11/23: Florida vs. Georgia Southern post-game report; Muschamp places blame on Gators offense

By Adam Silverstein
November 23, 2013

The Florida Gators (4-7) lost their sixth-straight on Saturday, dropping their first game to an FCS opponent in program history and guaranteeing a losing season for the first time since going winless in 1979. The Georgia Southern Eagles (7-4) upended the Gators 26-20 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, FL, dominating both sides of the ball on the way to their first-ever victory against an FBS program.

Following his team’s loss, the worst in program history, Florida head coach Will Muschamp met with the media to provide some of his thoughts on the defeat.


Though Muschamp has made a habit in the past of taking accountability and putting pressure on his own shoulders following a loss, he did exactly opposite on Saturday – even if there were times in which he squeezed in similar phrasing.

After the game, Muschamp criticized Florida’s offense, which was led by a third-string quarterback in redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg but nevertheless only generated 279 total yards and 20 points on the afternoon.

“You got to change the scoreboard offensively. You got to be able to change the scoreboard. We’ve just struggled scoring points offensively. It’s been a week-in, week-out occurrence. My job to get it fixed and it will get fixed,” he said.

“Very disappointed for our program, an embarrassment in this situation. We had our opportunities there, the kids kept playing hard. It’s very difficult for us to create explosive plays to get anything down the field. Just don’t ever do it.”

Asked to pinpoint the Gators’ offensive struggles, Muschamp explained that there was no one thing wrong with it but rather the entire side of the ball was failing as a whole. Should he somehow remain Florida’s coach after this season, Muschamp has certainly set up his offensive staff to take the fall.

“Where do you start? From a protection standpoint, the run game, being able to consistently run the ball, move the front. It’s been an occurrence really for us all season for the most part,” he said. “We just have a hard time in protection. We hit the play-action pass where the quarterback got his chin splattered when he threw the ball, too.

“It’s a combination of things. It’s just hard right now. It’s hard, as many moving parts as we’ve had, it’s difficult. It becomes infectious. It’s hard. When you give up 17 points, you hope you can score 17. So it’s hard right now. You can look at where we’ve rolled since about middle of the season to this point. That’s what’s happened to us.”

Nevermind that UF offense, indeed with a third-string signal caller and an incredibly banged up offensive line, managed to generate 20 points while the team’s defense coughed up 26 to Georgia Southern via 429 yards of total offense.

The Eagles did not complete a single pass in the game yet still outgained the Gators by 150 yards on the afternoon. Muschamp explained why Florida’s defense failed but still managed to circle things back to the offense.

“Defensively when you stop teams like this, you get them feeling uncomfortable about what they’re doing. You got to get them out of their game of what they do, and we just never could do it in a sense to put the pressure where they feel like they’ve got to do some different things offensively,” he said.

“We’re going to get it fixed. We just got to keep working at what we’re doing. We’re just struggling offensively and it’s infected our entire team right now. That’s the struggle we’ve got.”


As if the loss was not bad enough, the Gators suffered another rash of injuries during Saturday’s game led by redshirt junior linebacker Michael Taylor hurting his MCL and already being ruled out of the season finale against Florida State.

Both freshman LB Alex Anzalone and senior LB Darrin Kitchens hurt their shoulders in the game. Anzalone dislocated his and did not return, but Kitchen’s ailment was not specified and he did come back to the field.

Junior cornerback Marcus Roberson (ankle) missed the game, as did sophomore defensive end Jonathan Bullard, who practiced until Wednesday but sat out with an undisclosed injury.

Redshirt junior QB Tyler Murphy (shoulder) was also unavailable but still has an outside chance to return before the Gators take on the Seminoles. “He had a lot of discomfort in his shoulder,” Muschamp said. “I’m not ruling him out for next week at this point though.”

Also before the game, Florida announced that freshman wide receiver Demarcus Robinson had been suspended for the remainder of the regular season (two games) for a violation of team rules. Asked why specifically Robinson was suspended, Muschamp said the player needs to start “acting right.”


