Twitter reacts to Tim Tebow’s playoff victory

By Adam Silverstein
January 8, 2012

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow‘s game-winning 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime on Sunday sent fans at Mile High into a frenzy. It also led to an insane number of tweets on Twitter including many from Florida Gators, celebrities and famous athletes. Below are just a few of those tweets compiled Sunday evening. If a celebrity or athlete you follow did not make this list, please tweet or e-mail us.

CBS Postgame Show:

Check out all 45 of the tweets…after the break!

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga): Giants fan but wow. #Tebow Thats what the f*** a champion looks like.

LeBron James (@KingJames): Like I said #TEBOW! Time to start Tebowing folks

Jack Youngblood (@theblood85): WOW! Validation #timtebow

Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan): Congrats @TimTebow !!! What a game. If you want you can open for me next Fri and Sat in Salt Lake City!

Mike Leake (@MikeLeake44): Amazing end to the game. Gotta believe in Tebow now, right?

Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg): Good season steelers despite the loss i must say tebow is the man jesus walks!! That one hurts!!

Jordin Sparks (@JordinSparks): Woooooow! I just lost my voice screaming for @timtebow & the Broncos. #MileHighMagic

Derrick Brooks (@DBrooks55): wow wow wow wow wow TE_BRONCOS WIN, They went to the man amn to often, Tebow has problems against ZONES

Kasey Kahne (@kaseykahne): R u kidding / That was awesome. That place is going crazy

Ashton Kutscher (@aplusk): I’m starting to think that Jesus does love football.

Kevin Jonas (@kevinjonas): Wow wow wow!!!!! #TEBOW #TEBOW #TEBOW new rules….yeah ok

?uestlove (@questlove): take a knee #Tebow

Nick Jonas (@nickjonas): So glad the #GIANTS won today! And let me just say…. Wow#TEBOW

Paul Azinger (@PaulAzinger): Wow!!!! @TimTebow spent more time picking on Ike Taylor than@billmaher picks on all things good!!!

Emmitt Smith (@emmittsmith22): Congrats to Tebow and the Broncos on a big WIN. If you believe you can Achieve. Go Gators

Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco): God has put the joysticks down.

Mike Sims-Walker (@MikeSimsWalker): And the best closer in the nfl does it again……..

Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13): Congrats #broncos and @TimTebow on a great win today!


Noah Brindise (@NoahBrindise): Timmy T…never ceases to amaze. Well played young man. Love watching you prove em wrong…again.

Ryan Grant (@RyanGrant25): Oh Tebow is about to crash every search engine lol

Alex Brown (@alexbrow96): And TEBOW MANIA CONTINUES!!!!!

Fred Taylor (@FredTaylorMade): I SAID IT’S GREAT TO BE A #FLORIDAGATOR

Marreese Speights (@Mospeights16): Tebow Gatorboys

Brandon Spikes (@bspikes55): #Tebow4President Nuff said !!! @SportsCenter #gogators#GatorNation #Good4U #PoWwWwWw!

Carlos Dunlap (@Carlos_Dunlap): Wow…

Justin Trattou (@Justin_Trattou): Tim Tebow!!!! Hahahah. Killin it #GATORS

Ahmad Black (@ahmadblack35): Omg HE WALKS ON WATER!!!!!!!

Dez Bryant (@DezBryant): I wonder how all the people who criticize Tebow feel? #stupid lol

Brody Jenner (@BrodyJenner): I’m happy for Tebow!! proved ALL the haters wrong.

Chandler Parsons (@ChandlerParsons): @TimTebow.

Patrick Peterson (@ThE_rEaL_P2): He did it again well played game.

DeMarco Murray (@DeMarcoMurray): He’s done it again ladies and gentleman… Exciting game

Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan): WOWWWWW!!! Are u kidding me?? Congrats to the Broncos!! Great play call

Eve Torees (@EveMarieTorres): #TEBOWTIME!!!!!

DeSean Jackson (@DeseanJackson10): Can’t b Made at da Boy TeBow!!

Prince Amukamara (@PrinceAmukamara): Tebow=winner

Ray Rice (@RayRice27): you gotta admit tebow played a great game

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner): Tebow… Tebow… What a game! The magic lives on… Or is it Faith? I know what I believe! #fb

Deion Sanders (@DeionSanders): Teeeeee-eeeee-bow-oooooooh-o? Lol y’all confuse analyzing a game with hate. Wake up baby

Dick Vitale (@DickieV): Tebow Magic strikes again. Wish NFL in playoffs had a 12 min.extra period. #Toomuch@Stake

Jimmy Rollins (@jimmyrollins11): Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow…………….

Nikki Benz (@NikkiBenz): It’s official! I gotta b*** @timtebow

Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins): The fighting tebows strike again

Justin Upton (@Jus10up10): I have to hold up my end of the bet…this hurt a little bit


  1. NYCGator says:

    awesome post! i was hoping you would do something like this again.

  2. gator says:

    Thanks for great stuff Adam,I don’t care what anybody says,nobody has had a ride like the Gator Nation has had with any athlete EVER.

  3. Joonas says:

    Here’s a gif of the CBS team Tebowing

  4. CeeThree says:

    good stuff here.

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    I can hear Merril and StephenA now “Tebow sucked today. He only completed one pass in OT.”

  6. Elizabeth Cox says:

    Hate is a terrible thing–thanks for giving the Gator Nation something to be proud of!

  7. wgator40 says:

    Stephen A. just came on first and ten and he was speechless. another record for Tim Tebow : the only man to ever shut up Stephen A. Smith!!!!

  8. Gator Boys says:

    Bill Maher pwns. Stop hating.

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