Florida Gators unveil new football uniforms that look a lot like their old ones

By Adam Silverstein
August 1, 2017
Florida Gators unveil new football uniforms that look a lot like their old ones

Image Credit: @GatorsFB on Twitter

A new season is on the horizon for Florida Gators football and with that comes a new set of uniforms. Just don’t get too excited and expect to see massive changes. While to fans the term “new uniforms” brings about thoughts of a design change, in actuality it’s the technology that is the real benefit of these threads.

The Gators will still have their three now-standard uniform designs: blue, orange and white, presumably with the long-standing orange helmet and the modern version of the white lid introduced in 2015. The font, which was changed in 2013 and a step down from the old style, also remains — as do the signature stripes.

The only cosmetic differences? The Gator Head logo and Nike swoosh flipped sides, the SEC logo in the middle of the collar has been slightly adjusted, and the Gator Head logo on the pants has been enlarged. That’s it. The image below was compiled from three shared by @GatorsFB on Twitter.

What has actually changed is the general template of the uniform, including its fabric and technological design. Florida has moved from the Nike Chainmaille to the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform, which weighs four ounces less and “repels water to maintain its light weight in wet conditions.” A “laser-perforated, stretch-woven material” has replaced the mesh in “key sweat zones” such as the stomach and lower back, which means perhaps we will no longer see those dark squares of sweat that pool around players’ bellies midway through games.

Here’s a video on the uniform created by Nike in December 2015, when the style was first released. Nike first used them in the 2016 Pro Bowl, while NFL teams switched over to them ahead of the 2017 season. Nike-sponsored college teams, like Boise State, have also moved to the Nike Vapor Untouchable ahead of this season. Some teams chose to use the occasion to update or modernize their looks. Others, like Florida, did not.

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