» Florida lost a game to an FCS opponent for the first time in program history (previously 15-0), while Georgia Southern defeated an FBS team for the first time in its school history (previously 0-20).
» GSU was the third unranked opponent UF has lost to this season. The Gators were previously 18-1 under Muschamp against such teams.
» Florida has gained more than 150 yards rushing in consecutive weeks but lost both games. UF was previously 15-0 under Muschamp when that occurred.
» The Gators also lost for the second-straight week after leading at the half. It was just the third time under Muschamp that has happened. UF was previously 18-1 in that situation.
» After failing to register a turnover in consecutive weeks, Florida picked up two fumbles on Saturday against Georgia Southern.
» Saturday was the first time a Gators’ opponent did not complete a pass in a game (since at least 1976).
» Florida has not won a football game in 45 days dating back to Oct. 5.
» Injuries were not the reason for UF’s loss. GSU had 19-of-63 scholarship players out due to injury.
» The Gators suffered their first home non-conference loss to a team other than Florida State or Miami since 1988 (vs. Mississippi State).
» The 429 rushing yards Florida allowed to Georgia Southern was the fourth-most in school history and most since 1996.

» Freshman running back Kelvin Taylor eclipsed 90 yards rushing for the second-straight week, giving him 188 over the last two games. He also registered a career-long 33-yard rush.
» Senior wide receiver Solomon Patton had his second two-touchdown game of the season. His 69 receiving yards were fourth-most in a game this season and the most he’s had since picking up 124 in UF’s last win against Arkansas on Oct. 5. He also had a 54-yard kick return.
» Mornhinweg threw the first two touchdown passes of his career but went just 14-for-24 with a number of near-interceptions.
» Redshirt junior WR Quinton Dunbar has caught pass in a school-record 27 consecutive games.


» On the option negating talent: “That’s what the option does – takes talent out of the game. You don’t have to block Dante Fowler now; you option off Dante Fowler so you don’t have to account him anymore in blocking. That’s why the service academies run it. That’s why they run it. That’s why a lot of these schools run it because it takes talent out of the equation. … Talent is negated in that situation. It doesn’t really matter because you don’t’ have to block a lot of the guys. … When you play teams like that, you don’t have to block certain guys, you know? That’s just what that offense does to you. It’s all about responsibility, assignment, and then you got to defeat a block in some situations. … That’s why those teams run that. That’s what it is.”

» On calling a timeout with the clock stopped on 3rd-and-2 late in the fourth quarter: “We had three guys gassed at receiver. Looking up at that situation. You still had a timeout. It was a 3rd-and-2 at the time, you get the first down the clock’s stopping anyway. You’re at 14 seconds. The timeout at that time didn’t matter. It was downs more than anything else.”

» On what’s worse, failing to advance to a bowl game or clinching UF’s first losing season since 1979: “It’s all disappointing. It’s really hard to measure it at this point. Very disappointed and got to get it fixed. We will.”

» On what he told the players in the locker room: “You take ownership of where we are. Ain’t nobody needs to point a finger right now. It’s time to look in the mirror. I’ve told them that on several occasions this season. Regardless of the season or the circumstances, we need to produce better, and it starts with me. So that’s what we’ll do.”



  1. Oldflyer says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about. I listened to him. Yeah, he said you had to get points; but, he took responsibility just like he has after every loss.

    It is bad enough without distortion.

  2. SW FL Joe says:

    So Pease and Davis are officially under the bus. Maybe our defensive Guru headcoach, whose D lost by giving up 0 yards passing, should join them

  3. Champ supporter says:

    Is that wrong for him to do? Placing the blame on the offense, are you saying that’s wrong?

    • I’m saying he’s making Pease into a sacraficial lamb. Muschamp’s offense gave up 429 yards today, fourth-most rushing yards in school history. That’s why Florida lost. Offense is wrecked with injuries.

      • Ziggy says:

        And the defense wasn’t? A scout team LB playing next to a true freshman LB isn’t exactly ideal. I didn’t even know Jon Bullard was out too.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        by offense, I think you mean offensive defense! Absolutely staggering how poorly they handled something they KNEW was coming at them and defenders couldn’t even get the basics of who they were supposed to cover on the option. So many blown assignments.

      • Champ supporter says:

        What would you do in this situation? And again, is that wrong?

  4. Luke says:

    Florida gator through and through. We’ll he blasted next week, but either this staff will turn it around or we’ll (hopefully) make Strong the next head coach.

    We can’t really go down from this season, so only good times ahead.

