Follow Florida vs. Georgia LIVE via twitter (and Kiffin harshly reprimanded by commish Slive)

By Adam Silverstein
October 31, 2009

Whether you want to be the first to know what color uniforms the No. 1 Florida Gators are wearing, will be stepping away from the television and need score updates or just want extra coverage and game information in addition to what CBS will provide Saturday afternoon, ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive has you covered. Visit us on twitter for live updates throughout the game:

Additionally, OGGOA has come across a copy of the letter SEC commissioner Mike Slive sent Tennessee Volunteers head coach Lane Kiffin last week following his criticizing of conference officials. Slive verbally smacks down Kiffin big-time here. Could not think of anyone more deserving.

It is your responsibility as a coach to comply with the policies of the Southeastern Conference and to know the football playing rules.

Since it is clear from your public comments that you believe this letter “mean(s) nothing,” let me be equally as clear to you. The next time you, or a member of your staff, make public comments of this nature, you will be suspended from all coaching duties for one or more games, and the institution may be subjected to a substantial fine.

I also remind you that this is your second public reprimand in your brief tenure as Tennessee’s head football coach, and on both occasions, you were wrong about the applicable rules.

Special thanks to The Birmingham News for doing the actual reporting.


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