Florida Gators at 2015 NFL Combine: Friday

By Adam Silverstein
February 20, 2015

For the sixth-straight year, OnlyGators.com continues our coverage of the nine former Florida Gators participating in the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine (National Invitational Camp) at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The event, which is held over a week from Feb. 17-23, consists of more than 300 players being put through a series of drills, tests and interviews while more than 600 NFL personnel in attendance (including coaching staffs, executives, player personnel and medical staffs) look on and evaluate each of them. It amounts to a major job interview for these athletes to participate in ahead of the start of the 2015 NFL Draft on April 30.

Linebacker Neiron Ball (Group: 9 | Camp: LB03), defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. (Group: 7 | Camp: DL20) and defensive tackle Leon Orr (Group: 8, Camp: DL36) arrived Thursday but began participating Friday when they got measured, completed medical exams, met with the media and continued the interview process they began the previous day.

Running back Matt Jones (Group: 6 | Camp: RB25) continued interviewing with teams, took the Wonderlic and other psychological tests, and performed on the bench press.

Guard Trenton Brown (Group: 1 | Camp: OL104), punter Kyle Christy (Group: 1 | Camp: PK03), center Max Garcia (Group: 1 | Camp: OL20) and tackles Chaz Green (Group: 2 | Camp: OL25) and D.J. Humphries* (Group: 2 | Camp: OL31) all completed the combine workout.

Players remain on a standardized schedule throughout the week (see below).


Linebacker Neiron Ball (Group: 9 | Camp: LB03)
Height: 6’2″ | Weight: 236 lbs.
Arm length: 33 5/8″ | Hand size: 9 3/8″

Notes: To be added

Detailed player overview and drill times will be added on Sunday.

Defensive end Dante Fowler Jr.* (Group: 7 | Camp: DL20)
Height: 6’3″ | Weight: 261 lbs.
Arm length: 33 3/4″ | Hand size: 9 1/2″

Notes: “I want to be that kind of guy that can play in this league that I can turn a team and a defense around,” Fowler said during his media availability. “At the same time, just try to be that guy who can help out in the community and try to be the face of that team one day. … I play anywhere – I can play some linebacker to D-end to edge rusher. I can do a lot for team. I create a lot of problems for the offense and really just stressing coordinators out.” As far as his pitch to those evaluating him? “I want them to know one, I’m a coach-able guy,” Fowler said. “Two, I’m a team player. Three, they know I’m going to fit for their team. I want to be that type of guy that can come in and play, that can turn the team around and turn the defense around at the same time.” He also added that his film speaks for itself, now all he needs to do is get to know those interested in potentially drafting him.

Detailed player overview and drill times will be added on Sunday.

Defensive tackle Leon Orr (Group: 8 | Camp: DL36)
Height: 6’5″ | Weight: 323 lbs.
Arm length: 34 1/8″ | Hand size: 9 3/8″

Notes: Orr is glad his dismissal from the Gators did not affect his being invited to the NFL Combine, telling reporters including Justin Felder of FOX 11 that the way that incident transpired was “a big regret” for him. “The biggest thing for me is to try to move on, try to make success out of my mistakes. You live life to make mistakes and I made a big mistake. I’m just trying to make up by becoming a better person and a better man,” he said. “It was a big miscommunication between me and the coaching staff. It kind of ended the way it ended, the wrong way. Just trying to move on from it, become a better player from it and learn more about professionalism and accountability.”

Detailed player overview and drill times will be added on Sunday.


Running back Matt Jones^ (Group: 6 | Camp: RB25)
Height: 6’2″ | Weight: 231 lbs.
Arm length: 32″ | Hand size: 8 5/8″

Bench press: 20 reps of 225 pounds


Detailed player overview and drill times will be added on Saturday.


Offensive guard Trenton Brown (Group: 1 | Camp: OL04)
Height: 6’8″ | Weight: 355 lbs.
Arm length: 36″ | Hand size: 10 7/8″
Wingspan: 87 3/8″

Bench press: 20 reps of 225 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.29 seconds
20-yard shuttle: 4.78 seconds
Vertical jump: 23.5″
Broad jump: 97″

Notes: Brown impressed those in attendance at the combine with his overall size. As OnlyGators.com noted on Twitter, to put his massive wingspan in perspective, Jonathan Ogden measured in at 82 1’2″ back in the day. “They were so eager to tweet I weighed in at 376 at the senior bowl but ain’t nobody told y’all how I lost 21 lbs in 3 weeks and was 355 today,” he wrote on Twitter. He also had the longest arms, widest wingspan and biggest hands (tie) among his position group.

Overview: Brown’s size is an obvious positive, but he is relatively stiff and lacks the athleticism many analysts believe is necessary to compete as an every-down player. He was also inconsistent while at Florida, dominant at times and easily beaten on other occasions. Top-notch representation and a good showing at the combine should raise his stock.

