Patric Young at the 2014 NBA Draft Combine

By Adam Silverstein
May 15, 2014

Former Florida Gators center Patric Young began participating in the 2014 NBA Draft Combine at the Quest Multisport on Thursday and is set to finish up the two-day event in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday.

One of 60 players invited to the camp, Young is being put through a series of drills and tests, spending much of his spare time interviewing with teams. The event amounts to a big-time job interview for these athletes before they start going on visits with individual teams ahead of the 2014 NBA Draft on June 26.

On Thursday, Young was interviewed and measured. He also competed in a variety of shooting drills. His agility will be tested on Friday.

Anthropometric: Body measurements
Height (without shoes): 6′ 8.5″ | Height (with shoes): 6’ 10.0”
Weight: 246.8 lbs. | Hand size: 9.25 in.
Wingspan: 7’ 1.75” | Standing reach: 8’ 7.50”

Check out the rest of Young’s results plus videos, pictures and more!

Spot Up Shooting: Stationary attempts (uncontested)
15 ft. break left: 4/5 (.800) | 15 ft. break right: 3/5 (.600)
15 ft. corner left: 4/5 (.800) | 15 ft. corner right: 1/5 (.200)
Fifteen top key: 3/5 (.600) | NBA top key (3pt): 1/5 (.200)
NBA break left (3pt): 2/5 (.400) | NBA break right (3pt): 1/5 (.200)
NBA corner left (3pt): 1/5 (.200) | NBA corner right (3pt): 2/5 (.400)

Non-Stationary Shooting: Simulated game attempts (uncontested)
Off dribble 15 ft. break left: 3/6 (.500) | Off dribble 15 ft. break right: 1/6 (.166)
Off dribble 15 ft. top key: 4/6 (.666) | On move 15 ft.: 14/35 (.400)

Agility: Physical drills
Lane agility: 11.18 seconds | Shuttle run: 3.06 seconds
Standing vertical leap: 32.0″ | Maximum vertical leap: 37.5″
Three-quarter court sprint: 3.43 seconds
Bench press (185 lbs.): 25 reps (two short of NBA Draft Combine record) will update this post after Young completes his drills on Friday.


  1. J-skool says:

    A fine example of a student-athlete.

  2. Gatoralum88 says:

    He looks good in the clips & his own comparison to Ben Wallace seems PERFECT to me although I’d give Patric a huge edge in intelligence. Like Wallace though, he’s a GREAT defensive player who keeps himself in INCREDIBLE shape & is well spoken to boot! To me, he has “late 1st round pick” written all over him. On another note, I’m currently watching the replay of the NBA combine on NBATV & they’re showing the guards. It baffles me that Wilbekin doesn’t get more love!!! I’ll go on the record here…Dante Exum will be a bust! He almost fell down during his shuttle run. We all see how the other former Gator SEC POY not taken in the 1st-round (Parsons) is doing. That young man is about to get seriously paid. With his defensive ability, ball handling skills, & high hoops IQ I think Scottie would be a smart pick for some team yet I never see his name anywhere.

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