  5. Brendon says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for continuing your fantastic coverage of the program despite the negativity and disappointment surrounding it. For all the fans out there, remember that as frustrating as Gator Nation is we cannot take this out on the players. They are 18-23 year old KIDS playing their hearts out. Furthermore, they are the future of this program. Lift them up so they can return next year and represent UF in the manner we are used to.

    Quick question for Adam: If Muschamp were fired and you were AD who would you have as your Top 3 choices for new head coach?

    For the readers, please realize that I am asking Adam for his opinion and not what he thinks Foley’s top three choices will be.

    In all kinds of weather!


    • You’re welcome.

      It’s a good question. I don’t think my top two choices – Sumlin and Briles in that order – would leave their current jobs. Sumlin is on his way to the NFL sooner than later and Briles wants to stay in the state of Texas.

      • nugent1021 says:

        Well, while we’re talking about it…. What do you think of J Franklin?

      • Ziggy says:

        Why Sumlin? If it weren’t for Manziel, TAMU would be in the bottom half of the division with that crappy defense

      • Ken (CA) says:

        I would think Charlie Strong would/should be on the short list. He knows UF expectations, he is used to them, and he has proven his success in continuing to recruit Florida while at Louisville and has proven he understands what it takes to be a head coach. Not to mention, he truly is a defensive genius who also understands the concept of not having an inept offense.

  6. Champ supporter says:

    Someone has to be sacrificed!!!

  7. Rob says:

    Pease is gone! Young team, recruiting will be fine, but need a real offense. Yes, I understand the D today. Embarrassing but we will rise again and Muschamp will be coach. In all kinds of weather…

  8. Geoff says:

    Remember all the Driskell haters? Man I miss him. At least he ran a mediocre offense last year.

    • Champ supporter says:

      I thought I was the only one who really misses that dude!

    • GatorGrad98 says:

      The performance of the team this year says a lot about what Driskoll had to deal with last year, in terms of the coaches & what he was asked to run. Those close wins last year was not his fault!!! I predict that kid will shine next year under a new, better regime!!! GO GATORS, but i can’t wait for this season to end!!!

  9. Champ supporter says:

    I am coming down off the ledge. I really am not sure if Muschamp will be fired. However, I do see some offensive changes coming. The harsh reality is that we are witnessing a young coach experience some very tough growing pains. What sucks for Gator fans is that he is experiencing this at the university of Florida! Florida will recover, but we must suffer a little while longer.

    I know it’s embarrassing that we lost to GS which should have an inferior roster, but when was the last time this Gator team played like they were the University of Florida? Where was the juice!!! That wasn’t the team that played South Carolina. I wanna see a coach light into someone. I wanna see a leader chew on somebody. I just wanna see some juice in addition to seeing a new offensive philosophy! LOL

  10. aziatic41 says:




    • Ken (CA) says:

      Everyone stop with the silly Petrino wish list. We want someone who actually has the moral character to practice what they preach to these kids so it isn’t just monkey see monkey do trash and arrests again. If he were to make a change, I wouldn’t see him going in-conference either, as that hasn’t typically been his style.

      Adam – is Foley a state university employee or does he answer directly to the UAA? That could have a major impact on whether Muschamp stays or goes as well.

  11. Rob says:

    Can’t wait to finally afford good season tickets from one of the crying alum and then make back my money on 2 games next year when the fair weather fans return looking for tix. Did someone mention Mullen? Ha

  12. KB says:

    Yeah… this one is inexcusable for sure.
    The inept offense, the horrible backup QB situation, the lack of discipline on the field, the lack of play makers, the lack of development, and we could go on an on.
    It is all at his feet as the leader of the program, for which I think he is a good guy and coach, but his problems seems to be he is not equipped to run a big program like UF for his first head coaching gig. The job may have been too big and having never been the man in charge of running a program before he seemed to be to rigid in his ways for never having head coaching experience doing things his way and being successful at it before. It is sad because I think Will had some good qualities and a great recruiter to be a solid head coach but at the end of the day you have to get the job done and put a quality product out there for the university. This embarrassing loss may be the straw that broke Champs back.

    Here are my top candidates I would like to see UF go after.

