Wuerffel’s recovery from Guillain-Barre continues

By Adam Silverstein
July 13, 2011

A few weeks ago, Florida Gators quarterback Danny Wuerffel was diagnosed with and hospitalized for Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which, as the Mayo Clinc puts it, “your body’s immune system attacks your nerves.” Though he is not forced to stay in the hospital overnight, Wuerffel has been undergoing extensive treatment for the disease in an effort to recover from it as quickly as possible.

He continues to receive outpatient treatment and is on the road to recovery. Wednesday morning, Wuerffel released the following message to friends and fans through Desire Street Ministries, of which he is the executive director.

Dear Friends,

My wife and I continue to be blessed by your consistent love and prayers. Yesterday we spent hours going through all the wonderful cards and expressions of love we have received. We feel very loved and blessed. Thank you.


My physical body continues to make progress and I’m getting stronger. Jessica and I went for a short walk this morning (although it was followed by a 2 hour nap), and I’m doing more and more pushups each day (not too many, but probably more than my friend Hampton). I even left the house last night and went to dinner.

I have experienced incredible physical healing—God is good!


Wuerffel has requested that any gifts, donations or letters of support be made to DSM rather than him personally. Should you wish to send any of the aforementioned, please direct them to adam@, and I will forward them to the appropriate contact.

One Comment

  1. npgator says:

    The Gator Nation’s power of prayers are behind Danny’s recovery. In the movie Rudy – Rudy was praying to get into ND when the Priest informed him that praying is something we do on our time and God answers on his. That may be true but I have a feeling that God will answer Danny’s prayers in a Godspeed manner.

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