No. 15 is the key in Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 release

By Adam Silverstein
August 6, 2010

When Nike announced that the EA Sports NCAA Football 11 version of its Nike Trainer 1.2 sneaker, specifically designed with former Florida Gators now Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow in mind, would go on sale on Friday, Aug. 6 at, fans clamored to find out what lengths they would have to go to in order to get one of the 500 limited edition pairs.

While the company normally releases its new products at midnight, Nike had a trick up their collective sleeves Friday, putting the Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 up for sale at exactly 1:50 a.m. Ironically, the sneaker sold out almost exactly 15 minutes later (though Nike claims it only lasted five), with the item officially appearing as sold out at 2:05 a.m.

The limited edition sneaker is “up there with some of the fastest sellouts,” according to the Nike Store’s Twitter account. The accompanying “Tebow Knows” T-shirt, which was also slated to be released Friday morning, is not yet available in the online store.

The Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 features Tebow’s “Promise” speech from Sept. 27, 2008, along with a blue and orange color scheme, and EA Sports and NCAA Football 11 logos.


  1. armygator says:

    How much did the shoes go for?

  2. brlgator says:

    I loggeed on at midnight couldnt figure it out and decided theyd prob come out sometime today. I am really pissed. Did anyone get a pair? I ll buy them.

    Adam, was this the whole release or while they release them to stores?

  3. UF Warren says:

    Why doesn’t Nike just make more? They *know* they’ll obviously sell….

  4. brl – This was the whole release. There were a handful of pairs sent to some Champs B&M stores…probably Gainesville, Jacksonville and New York. I got mine.

    Warren – It is not about selling the product. It is about the publicity Nike receives from the scarcity and hoopla.

  5. RowdyReptile says:

    How ridiculously deceptive on Nike’s part.

  6. Brian E says:

    Ya i got mine this morning. the sports authority had 10 pairs to sell… i live in colorado so im sure they released it in a couple stores in florida and denver

  7. Christy says:

    The only NikeTown stores that got the shoes were in Denver, New York and Santa Monica. Saw this on their twitter page.

  8. Geoff says:

    I got mine Wednesday. I called a champs in Orlando, they had them in so I drove down and bought a few pairs.
    Called the champs back today and they said, they werent suppose to get the shoes and that they sent the ones that hadn’t sold yet back to Nike. Weird…..

  9. LUCIANA says:

    I just bought a pair off of ebay but i’m not sure if they are *authentic*. Anyone who bought them directly from Nike, how can i tell if mine are authentic? Is the “Promise” on the right heel or left? Is there a Nike patch on the inside with the style number? Help!

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