EA Sports “gets it” with NCAA Football 11 ads

By Adam Silverstein
July 8, 2010

EA Sports may not be advertising the upcoming release of NCAA Football 11 on OGGOA (heaven knows we did enough free promotion for them already), but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect what we’re all about.

Just take their advertising campaign for the video game as an example. Though we initially had a tough time locating a copy of the television commercial being aired across the country, we have finally found it thanks to the help of one of our Twitter followers. (The first few seconds of the video are what counts here.)

This online ad also showcases the theme that the company has created.

Our point? We don’t have one really. It is just cool to see OGGOA (even as a phrase) being used to promote a big-time product…just as it was last year throughout the “Finish the Mission” campaign for Nike Pro Combat apparel. Now if EA Sports would only see the value in advertising here like some of our other sponsors.

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