Fastbreak: No. 1 Florida routs South Carolina 72-46 as Michael Frazier sets Gators threes record

By Adam Silverstein
March 4, 2014

Sophomore guard Michael Frazier II scored a career-high 37 points and set a new school record with 11 three-pointers in a single game as the No. 1 Florida Gators (28-2, 17-0 SEC) dismantled the South Carolina Gamecocks (11-19, 4-13 SEC) in the second half and ended the game on a 33-11 run on the way to a 72-46 win at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC on Tuesday night.

Florida extended its school-record winning streak to 22 games and continued a number of other program-best marks including winning 17 SEC games in a single season. breaks it all down with seven quick-hitters:

It was over when: After draining five three-pointers in the first half, Frazier was held without one for the first nine minutes of the second period. Suddenly, with his team leading by just four points, Frazier exploded with four made triples in a span of 3:27 to extend Florida’s advantage to 22 points with 7:36 to play.

Prominent player: He eventually finished with 11 threes, breaking a 17-year school school mark for most in a single game (Joe Lawrence, nine, 1986). Those 11 treys were also the third-most made in a single game by an SEC player and the most ever in an SEC league game. Frazier’s 37 points were a career-high, matching Joakim Noah (March 1, 2006) for most in a single game under head coach Billy Donovan. He finished 11-for-18 from beyond the arc on the evening, also becoming the first UF player since Anthony Roberson (2005) to attempt that many threes in a single contest.

“The ball felt good in warm-ups. My shot looked good, felt good. And then in the game, my teammates did a great job finding me. I was able to get in the zone there but I didn’t really feel anything, I was just there and the ball went in,” he said after the game. “It was a total team effort. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them finding me. It was a total team effort. We defended as a team, rebounded the ball as a team in the second half, and we were connected. The ball was just able to go into the hoop for me tonight, but it was a total team effort winning.”

Check out the second half of The Fastbreak…after the break.

Significant stretches: Frazier’s four threes were part of an 18-0 run that put the game away for the Gators. Florida had pieced together an 11-0 stretch earlier in the half but saw it negated by seven-straight points by South Carolina including a converted four-point play. UF only extended its advantage from there.

Perfect play: Catching a pass beyond the arc, redshirt sophomore forward Dorian Finney-Smith gave a strong shot fake, drove the lane and passed the rock on the bounce to a waiting Chris Walker; the freshman forward slammed it home with two hands to tie the game at 15 midway through the first half. The duo combined for seven points with Finney-Smith bringing down a team-high six rebounds and dishing a team-most five assists.

Standout stat: Aside from Frazier, the Gators went 0-for-19 beyond the arc and 14-for-38 from the field. Frazier took three times as many shots (21) as the next Florida player (senior point guard Scottie Wilbekin – seven) and scored more than four times as many points as the team’s second-leading scorer (senior center Patric Young – nine). Overall, Frazier was responsible for 51.4 percent of the Gators’ points on the evening. Wilbekin had one of his worst performances of the season, missing all six of his three pointers to finish with two points, four assists, three boards, two steals and three turnovers. Young went 3-of-5 from the free throw line.

What it means: Despite a horrid performance from most of the team, Frazier carried Florida on his back and ensured the Gators remained undefeated in conference play heading into their regular-season finale.

Next up: Florida concludes the regular season with Senior Day in Gainesville, FL when it hosts No. 25 Kentucky on Saturday at noon. The Gators are looking to finish the SEC slate undefeated for the first time in school history and become the first program in league history to win 18 conference games.


  1. Ryan D says:

    Billy went to the bench very early with this one in the first 7 minutes. Adam, do you believe this was to give the starters a break to give the rest more minutes. Or just saving their legs for the 2nd half. Also what is going on with the rest of the team as far as shooting. Very happy that we defended the 3 better this game.

    As always, thanks for the quick posts and recaps.

    • I think a lot of it has to do with the team’s travel…Florida for some reason took a bus to South Carolina rather than fly. I’m sure it was a short-distance-based decision but still questionable. Not really sure what happened – off night for the whole team overall – but Frazier obviously negated it all.

      Donovan usually makes a bunch of bench moves early unless the team is dominating. Once Florida saw that early scoring stretch get cut into, he made the moves.

      • Timmy T says:

        Yes, Scottie struggled offensively tonight, but his defense was again “off the charts” stellar. As was the team’s as a whole on the defensive end. Horrid seems harsh when describing the total effort. Offensively, maybe sloppy or sputtering. Defensively, stellar.

        Defense is what makes this team great.

  2. Gatoralum88 says:

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! Frazier’s shooting tonight was the most incredible display I think I’ve ever seen on ANY level of basketball! Also, INCREDIBLE defense (17 steals!) Bring on the Mildcats! (who look PATHETIC tonight at home against Bama trailing by 3 at halftime) Go Gators!!! 22 straight!!!…1 second away from 28 straight!…& they’re UNBEATEN when Wilbekin’s been on the court at the end!!!