Punter Kyle Christy (Group: 1 | Camp: PK03)
Height: 6’2″ | Weight: 202 lbs.
Arm length: 30″ | Hand size: 8 7/8″

Notes: Christy did not participate in the bench press or any on-field drills.

Notes: The NFL Combine feels like home from Christy, who is a native of Brownsburg, Indiana. “Some guys are freaking out about how cold it is and all this stuff and I’m kind of used to it,” he said in a media availability. Christy also said he plans to show team executives and scouts how good he is as a player (on the field) and person (both on and off the field).

Overview: Christy’s up-and-down career with the Gators will likely make him undraftable, but the fact he was invited to the combine definitely shows that he is a player that is on the radar of multiple NFL teams.

Center Max Garcia (Group: 1 | Camp: OL20)
Height: 6’4″ | Weight: 309 lbs.
Arm length: 33 1/8″ | Hand size: 10 1/4″

Notes: Garcia did not participate in the bench press or any on-field drills.

Overview: Garcia chose not to compete at the combine, which is a curious decision though he did promise to take the field at Florida’s Pro Day. Character, consistency and versatility are his greatest attributes as he was well-liked as a member of the Gators, was the team’s most reliable offensive lineman and proved that he could play any of the five positions as needed. Though not a top talent, mostly due to his stiffness and inconsistent footwork, Garcia should be drafted early on the third day and will likely find his way onto a roster as a do-everything lineman and back-up center.

Offensive tackle Chaz Green (Group: 2 | Camp: OL25)
Height: 6’5″ | Weight: 314 lbs.
Arm length: 33 3/8″ | Hand size: 10 7/8″

Bench press: 21 reps of 225 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.16 seconds
20-yard shuttle: 4.70 seconds
Vertical jump: 29.5″
Broad jump: 106.0″

Overview: Injuries and overall strength have long been a concern for Green, though he has displayed top-notch footwork and proved to be good in pass protection. Possessing a high football IQ and great demeanor, Green was able to play both sides of the line for the Gators, which could speak to his versatility at the next level. He is most likely better suited for zone blocking schemes.

Offensive tackle D.J. Humphries* (Group: 2 | Camp: OL31)
Height: 6’5″ | Weight: 307 lbs.
Arm length: 33 5/8″ | Hand size: 10″

Bench press: 26 reps of 225 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.12 seconds
20-yard shuttle: 4.64 seconds
Vertical jump: 31.0″
Broad jump: 104.0″

Notes: Weighing in at 307 pounds, Humphries was 23 pounds heavier than he was initially listed by the NFL. His increase in size has calmed a lot of concerns held by many scouts and analysts, which have him ranked anywhere between second and fifth in terms of available offensive tackles in the draft. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network is projecting Humphries to go No. 17 overall as his second-best tackle, while others think he will likely go at the end of the first round or early in the second round. Humphries told reporters that he received a second-round grade back from the NFL Draft Advisory Board, which advised him to return to school, but he had a “gut feeling” that declaring was the right thing to do. “I took it as a challenge almost,” he said. “They were telling me I should come back so I’m going to show ’em why I should come out.” He continued: “[Turning pro] was in the back of my mind for a while during the season, but I was trying to focus on the season and not think about it,” Humphries said, according to SI.com. “My dad told me, ‘You take care of this level, the next level will take care of itself.'”

Overview: The biggest gainer in the offensive line group over the last three days, Humphries impressed scouts with his athleticism, improved size and strength. On the field, he has shown flashes of being dominant but also appears to take plays off at times, which is simply not permitted on the next level. Humphries is rough and tough with an edge, but he also shows quickness even though it can get him off balance. He will need to be coached up at the next level, but a player who many believed would be a third-round selection appears to be almost a solidified first-round pick at this juncture due to a weak class at left tackle.

^ Redshirt junior | * Junior


NFLPA Meeting, Psychological Testing, Bench Press, Interviews
Saturday – Groups 7-9 | Sunday – Groups 10-11

On-Field Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), Departure
Saturday – Groups 4-6 | Sunday – Groups 7-9 | Monday – Groups 10-11

OnlyGators.com will offer full coverage of the NFL Combine throughout the event.

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  1. Michael Jones says:

    Two things from the season pop out where Fowler was concerned that typify for me the kind of player he is.

    One is the interception (or was it a fumble?) return against Bama for a touchdown. Ironically, I don’t remember the player who scored, but I remember hitting rewind over and over to watch the tear-inspiring effort of a big man busting his butt with speed that was uncommon for his size to get ahead of the ball carrier and annihilate any Bama player who tried to stop him. That big man was Fowler giving EVERYTHING to help his team and his teammate. That told me plenty about the kid and his character.

    Two is his effort against FSU. Same deal. He never quit fighting, FIERCELY fighting, and I can remember with especial delight Winston wincing as Fowler tried to take his head off on a QB scramble to the sideline.

    As for Orr, I wish nothing but the best for the kid. Admirable that he admits he made a mistake. We could have handled that situation better as well. Guarantee it doesn’t go down that way in Mac’s regime.

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