    1. Kevin Sumlin… thought he should have gotten a real look before the Champ hire.
    2. Bob Stoops
    3. Charlie Strong
    4. Steve Sarkisian
    4. Greg Schiano (let’s face it he is just waiting on the pink slip)
    5. Rich Rodriguez
    6. Tommy Tuberville

  13. Still Supporting Muschamp says:

    As bad as this is right now, Muschamp is still a great coach. I like him being the leader of our team.

    Our offense is our weakest link and needs the fixing. Yes, we have been hampered by injuries but that shouldn’t be an excuse at Florida. Brent Pease came from a program that knows how to move the ball. Muschamp needs to allow Pease to open up the offense. If we are limited on that because of the injuries then the summer wasn’t as productive as it needed to be. All of our coaches at each offensive position have a pedigree of teaching future NFL players, so obviously they are teaching them quality skills.

    We all were excited when we got Driskell, Pease, and Muschamp. However, with each of these there have been growing pains. You guys have been very quick to turn your back on each when things didn’t go as we had hoped. But sometimes things just suck! It will get better. After we beat FSU on Saturday, we get to start working on next year!

    Be positive, and GO GATORS!!!

    • TST says:

      I am being ‘Positive’. I’m ‘positivity’ sure Boom is a bust . In All kinds of Weather , we must saving U of F . Time is wasting !!

  14. Still Supporting Muschamp says:

    Also, Adam this is a great site and as a UF fan living around Chattanooga, TN, it’s great to find great info on here!

    Thank you!!

  15. gradygator says:

    I’ve been a gator fan all my life and today was certainly one of the lowest points I can remember but I am not surprised and I have not lost faith. Many are calling for a new HBC and I understand the frustration–today certainly did not help. However, Champ has more football IQ that all the guys on this site (authors/contributors included). Saban entrusted Champ with the keys to his defense b/c he knew the kind of coach WM has the potential to be. Let’s face it, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE would have predicted an 11-2 season last year. Honestly, the team sucked! There were no TEBOWS and no HARVINS, no EMMiTTS and no WUERFELS and our HBC found a way to get the most out of the very limited talent he had. We had 1 and ONLY 1 playmaker (Gillislee) on that team and he would not have started at any of the other major SEC schools. Urban Liar never even consider playing Gilli–I loved him and he was great but he wasn’t an elite back like with see at Bama i.e., Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Yeldon, Lacy, etc. Despite the overall lack of talent, they went 11-1 in the regular season and had one of the single greatest turnarounds from the prior year in all of football. Luck, I don’t think so. Will Muschamp CAN COACH. He brought in a great staff–many of those guys are former NFL ballers, coaches (our DC is at Seattle with Pete Carrol), and we have a couple of Sabanites (Davis). I realize Pease has not worked out. Yes, i get it. And Weiss didn’t either. I get it. But Weiss has two Super Bowl rings and is good enough for Belicheck and that’s good enough for me. Same goes with Pease, Saban and Champ had a tug of war over him and we WON? Looking back, we all realize that we didn’t win anything but my point is again, if he was good enough for Petersen at Boise and for Saban at Bama, then he can’t be that much of an idiot as we all think. Clearly though, he has to go. But I just don’t know how you can blame Champ. He is a student of the game with great pedigree and NFL experience. He has hired some well respected guys with some big names. He’s a very good recruiter. Finally, he’s very passionate about the game and OUR school. Many of you blame all our country’s problems on Bush. I don’t, but here, i think it is fair to say that WM inherited a “broken team” from UL. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time to put it back together again. Pease won’t be here but if he were, I think Driskel could have a pretty good year. He’s a gifted athlete that was prone to making some not so good decisions. But he is accurate, highly mobile and was finally beginning to fully understand the offense. Kelvin Taylor, Matt Jones, Lane and hopefully Dalvin Cook are going to be a strong stable of backs. We’ve got some good young receivers if they can stay focused and out of trouble. I’m optimistic, that once we are healthy again we can be a very good team. What does that look like? South Carolina, Georgia, LSU. It means your in the picture and the race but your not at that elite level. Hopefully, you all don’t get to down on the team–it can only hurt. WM is not going anywhere until the end of 2014. Let’s support him and the hardworking guys on the team. Realize that the injuries have been of epic proportions and that no one can deliver on our expectations with as many injuries as they have incurred. We’re gonna take a beating at FSU–don’t be surprised. But after that, we have time to heal, time to recruit and re-group. I am very confident that WM has the football IQ to lead the turnaround, bring in a proven OC and get this team back to top SEC form. Given his success last year, I think he deserves the trust and confidence from all of us that he can get it done.

