Florida Gators 2013 spring practice depth chart

By Adam Silverstein
March 12, 2013

Readers may be excited to take a first look at the Florida Gators 2013 spring practice depth chart (see below). Don’t be. As he explained in each of his first two springs with the program, head coach Will Muschamp repeated Wednesday that he does not put a lot of stock in the spring’s first depth chart. In fact, back in 2011, he said it is “not worth the paper it is printed on.” In other words, the depth chart below is just a starting-off point for 2013 and plenty can change between now and the start of the season. Nevertheless, below is the depth chart as it was presented on March 12.

“Obviously we gave you a depth chart. I know it’s just the most critical thing that’s going to happen in the next 12 months of your year,” Muschamp said Tuesday.

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Florida omitted players who are injured and not participating at all in spring practice. A list of those players can be found at the end of this post.


QB: 6 Jeff Driskel, 10 Tyler Murphy, 17 Skyler Mornhinweg
RB: 24 Matt Jones, 33 Mack Brown, 21 Kelvin Taylor
FB: 43 Hunter Joyer, 29 Rhaheim Ledbetter* OR 25 Gideon Ajagbe*
WR (X): 1 Quinton Dunbar, 4 Andre Debose, 11 Demarcus Robinson
WR (Z): 15 Loucheiz Purifoy*, 88 Solomon Patton^, Raphael Andrades
F Position: 8 Trey Burton, 13 Latroy Pittman, 30 Michael McNeely
TE: 88 Clay Burton, 87 Tevin Westbrook, 18 Kent Taylor, 84 Colin Thompson

LT: 70 D.J. Humphries, 63 Trip Thurman
LG: 76 Max Garcia, 64 Kyle Koehne
C: 72 Jonotthan Harrison, 64 Kyle Koehne
RG: 67 Jon Halapio^, 64 Kyle Koehne
RT: 73 Tyler Moore, 98 Quinteze Williams*


DE: 2 Dominique Easley, 90 Jonathan Bullard, 94 Bryan Cox, Jr.
NT: 44 Leon Orr, 55 Darious Cummings
DT: 4 Damien Jacobs, 91 Joey Ivie
Buck DE: 6 Dante Fowler, Jr., 95 Alex McCalister
SLB: 49 Darren Kitchens, 11 Neiron Ball^, 28 Jeremi Powell
MLB: 12 Antonio Morrison, 34 Alex Anzalone
WLB: 51 Michael Taylor, 13 Daniel McMillian

CB: 5 Marcus Roberson, 8 Jeremy Brown
CB: 14 Jaylen Watkins, 24 Brian Poole
Nickel CB: 24 Brian Poole, 31 Cody Riggs, 14 Jaylen Watkins
Dime CB: 20 Marcus Maye, 10 Valdez Showers
S: 31 Cody Riggs, 20 Marcus Maye
S: 21 Jabari Gorman, 10 Valdez Showers


K: 97 Brad Phillips OR 16 Austin Hardin
P: 44 Kyle Christy, 39 Todd Fennell
H: 8 Trey Burton, 10 Tyler Murphy
LS: 46 Drew Ferris, 43 Kyle Crofoot
KR: 4 Andre Debose OR 15 Loucheiz Purifoy
PR: 5 Marcus Roberson, 8 Trey Burton


» Ledbetter (safety) and Ajagbe (linebacker) are both working at fullback for the first seven days of practice. Ledbetter also played running back in high school, while Ajagbe has yet to find a long-term position with the Gators. “Both of those guys, the first seven days are going to give a shot at fullback and kind of see where we are,” Muschamp said. “Rhaheim played running back in high school, is very effective, catches the ball well. He’s got lower body punch and power. Gideon has not contributed much for us on defense since he’s been here and he deserves the opportunity to try and get in a situation to help us.”

» Purifoy will play receiver exclusively for the first seven days of practice but remains a starting cornerback for now. “Loucheiz will play the first seven days full-time as a receiver,” Muschamp said. “I felt like, again, a guy that hasn’t been full-time at that position, it would be good for him to go through the first seven days. […] They watch film in our league, too, so you can’t just always put Loucheiz in and throw a screen and run a reverse with him every time he’s in the game. We need to expand his package if we’re going to continue to move forward. He will still remain a corner on our football team, but he’s going to do the first seven days [on offense].”

