’m sure Jeremys check will be in the mail .

  7. Let’s see how many 5 star Bama fsu and Ohio st rise to the top ! I’ll bet on the five stars ‘

  8. Buster says:

    Just to wrap up my thoughts.

    I really like the McElwain hire(Opposite of how I felt with the Muschamp hire). I’m think he is going to be an outstanding coach for us.
    The big question mark with him was if he was going to be able to recruit well enough.
    If he wins it won’t be a problem, but early on it really seems to be a challenge and is definitely a worrisome trend.

  9. G2 says:

    Highly likely we just win 6 games next year….then what? Even though the offense has to look better, winning 5-6-7 games gonna hurt. Very hard to stop a downward spiral.

    • Tractorr says:

      This is 100% correct. Just look at UT. They were neck and neck with us in the 90s and they have been bad for near a decade.

      We do have a couple things going for us. 1) Our defense should be very good still. 2) We are in Florida and able to restock if things start to look better.

      The real trick is getting lucky in the first season or two and winning 10 games. I don’t know if it will happen but if it were we could start getting the top players again and get back on track.

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