    • TST says:

      Sorry ! U seem to bet on resume . Not results ! Boom is a bust , totally

    • DiehardGator says:

      You lost all credibility when you said Driskell was accurate — guy couldn’t throw a ball into the ocean. We’re at least three years away from QB play that is decent enough to win the SEC East.

  16. Alex says:

    The injury excuse is played out. We were pretty much at full strength vs Miami and they beat us.

    Our program is declining at an unprecedented rate.

    Furthermore, how could this idiot blame the offense when the D gave up 500 yds rushing?

    Moreover, The last thing I ever thought would happen is happening, the UF fan base has given up. Very sad to witness a barren stadium on Saturday. All that smack we used to talk about Miami and FSU is now hitting us in the face.

    We have become irrelevant, boring, predictable and the joke of the SEC.

    It will now be 5 years since we won an SEC title. Welcome to the new normal I guess.

  17. Still Supporting Muschamp says:

    Well said, Gradygator!

  18. gatorboi352 says:

    So if the program was “broken” when Muschamp took over, what is the state of it today?

    Worst move of Foley’s career was that mid season vote of confidence the other week.

    • G2 says:

      Now he (Foley) is stuck otherwise looks like a bigger fool if he pulls the trigger on WM. There’s no good excuse for this debacle. It started with urban, now has worsened to the point of the Zooker moment we saw against GS. At least he lost to an SEC team on the road.
      Someones got to get the axe here, guess its the offense side but the D sucks also and that’s on him. On a team loaded with 4* players what we are seeing is a total joke. Next week will be payback for last year, at this rate they can name the score. Only hope we have is Jimbo takes it easy on his buddy and doesn’t run up the score.

  19. Tguygator says:

    I’ve never witnessed a team w/ such a lack of leadership on and off field. WM hung his head on sidelines when should have been rallying the guys. D has been missing tackles all year. They have shown lack of discipline in staying w/ assignments all year.

    Did you see size difference in our O-line? Should have pushed smaller GS all over the field. Still could not run nor have more than 3 seconds to throw against GS. This should NEVER happen to us 5 years from a NC. Heartbreaking. Next week will be a mustard/ketchup bloodbath in the swamp. He’s run our great program in the ground.

    Where’s Dwayne Dixon? Best WR coach we ever had. This is very painful to watch and experience.

  20. aziatic41 says:

    Muschamp has lost the support of the fans. And not because of the losses but because of his stubborness and bad attitude towards them. If he stays, Florida Field will be empty all next year.

  21. Still Supporting Muschamp says:

    Hey Alex, if our offense had scored off of the turnovers created by the defense and had scored instead of punting a couple of times, we would’ve won by 30 or so.

    Hey Adam, wasn’t Brian White the OC at Wisconson before coming to UF? Seems like the Ron Dayne heavy offense from UW would be exactly what Muschamp wants. Why didn’t he get a better look at OC?

  22. Gatorgrad79 says:

    I am positively positive that this has set us back in recruiting 5 to 10 years.

  23. gradygator says:

