Gators receive no votes in Top 25 polls

By Adam Silverstein
October 16, 2011

The Oklahoma Sooners held on to their season-long No. 1 spot in the USA Today Coaches Poll, while the LSU Tigers kept the No. 1 ranking they earned from the Associated Press when the latest top 25 polls were released on Sunday. The Florida Gators (4-3, 2-3 SEC), fresh off three-straight losses including a 17-6 defeat by Auburn on Saturday, did not receive a single vote in either poll.

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This Week 1-5: Oklahoma (31), LSU (15), Alabama (12), Wisconsin (1), Stanford
6-10: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Clemson/Oregon, Arkansas
11-15: Nebraska, South Carolina, Michigan State, West Virginia/Virginia Tech
16-20: Kansas State, Michigan, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Houston
21-25: Illinois, Penn State, Auburn, Washington, Arizona State

Last Week 1-5: Oklahoma (32), LSU (15), Alabama (11), Wisconsin (1), Stanford
6-10: Boise State, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Oregon, Michigan
11-15: Arkansas, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Nebraska, Illinois
16-20: West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Michigan State, Arizona State
21-25: Texas, Houston, Texas A&M, Baylor, Penn State
Florida finished “No. 26” with 72 voting points.

This Week 1-5: LSU (41), Alabama (11), Oklahoma (6), Wisconsin, Boise State (1)
6-10: Oklahoma State, Stanford, Clemson, Oregon, Arkansas
11-15: West Virginia, Kansas State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Michigan State
16-20: Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Michigan, Auburn, Georgia Tech
21-25: Houston, Washington, Illinois, Arizona State, Georgia

Last Week 1-5: LSU (40), Alabama (10), Oklahoma (8), Wisconsin, Boise State (1)
6-10: Oklahoma State, Stanford, Clemson, Oregon, Arkansas
11-15: Michigan, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Nebraska, South Carolina
16-20: Illinois, Kansas State, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, Baylor
21-25 Texas A&M, Texas, Michigan State, Auburn, Houston
Florida finished “No. 26” with 86 voting points.

First Week 1-5: LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Boise State
6-10: Wisconsin, Clemson, Stanford, Arkansas, Oregon
11-15: Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, South Carolina, West Virginia
16-20: Michigan State, Texas A&M, Michigan, Houston, Auburn
21-25 Penn State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Texas, Washington

*Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.


  1. CeeThree says:

    Georgia’s ranked? the team who nearly pulled the biggest choke of all time, then started taunting and fighting VANDERBILT? Guess it goes to show it’s tough to find 25 decent teams.

  2. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Well, right now we don’t look like a Div I school, either….

    • Aligator says:

      This is our reality right now. I mean we were really and 8-4 team at the start of the season. Maybe we beat GA, maybe not. But look at SC right now, they just canned their maligned QB and lost their star running back. If JB comes back and a few people get their health back, we could do alright for the rest of the season. Next year will be much better, we have a very very young team. Just like in Urbans first year.

  3. Aligator says:

    Only place we can go is up …..

  4. g8ter27 says:

    I saw that Auburn game last year too. It was at home and Auburn was wearing Miis St.uniforms…..but it was our same team…except Weiss was dressed like Steve Addazzio then.

    • Gio Showtime says:

      lol Charlie Weis is doing the best he can with our personnel. the only real criticism is not running Gillislie more. The receivers have been open A LOT more this season than the last and I’ll give credit to the play calling. Freshman QB’s going against these SEC defenses? Yikes! That stuff might work in the Big 10 but not around these parts

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