UPDATE: Tebow’s recovery “ahead of schedule”

By Adam Silverstein
October 1, 2009

A source close to the Florida Gators has told the Orlando Sentinel that quarterback Tim Tebow is doing “much better, ahead of schedule” in his recovery from a concussion sustained last Saturday against the Kentucky Wildcats.

Just minutes ago, the University of Florida released the following statement:

“Tim continues to rest and recover. He also undergoes daily testing and we continue to monitor the resolution of his symptoms.”

Tebow will not return to action until he is asymptomatic for seven consecutive days. After telling the press that he was still suffering headaches on Tuesday, Meyer said Tebow looked “terrific” Wednesday but did not specify whether or not he was suffering any post-concussion symptoms. If Tebow was “terrific” on Wednesday and “ahead of schedule” on Thursday, one may be led to believe that his symptoms have passed. However, should Tebow suffer any symptoms again, the seven-day rest period would start over, thus rendering him inactive for next Saturday’s game against the LSU Tigers.

UPDATE: According to SportsCenter on ESPN, Meyer said Thursday that Tebow could be cleared to read the playbook and watch game film as early as the afternoon. It is unknown whether or not he did so. Since suffering his concussion, Tebow has neither read nor watched television.

OGGOA will stay on top of this story and provide the latest updates on Tebow’s condition as they become available.


  1. Kaity says:

    You have to wonder how much of this is accurate information vs. getting in Les Miles’ head. Whether or not he plays, I hope he’s asymptomatic ASAP.

  2. You make a good point. At the very least, if Tim Tebow can’t play, Urban Meyer is going to do whatever he can to use the circumstance to the Gators’ advantage. Les Miles’ cannot fully prepare for the Tebow-run offense and the Brantley-run offense, which is believed to be a line between what Alex Smith and Chris Leak each did under Meyer. Imagine having to watch twice as much film. In fact, that just gave me a good idea for a column…

  3. Kelly says:

    Meyer knows what he’s doing. I think he should wait until the very end to announce whether Tebow will be starting or even PLAYING vs. LSU. Les isn’t going to know whats going on until he officially hears the news… who knows what they are planning for… and the less they’re prepared for it, the better.

  4. Adam M. says:

    It is all a joke. We all know Tebow is fine, probably at home playing some xbox hiding out. He is superman for christ sakes. This is all a ploy so that people think he is human and have a chance against us. We will show them all!!!!

  5. Gator Growl says:

    This is my first visit to this site and I am impressed. Tim will only play when he cleared by the medical staff and I am sure that Meyer will consult with Tim and his parents if he is cleared. Regardless, I think it would be wise to “keep things under wraps” just to keep LSU guessing and having to prepare for 2 different potential game plans. I trust that between the Doctors, Coach Meyer, Tim and his family that the correct decision will be made.

  6. Obviously…all of the Gator Nation wants a “healthy” Tebow to play but at the end of the day Brantley is a stud and LSU’s defense isn’t’ that good anyways. We are going to beat the dog crap out of them either way.

    Everyone else on the team is healthy and should be rid of the flu next week…trust me I’ve watched almost every LSU outing so far; Demps, Rainey, and Moody are going to punish these guys…I think that we will have another 300 yards on the ground. GO GATORS!!!!

  7. Daniel M. says:

    Oops. I’ve been refreshing to the intro post over and over. I didn’t find the stories until I went to the home page.

  8. ZURBO says:

    Lets not forget who LSU played last week…DAN MULLEN! Urban is going to get a full de-briefing from him about LSU and will probably dominate them on offense with or without Tebow.

  9. Daniel M. says:

    Beautiful angle ZURBO! That was full turbo.

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