    I am not a Kool-Aid drinker. But we all need to put on our REALITY glasses. No the injury “excuse” is not played out. Look what injuries did to Georgia. You can’t expect to perform at an elite level when all they guys that were getting reps during the Spring and Fall camps are sitting on the sideline with injuries. The Offensive Line has been decimated and we all know this is a line of scrimmage league. To make matters worse, our clear starter at QB and his backup are out–we are playing a guy who was probably sent here by his dad (OC Coordinator at NY Jets) to learn from a guy he respects, Brent Pease. Do you really think Marty Morningweg sends his son to an OC and a HBC he doesn’t respect? We are starting a RB who was in highschool not even 12 months ago and 4th on the depth chart. And we are missing our speedster and one of the nations best special teams playmakeers. How is this played out? To make matters worse, we were out our starting MLB (morrison) then his replacement (Taylor) and had to put in a true freshmen to make his first start against a challenging offense. Furthermore, he was playing alongside a walk-on also playing for the first time. HOW CAN THIS NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT. Try fighting someone with your arms behind your back and then tell me it is played out. Trust me, I’m pissed to. We lost to Miami and I live in Miami. To me that was the lowest low. But the offense did move the ball which suggests to me that when we are healthy we have potential. I am not happy, nobody is but we have coaches and players that can get this turned around. We also have some high character blue chip recruits that have not wavered their committement. Let’s support these guys and they will make us proud again.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      injury excuse absolutely is played out. Georgia may not be elite but they didn’t lose to an FCS opponent. GS had a TOTAL of 46 scholarship players available yesterday. That is just a little more than half as many as we had. Of those, most of the scholarships went to kids who didn’t even rank in any of the recruiting watch sites, while our “worst” scholarship players are 3 star “projects”. There is absolutely no excuse to blame injuries for what happened yesterday.

  24. Gatorgrad79 says:

    noles will hang a hundred on us if they want to and considering they scored 80 yesterday they probably want to….

  25. Still Supporting Muschamp says:

    I think if there is any fight left in our team, it will be displayed this Saturday. This game is our defacto bowl game and I hope we want revenge for a rough season. Also, I would hope our players want to wreck the NC hopes of FSU, and the Heisman for Winston.

    Our secondary is strong. If we can slow down the run and create turnovers through the air, we have a chance.

  26. aziatic41 says:


    Do you think fans will come to the game if Muschamp is retained season ? Thats the big question.

    We have been dominated by 2 teams this year with freshman qbs. Injuries are not an excuse!

    I live in South Carolina and Georgia Southern has lost to two schools from this state this year. Wofford College and Furman University, whom are both two of the smallest subdivision schools in the entire country. And we lose to Georgia Southern ? So you mean to tell those two schools have more talent than the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA ?

  27. Alex says:

    We could bicker all day, he isn’t going anywhere. Foley is responsible for this mess.

    If you think next year is going to be any better I don’t know what else to say.

    • ryan says:

      alex, i’m not as mad at foley. under him he’s pulled in more d1 championships than under any other AD. i think the good ole boy program is just going to keep muschamp around longer than it should, and if florida had any decent coaching prospects right now his 1000% statements might be worded a little differently.

  28. Gatoralum88 says:

    I’m “1000% convinced”…Foley is a pompous a** and an idiot.
    I’m “1000% convinced”…Machen couldn’t care less about what’s happening.
    I’m “1000% convinced”…The Chump will never win even an SEC East championship let alone anything bigger.
    I’m “1000% convinced”…The Crimin-Noles will administer an EPIC a** whoopin’ on the Gatots next Saturday.
    The Chump needs to “get a grip” on the next speeding train outta here ASAP!
    I’ve seen enough!!! Where there’s a Will, THERE’S NO WAY!9

  29. gradygator says:

    AZ 41, you’re right that attendance may suffer. I would expect true gator fans to support the team (players) early in the season in the hopes of a fresh beginning. If they win, play hard, and play well others will jump back on the bandwagon. If they stumble, take on water, etc then WM gets canned and most of you get your wish.

    My concern is that i like WM. He’s passionate about the school, the players and the game. I don’t want a sleazeball like Petrino (love his style of game though) and i never want to see another Urban Liar. WM is a much better choice to lead the program but as well all know, he’s learning on the job. He’s a defensive guru–despite what we saw on Sat– so that side of the game is covered. Now he needs to focus on an OC that can perform and we have a winning package.

    I was in school during the SOS year and I went to a lot of practices back in the day. I wish we would have brought him back but i digress. He was an OC all the way. Actually a QB coach, not a true HBC as he likes to be called. He payed no attention to the defense and it took him several tries to find a good fit for our team. HOKE was a JOKE–even bigger that Pease. The Zooker was horendous hence he was demoted. It wasn’t until Bob Stoops came into town that we were able to stop teams and win the big games. But I remember Spurrier always struggling with that side of the ball. he always wanted the ball back but he couldn’t always get it. He reached out to Beamer at VT and got a no thank you Same goes with the guy at Vandy, Woody ?. In other words, he had to do some tweeking. I think WM is in the same place. He’s got defense figured out, he needs to find an OC and let him do his thing. With the right hire, we can be very very strong in the future.

