CHOMPING: On Spikes, Lil’ Wayne lyrics and Slive

By Adam Silverstein
November 2, 2009

Covering the Florida Gators as close as I do every day, I often find the need to vent regarding some of the coverage the team receives, what occurs on the field or things that happen as it relates to the Gators. Normally I will express these opinions outside of OGGOA, but on rare occasions like this, I feel the need to put my thoughts into print.

1. Brandon Spikes’ eye gouge incident

Did Spikes eye gouge Georgia Bulldogs running back Washaun Ealey? You bet he did. Does he deserve to be held accountable and handed a suspension and/or punishment for his actions? Of course he does. (He has been suspended for the first half Saturday against the Vanderbilt Commodores.) My issue comes with the media coverage and fan reaction to this incident. Ladies and gentlemen, this is football. If you think that a dozen eye gouge attempts (and worse actions) do not go on every game in piles and at the end of plays – you are kidding yourselves. Spikes’ issue is that he did it where people could see it. He also happens to play for the No. 1 team in the country – a team that is one of the most hated in the nation. People are up in arms about Spikes’ eye gouge like it was as bad as Oregon Ducks’ RB LeGarrette Blount’s post-game punch. It wasn’t. Punishment was deserved. Don’t rake this guy over the coals for feeling he needed retribution for the eye gouges and helmet rip-offs he experienced all game long at the hands of Georgia. At some point, anger and the need for retribution do take over. Even so, there are no legitimate excuses for his actions. He is not the only one at fault here, though he is the only one who will receive punishment.

2. Lil’ Wayne gives Lane Kiffin a shout out on new mixtape [after the jump…]

Good job, Lane. Lil’ Wayne gave you a shout out on his latest mixtape. “Smoke weed, talk shit like Lane Kiffin” is the line. He complimented your smack-talking abilities, not your coaching. He referenced the fact that you can’t keep your mouth shut, not your ability on the sidelines or success of your team. ESPN went on-and-on about the reference this weekend, saying how it will help Kiffin in recruiting.

It is interesting that ESPN decided to ignore another reference on the same mixtape. On a better song (in my opinion), Wayne gives Gators senior quarterback Tim Tebow a lyric of his own. “I do it for my team [like] Tim Tebow [n-word] / I’m killing this shit, grim reap-flow.” So while Lane’s mouth gets a shout-out on one end, Tebow’s play and ability earned him one on the other side. What is more important to these players? Exposure for their play on the field, or being overshadowed by their coach’s “celebrity” and penchant for getting himself in trouble?

3. SEC officiating and coaches’ reactions

Speaking of Kiffin getting in trouble, I wanted to commend Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive for his swift and decisive action on two occasions this week. First, for his written smackdown letter of reprimand to Kiffin for continuing to speak out about conference officiating, and secondly for increasing the punishment on coaches who do just that. Some of the SEC’s officials have been downright awful this year. And yes, in some instances, the “better” teams in the conference have appeared to receive favorable calls. The fact of the matter is that bad calls are made all the time. There is no collusion. The only thing worse than bad officiating is a coach who complains about it and tries to use it as an excuse for his team losing a game.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    The whole Spikes thing is going to be a losing battle. There is only one side to this story that every gator hater out there is willing to see and talk about. They don’t give a shit his face was nearly taken off, his hair pulled and that Tebow was poked in the eyes and choked. I’m not defending Spikes actions as I think he should be done for the full game next week but the media and bloggers are intent about making it sound like Spikes did this unprovoked.

  2. Chris C. says:

    Kiffin is the man.

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    And sometimes the woman…

  4. Joe J says:

    Unbelieveable that you gator fans defend this thug. Yes, it is football. And it does not happen all the time. Spikes should be removed for the remainder of the season. Not counting the assault and battery charges that he should face. He’s a thug, playing on a team of thugs. How does Tebow fit in with these idiots? The guy from Oklahoma State tells a lie and gets suspended for the year…the guy from Oregan State sucker punches an opponent and gets suspended for the remainder of the year…Spike assaults a man and gets sit for 30 minutes against Vandy. Amazing. Spikes has tarnished his university tremendously. Urban Meyer should be ashamed for taking this so lightly, the firestorm has just started. The talking heads will now rip this punk apart, and it will be justified totally.

  5. While I appreciate your comment, you seem to be very misguided on this subject. First of all, the player you are trying to compare him to is from Oregon, not Oregon State. Secondly, I haven’t found a single person on this Web site that has “defended” Spikes. As for you saying “it does not happen all the time,” you are blatantly incorrect. It does. It happens dozens of times each game. And worse happens too. Especially at the bottom of piles. Even the “talking heads” who you point out have said that while what Spikes did was wrong have ALSO said taht this happens throughout every football game. Look on Sportscenter and PTI for examples of people saying just that. You have taken what is seemingly a bias against the Gators to an extreme level. And you have extrapolated Spikes’ one bad judgment to the entire team by calling them “these idiots.” I suggest you take a second look at your comments and re-evaluate your opinion on this issue. You have certainly gone over the line and exaggerated tremendously. Thanks for stopping by.

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