Chaz Green – Path to the 2015 NFL Draft: Visiting Seahawks, preparing for the big day

By Adam Silverstein
April 29, 2015

Through the 2015 NFL Draft from April 30 to May 2 in Chicago, Illinois, Florida Gators offensive lineman Chaz Green will keep you up-to-date on his Path to the Draft with exclusive comprehensive blog entries here at

Green checks in for the fifth time to discuss his final visits and last steps ahead of the draft, which he will watch from his home in Palm Harbor, Florida.

After a bunch of visits, I returned to Gainesville for a few days but only got a short rest before jumping on a plane for my final visit to Seattle. With the success the Seahawks have had the last couple years, that was a really exciting visit. I had never been to Seattle and had only been to the west coast once when I visited USC on a recruiting trip during high school. It’s a great city, great people and a first-class organization. Everyone is all about business and success.

I met with the offensive line coach [Tom Cable] one-on-one and his visit was more unique than the others because we were not even talking about football. He just asked me why I made different decisions in my life as far deciding to go to Florida or hiring an agent. He just wanted to see who I was as a person and how I think; he wasn’t really worried about the Xs and Os and the football aspects of things. I got a lot of respect for Coach Cable. He’s got a real close connection with his offensive line; it’s more about football with him. He’s always trying to do what’s best for them in terms of life and that’s definitely why they have one of the best offensive lines in the league year in and year out.

Getting to meet with Coach [Pete] Carroll again was also special. He remembered me from recruiting during high school, though I didn’t think he would. It was actually funny, there is one story I got to tell you guys. I got there last Tuesday and there were no plans to meet with any of the coaches. We got some medical tests done, went out with the scouts to have dinner at the practice facility and then got a tour of the facility.

As we’re leaving, they were showing us a couple things on the way out and they opened the door to the practice facility – it’s beautiful, 100-yard turf and everything – and at the end you see a basketball hoop and a few coaches playing basketball and really going at it. You can hear the trash talk, guys banging a little bit. All of a sudden, we see Coach Carroll down there just going hard. He had no idea we were going to pop in, so they definitely weren’t putting on a show or anything. That’s just how he operates every day.

The turnaround following the Seahawks visit was my toughest of the entire process. Immediately after the Seattle visit, I jumped on a plane that connected in Atlanta and did not arrive back in Gainesville until 1 a.m. A few hours later, I had a workout with Buffalo in Gainesville, with offensive coordinator Greg Roman coming down personally to look at me. That gave me the reassurance that I’m someone they’re heavily pursuing, so it made me feel really good.

That’s pretty much summing up all of my trips. Over the last few days, I’ve been working out and staying in shape. A bunch of teams have been calling me – including teams that I did not work out for or meet for any length of time – making sure they have proper draft day information, such as my contact information and where I’ll be watching the draft. Teams also call just to wish you luck; more than a dozen rang me up just to say “good luck,” again including teams that have not really been talking to me as much leading into the draft.

The teams showing me the most interest right now are Buffalo and Dallas but there are a bunch of other teams that are all pursuing me equally. My agent projects that I will go either late on the second day (third round) or early on the third day (fourth or fifth round). All I am doing is staying positive and enjoying the process because now everything is out of my hands.

As far as my plans for the draft go, I have my immediate family all coming to my home in Palm Harbor, Florida. We’re going to be hanging out, having a good time for all three days. No matter what round I go in, we’re going to spend those three days just having a good time, enjoying each other and the process. We’ll probably cook some good food, listen to some music and take everything in, celebrate the opportunity I will be presented with over the weekend.

It has been awesome to share my Path to the Draft with Gator Nation. I hope to be able to check in with you all at least once more after I am drafted, but it is all going to depend on how soon I have to join the team and get started. Thank you for all of your support!

Go Gators!

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  1. SaraGator says:

    Good luck, Chaz! We will be rooting for you on Sundays.

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