    I took Jimbo Fisher a little time to get things right at FSU–he was one player away and no he’s got that guy. We are in a similar position. Will Grier will be a force in a couple of years. Dalvin Cook and KT will be deadly 1/2 combo. Fulwood and DRobinson on the edge. It looks good but gonna take time my friends.

    Finally, to answer your question. Clearly Georgia Southern does not have the same talent as UF, that is a great point and difficult to refute. But even though we have some young raw talent, experience trumps guys that are too young and have been thurst in to the game too early to understand assignments. Many of you will say that its coaching but there are limits to the # of pracitces alloweds and you can only work in so many reps. Those reps go to the 1st and 2s not the 3s, 4s and 5s. No matter how talented some of those 3,4 and 5’s are, if they are not getting reps they won’t be ready. It makes the injury bug very challenging. Due to injuries we had a guy who WASN’T EVEN ON THE ROSTER playing LINEBACKER, David Campbell in his FIRST GAME ever. And yes he;s a WALKON playing next to Alex Anzalone a freshman who’s been out most of the season due to injury and would have most likely been redshirted. It’s very possible that Georsgia Souther had more talent at their linebacker position during the game.

    Clearly the results though are unacceptable and changes need to be made however, given the circumstances (productive 2012), good recruiting and key injuries this year I think it is fair to let them carry out their vision with their players.

    • TST says:

      Fair ? He’s paid 3 Mill a year to win games .
      Think of Cook and Taylor playing under a true Offensive minded HBC . Would be Great football .
      JF dropped the ball and Boom can’t pick it up ..

  30. ??? says:

    Adam, I saw on another forum that there have been some fights in the locker room during the games. Have you heard anything like that?

  31. ryan says:

    at some point muschamp owes the fans an apology. i feel like we hear “the offense will get better” but for 3 years we have run the ball up the middle 3 out of 4 downs. pease never called plays like this at boise state. this is muschamp forcing his will on the OC. under muschamp we have only scored over 30 points eight times and 3 of those times were against FCS teams. that’s just sad. call me when we stop running plays from a 1970’s big ten football playbook with the occasional jet sweep thrown in there and maybe i’ll turn the tv back on.

  32. ryan says:

    on another note, last night when i heard muschamp say “the triple option takes talent out of the equation”, i kind of laughed and thought to myself, if you can’t beat a team without talent no matter what play they run, then what business do you have coaching a division 1 school.

  33. adamsbombs says:

    I agree with you that Muschamp is putting the blame on the offense, and that his comment about not pointing fingers contradicts that emphasis on the offense’s (obvious) shortcomings.

    The defense had big problems against the triple option. BUT…looking over the stats, I can see where Muschamp is coming from when the offense is infecting the rest of the team: In the 2nd and 3rd quarter, as GSU’s offense was getting traction in its triple-option attack, Gator offense was impotent, punting on 5 straight possessions IN WHICH THEY REGISTERED ONLY 2 FIRST DOWNS. THis pathetic streak was only broken by a consolation 3rd quarter FG after the offesne failed to fully capitalize on Patton’s KR and the subsequent 1st and goal situation.

    In other words, at a time in the game when the Gator D needed to be making adjustments or needed a breather to better contend wiith the triple-option, the offense was making it harder by having so many short possessions in a row.

    A few other observations on the relative performance of the offense and defense:

    1. Against the triple-option, the Gator D gave up (just) 3 costly big-yardage plays leading to TDs…but what killed them was their inability to force any of those drives into FGs. The triple option creates big plays. Of the 429 yards of rushing (and total) offense allowed, more than 1/3 of the damage was done on three plays of more than 40 yards on three separate drives, which registered or led to TDs. Perhaps the bigger problem was that the Gator D only was able to force 10 third downs in 11 GSU possessions. (Gator D was pretty good on 3rd down, alloowing GSU to go just 3/10.)

    2. Field position: While the average starting field position stats aren’t especially striking, two of the four GSU TD drives started at midfield, including the only scoring drive that didn’t include a play of more than 20 yards.

    3. Gator offense had just two good scoring drives (including one that started after Gator D forced a TO on downs); the others were teed up by the defense or special teams.

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