  3. Bwright(Indy) says:

    Adam, with this win and the loss by Syracuse do you think we have a 1 seed regardless of what happens the rest of the year?

    • Irregardless of Syracuse, yes.

      • RoadDogRuss says:

        I’m confused about your use of the word ‘irregardless’. Are you using a non standard word for emphasis? (without without regard) Not trying to be the grammar police, just curious.

        • Irregardless and regardless mean the same thing. And yes, I was emphasizing how what happens to Florida’s seeding has nothing at all to do with Syracuse or anyone else.

          • gatorboi352 says:

            “Irregardless is a word commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since the early twentieth century, though the word appeared in print as early as 1795.[1] Most dictionaries[citation needed] list it as “nonstandard” or “incorrect”.”

            Take it for what you all may. I’m just here to pass along information.

            • You know what’s cool about this website? I own it and can use whatever words I choose. Haha.

              • armygator says:

                Regardless of what you say, ‘irregardless’ isn’t accepted by spellcheck in Microsoft Word nor the dictionary for the Wordfeud App, therefore it cannot be a real word.

                Irregardless of that, its your site, you can do what you want.


                Any typographical errors in the message above is totally blamed on alcohol.

              • Oh, the almighty Wordfeud app! Haha.

        • Michael Jones says:

          Ha ha . . the funniest thing you said was when you claimed that you weren’t trying to be the grammar police, since that’s exactly what you’re trying to be. Good one, Professor Roaddog!

          Do you have anything interesting to say about Gator basketball? Did you see the game? What did you think about it? Inquiring minds would love to know (or is it “enquiring?” . . . . hmmmm. . . . . fascinating question . . let’s debate it . . . Gatorboi, get your pictionary out).

    • Ken (CA) says:

      With only 2 games left at worst, UK, then quarterfinals against 8/9 SEC seed, no way they will ever lose the #1 seed. My bracketology prediction still stands that I posted in earlier article from Adam, if they won tonight, guaranteed 1 seed, no matter what. I still believe that if they beat UK on Saturday and win SEC tourney, they will be overall 1 seed, even though AZ appears to have a better overall resume. I think the loss of one of their stars, even though they have adjusted a bit will allow the committee to decide a full UF team that is healthy and has their resume will top AZ. I think 3 #1 seeds are locked in at this point, UF, AZ, WSU. I believe the 4th will come from either ACC if either UVA or Duke wins ACC tourney, or KU if they win big 12 tourney. If both ACC tourney and Big 12 tourney won by one of those teams, I think the 4th 1 seed will be very interesting decision.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    Brutal officiating! Tough night offensively. But another character win.

    One of the things this team does with a lead is not stupid-shot the other team back into the game. I remember at Arizona last year. . we had that game won. . and then we started taking early-shot-clock ill-advised bombs that clanked off the rim and gave Arizona the chance to steal one from us. Not this team. Too gritty, too tough, too unselfish, and just too smart for that foolishness.

    Wish C. Walker would have gotten more quality minutes in the 2nd half. He needs practice bumping and grinding against some of these SEC forwards and centers who out-muscle him. I know that Donovan has a plan and knows what he’s doing, though.

    Could hear the SC fans chanting “Georgia Southern” at the end of the game. Lovely.

    • Michael Jones says:

      The spin move to the hoop by Hill was S-I-C-K!! It’s exciting to think of what he’ll be doing in Orange and Blue.

  5. Ken (CA) says:

    wow, I really thought the guys would be focused tonight after seeing the UK upset on Saturday, but this is not the way I would ever have expected to win, especially after getting 2 of their big men with 4 fouls. This isn’t a 3 point shooting team in general, and the last 2 games they seem to be settling for the long distance shots rather than driving to the hoop. That is scary and could come back to haunt them if they continue, that hasn’t been their recipe to success at all this season. And everyone but Frazier bricked every try. They got lots of great looks, so can’t complain about taking, but sure seems like they should have kept driving in as SC couldn’t do anything but foul to stop. Great to see Chris Walker starting to really get into the action more and maybe starting to catch up.

    I hope they don’t start thinking they are a jump shooting team and get into the past 3 years with Walker and Boynton feeling like can change the game by making everything, although I can understand why they kept feeding a dialed in Frazier tonight.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Couldn’t agree more about Walker and Boynton. Hate to bad mouth former Gators but that was some of the most frustrating basketball I ever watched. Walker gets all these statistical accolades but he did a lot more damage than good. Basketball is a thinking man’s game, and Walker didn’t play smart basketball when it mattered most.

  6. TST says:

    Adam those two tweets ‘Blew my mind.’ Great work !!
    Frazier had a night ,great game . Every game it’s someone different stepping up to lead . How do you guard the Gators when all the players are dangerous ?
    GO GATORS . can’t wait for kitty litter clean-up in the swamp . What a Gator team !!

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