» Williams, who was expected to be in the mix at defensive tackle, will give playing offensive line a go early in spring practice. “Quinteze Williams is a young man who we wanted to move over to the offensive line. A guy that’s got some size and girth to him, he’s going to continue to gain weight,” Muschamp said. “We felt like his opportunities at offensive line were going to be better than on the defensive line. He wanted to make that move.”


» 67 Jon Halapio (knee) – “We feel like he will be ready to go [Wednesday] as far as spring ball is concerned,” Muschamp said. “He may be a little limited in some contact early in spring but certainly will be released after that.”

» 83 Solomon Patton (arm) – “Solomon Patton will be limited through the spring with the broken arm,” Muschamp said. “[He] has been a very effective player for us, really hurt us offensively when we lost him in the Georgia game last year. He was a guy that made a lot of plays for us on special teams and on offense. He’s a guy that I’m excited to get back. He will be non-contact all of spring.”

» 11 Neiron Ball (ankle) – Muschamp did not get into specifics on Ball but said he expects him to be able to practice when everything begins on Wednesday.


» 75 Chaz Green (ankle) – “Chaz will miss spring with the ankle surgery he had after the bowl game,” Muschamp said. “It was a little more serious than we thought. He will be fine for fall. We’re just going to hold him through spring right now.”

» 7 Ronald Powell (ACL) – Muschamp did not get into specifics on Powell, but he is still recovering from his ACL injury and is likely being held out both to further his rehab and as a precaution against re-aggravating the injury. He may participate in non-contact work if anything.

» 9 Matt Rolin (ACL) – Muschamp did not get into specifics on Rolin, but he is expected to take a redshirt for his freshman season as he recovers from ACL surgery.

» 77 Ian Silberman (shoulder) – Muschamp did not get into specifics on Silberman, but he is still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery and will likely only participate in non-contact work.


  1. cline says:

    Is Ronald Powell just being held out as precaution?

  2. Alex says:

    I give it three practices before Robinson passes Debose on the depth chart

  3. MAR says:

    I disagree with Robinson passing Debose. AD has shown flashes of greatness. More so in his sophomore season, but hopefully he uses his senior year to show what he can do consistently. I think he will be thrown to more this year as there should be more of a deep passing game. Just because Robinson was a highly rated recruit means nothing. Debose was rated higher and he hasn’t lived up to it yet. However, it has been tough for him with all the HC, OC and QB changes.

    • Mr2Bits says:

      The only reason why you and others are obsessed with Debose is because of his HS 5 star rating. Sure we were all excited but he has proven for the last 3+ years that he is not that caliber of player and he is not willing to put in what it takes. It is becoming an annoying obsession with his development and I wish people would move on. If he were a 3 star, nobody would care that he is not on the field. The sooner everyone accepts he just has not worked out as a top WR and we have better options the better our expectations will be!

      • Michael Jones says:

        Really? You don’t think that his school-record and tied-for-SEC-record 4 career kickoff returns for touchdowns have anything to do with our “obsession?” Or that he currently holds the UF career kickoff return average record, and is second in SEC history? How about the way he so easily torched the vaunted Bama secondary in Gainesville on that bomb from Brantley? To the contrary, he has definitely shown he is “that caliber of a player” and he is every bit as gifted as he was touted to be.

        On the other hand, I agree with you that something isn’t right and hasn’t been for awhile. Like Adam said, these coaches deserve the benefit of the doubt, so I can only assume that they’re seeing (or not seeing) something from him in practice that’s kept him from getting thrown to in games. My hope is that Joker Phillips will somehow reach the kid and that 2013 will be a break out year for him. I’m pulling for Andre Debose. . not to mention that what’s good for him is also good for our Gators.

  4. MAR says:

    He’s a senior and I’m not giving up on him. I believe great college teams start with senior leadership. I think we need him to step up. If he were just giving up, I don’t think he would be on the team. I could care less about his high school ranking, I think that is meaningless. I just know I have seen flashes of greatness from him and I’d like to see more. Go ahead and move on. I did see his name on the depth chart and we will see him on the field.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Agree with you 100%, Mar. The kid’s on scholarship, he is exceptionally gifted as is easy to see, he’s a senior, and he’s a Gator. Why wouldn’t we continue to pull for him? I’ve just got this gut feeling that Joker Phillips, with his extraordinary background as and with receivers (and as a head coach), will somehow develop a special relationship with the kid and solve whatever is wrong with his attitude, work ethic, ability to grasp the offense. . who knows what it is. . but hopefully Joker can fix it.

      My understanding from what I’ve read is that Debose has 1st round NFL skills if he can get whatever is wrong upstairs straightened out.

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