Gators announce nine 2014 early enrollees

By Adam Silverstein
January 14, 2014

The Florida Gators on Monday officially acknowledged the nine early enrollees that are on campus for the spring semester and will participate in practice in March.

Head coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Kurt Roper also shared some thoughts about some of the newest players on campus.

“Having nine guys in mid-year, number one, says a lot about these kids academically, being ready to go. But it also says a lot about our administration, our academic people being able to turn these over, guys over quickly and get them in school. So, hats off to them,” said Muschamp. will update this post with the players’ official school bios when Florida adds them to the Gators 2014 roster.

Jalen Tabor • Cornerback
6’1” • 188 lbs. • Washington, DC
Muschamp: “A corner that’s got a lot of length and athleticism on the top, and he can finish some plays.”

Will Grier • Quarterback
6’2″ • 186 lbs. • Davidson, NC
Muschamp: “The ability to learn, athleticism. Obviously you look at accuracy as a thrower, being able to throw the ball into tight spots. He’s shown the ability to do that. We had him in camp multiple times. He showed tremendous leadership ability here while he was on campus, positively affecting guys around him. The athleticism and accuracy, we feel like, is there. That’s why a quarterback is a very difficult position to evaluate. You don’t really know sometimes the level of competition and there are other factors that figure in to how successful they’ll be on the college level or moving from the college level to the National Football League.”

Roper: “You knew Will was real talented and was going to be heavily recruited. I think he has a great mindset. I think he has a great quarterback demeanor, and then I tell you what, he was accurate. He can throw it. He has a fast arm. I look for a guy that when he turns it loose, his arm speed is really consistently fast. He’s got a fast arm, so obviously he’s a talented young man.”

Duke Dawson • Cornerback
5’10” • 191 lbs. • Cross City, FL
Muschamp: “A guy that we feel like had a great senior season, and a guy who continued to impress and improve.”

Brandon Powell • Running Back
5’8” • 167 lbs. • Deerfield Beach, FL
Muschamp: “A running back we’ve been on and had an opportunity there to get him.”

Roper: “It looks like he’s a guy who can score from a long way away. And that makes coaching easier, when you can score from 90 rather than have to get it to the five.”

Nolan Kelleher • Offensive Lineman
6’5” • 316 lbs. • Mount Pleasant, SC

DeAndre Goolsby • Tight End
6’4” • 221 lbs. • Derby, KS
Muschamp: “We need some help at the tight end position. He’s a guy that’s going to come in here and be here and certainly get his opportunities.”

Kavaris Harkless • Offensive Lineman
6’5” • 266 lbs. • Jacksonville, FL
Muschamp: “Had a little change of heart there at the end where he was going to go to school. We’re fortunate to been recruiting him throughout the fall of his senior year. Had a great senior year. Had a great state championship from Trinity Christian.

Taven Bryan • Defensive End
6’5” • 257 lbs. • Casper, WY
Muschamp: “Broad-shouldered, looks great. Excited to get him on campus. Did a fantastic job at our summer camps this past year.”

On recruiting a player out of Wyoming: “I’m not worried about what everyone else thinks. I could care less. He is a guy that was very athletic in the workouts here he was very athletic in the workouts at his school. He showed great athleticism. For a guy that’s 6’5”, 6’5.5”, 265 pounds to run like he runs there’s a tremendous upside and there’s multiple positions he probably could play. He’s still young for his age. Who knows where his body’s gonna grow. But you always think size and speed when you have the athleticism. Great work ethic, great toughness and a guy that I’m really pleased to have as a part of the program. I think he’s got tremendous upside as a player.”

Drew Sarvary • Offensive Lineman
6’5” • 309 lbs. • Tyler Junior College
Muschamp: “A guy that had been on our radar at the time. We were not going to take a junior college lineman and then we had some attrition there at the end of the season and felt like we needed a more mature guy to step up – up front – and go through the spring with us and had Drew here on campus.”


  1. 305Gator says:

    The QB is in as well as 2 O line men, the TE and the RB, all positions of need in early and getting valuable practice time.
    But I’m sure the most exciting of all is the 2 new corners with Tabor the big catch already signed up and locked up.
    You can never have enough corners right “boi”?
    Remember that we lost 3 starting corners this year, we need to reload and we did.
    Go Gators!

