OGGOA Caption Contest Result: Noah/Horford

By Adam Silverstein
May 18, 2011

We received a ton of submissions for the sixth ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive caption contest celebrating our @OnlyGators Twitter account reaching 10,000 followers, and a winner has been chosen to receive a FREE Florida Gators Fathead ($100 value).

Reader Andrew E. worked hard and came away with the No. 1 spot!

Winning caption: Noah and Horford watched in silent horror as Charles Barkley commenced his pregame ritual of devouring a small, innocent child

Because we had so many good entries, honorable mentions for this contest go out to the following readers and their submissions:

Two guys who know what back-to-back is all about (Jimi B.)

Knowing Noah’s weakness from their days at Florida, Horford resorts to the awkward but effective “tickle defense” (Joelle D.)

Noah and Horford pick an inopportune time to practice their secret Oh Fours handshake (Chris D.)

OGGOA has given away multiple Florida Gators DVDs, a Florida Field rug, Game Day purse, Into the Swamp book, pieces of Gators art, T Bow Towels, Gillette Pro Fusion razors, a Turlington Scarf and other goodies throughout our 19 months of existence. There are a number of other giveaways coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Best one right here : Two guys who know what back-to-back is all about (Jimi B.)

  2. Jonathan says:

    Lame winning caption. The back to back one should’ve won.

  3. GatorCooken says:

    All the entries were good, the back to back was probably the best IMO. But congrats!

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