    • gatorboi352 says:

      Wow I really do own your mental, don’t I?

      Flattered to always be in your thoughts!

      • 305Gator says:

        I’m sure you are.
        Now how about having those 2 corners already on campus and ready to go.
        Are you as excited and pumped as I am????????????????????????????????

  2. TST says:

    hope for the best . I’ve seen some big flips for the Gators and that has to be Coach Ropers mentality on offense they like . Got some good players coming in . Go Gators

    • Ken (CA) says:

      What flips? The only offensive flip we have had so far was the running back from Miami, and UF was his dream school flipped as soon as he was actually offered.

      • Tabor from Arizona, Harkless from Louisville

        • Ken (CA) says:

          Ah, I forgot about Harkless, but Tabor seems hard to attribute to Rober since is a Cornerback. I think it is all because Roberson declared so he knew he would get huge PT

          • Ken (CA) says:

            Roper, I mean, and did Strong leaving have anything to do with Harkless switch, don’t recall the timing. Not trying to knock Roper’s influence, but if I see a couple of big time receivers flip or some huge offensive surprise declarations on NSD, then I’ll see the influence his hire had on recruiting. To date, it seems like he is just starting to get his feet wet and get to know who is already here more than actively full bore recruiting. Of course Robinson could be having a much better selling pitch with reruiting relationships he has built up already at this point.

          • Didn’t know you were talking about Roper specifically.

            • Ken (CA) says:

              TST was mentioning having some big flips and directly relating it to Roper’s mentality. I just don’t see evidence of any direct correlation at this point.

  3. ga8or22 says:

    Oh Yea – Lets go

  4. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Adam, thanks for the breakdown – sure wish we had 3 or 4 6’4″ frisbee catching dogs at WR !!!

  5. Michael Jones says:

    There’s more than enough talent on this roster to win a championship. Just ask Gary Pinkel. When is the last time Mizzou had a top ten recruiting class? But they kicked our butts, played in the SEC championship game, and finished the season ranked #5 in the nation.

    Mizzou is currently ranked 32nd in recruiting for this class. The Ol’ Ball Coach is in at 28th. Gators are currently ranked 8th, ahead of Auburn.

    Time for Will Muschamp to become a 5 star head coach. Time to start developing all of this top 5 and top 10 talent that we recruit year in and year out here at UF. Enough with all of the excuses.

    • 305Gator says:

      It all starts with the QB play. If Roper cannot fix Driskel and if Grier is not ready for prime time, then we cannot do what Mizzou did. Mizzou had not one but 2 studs at QB last year, we had none.

      • Michael Jones says:

        I beg to differ. It all starts with coaching. Who was Vandy’s stud QB? How about Georgia Southern’s? Did Michigan State have a stud QB? Stanford? Auburn? No, they did not. Those teams DID have good coaching, though.

        Beyond that, Driskel IS a stud. Has stud arm and stud legs. Tough kid who is plenty good enough to win a championship with. Doesn’t need fixing. Needs to be coached. He’s been a victim of ridiculously inept play calling and poor coaching. Which gets us back to where we started.

        We have enough 4 and 5 star players. MORE than enough to win big. Time for some 5 star coaching.

        And I would also disagree with you about Franklin at Mizzou. Decent QB, but no stud. A beneficiary of excellent coaching. Mauk is pretty nice, though. Agree with you about Mauk.

  6. Ken (CA) says:

    All I can say is whew! Nice to have some of our biggest recruits locked in and ready to go!

  7. Aligator says:

    RB 5’8” • 167 lbs. …. Will we ever learn. Good gets on the others!! Go Gators!!

    • Michael Jones says:

      Ace Sanders, 5′ 8″ 173. Trindon Holliday, 5′ 5″ 177. Chris Rainey, 5′ 8″ 180. Jeff Demps, 5′ 7″ 190. Solomon Patton, 5′ 9″ 169.

      Will we ever learn what?

      Speed kills.

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