Chaz Green – Path to 2015 NFL Draft: Visits with Dallas, Buffalo, Atlanta, Tampa and Indianapolis

By Adam Silverstein
April 28, 2015

Through the 2015 NFL Draft from April 30 to May 2 in Chicago, Illinois, Florida Gators offensive lineman Chaz Green will keep you up-to-date on his Path to the Draft with exclusive comprehensive blog entries here at

Green checks in for the fourth time as he continued his on- and off-site visits with NFL teams from across the country.

Right after Pro Day was over, I flew out to Dallas. It was a great trip. I met the whole coaching staff. [Offensive line] coach [Frank] Pollack, after he came down to work me out in Gainesville, it was good to go up there and see him again. I met Mr. [Jerry] Jones, sat down with Coach [Jason] Garrett and had a great conversation. They showed me everything they have to offer and what it means, the tradition behind that franchise. That’s one franchise where you can definitely feel the tradition and history that comes with being a Cowboy. Overall it was a great experience. Everything definitely is bigger in Texas like they say; I definitely felt that while I was there compared to my other trips.

The first day I got there, we went to the stadium and they were actually setting up for the Country Music Awards. We went into the sky box, had dinner, meeting everyone, all the coaches and Mr. Jones. It was all about getting to know everyone and them getting to see you on a personal level.

The second day included breakfast at the practice facility and some retention testing. Coach Pollack came down to Gainesville and worked all of us out a couple weeks prior. After the workout, he taught us a protection for a couple hours and we were taking notes on it. When we were done, he actually grabbed our notes and brought them back with him.

So that day when I showed up to the practice facility and was eating breakfast, he broke out those notes I wrote a couple weeks prior and had me study them for a couple minutes. Then I had to teach them to him in front of the offensive coaching staff to see what my recall was on the protection. They said I did a real good job with that, which was part of it being a real good experience overall.

I went right from Dallas to Buffalo, and it was another great experience meeting with the Bills. They have a great coaching staff. [Offensive coordinator Greg] Roman from the 49ers, he’s an integral part of building their offense. The whole staff is real down to Earth – all those guys made it feel like home. I had a great time talking with everybody, seeing the city of Buffalo for the first time. (I had no idea it was that close to Toronto, so it was definitely interesting to go up there.)

That visit was a lot shorter than my visit to Dallas. I woke up, met the coaching staff, had breakfast, sat down in the O-line room, got taught a couple plays, went back and recalled it, wrote it back up on the board and then pretty much just hung out from there. It was a lot quicker than I expected.

I had a couple days off after those back-to-back visits, so I returned to Gainesville and continued training until Atlanta came to town. A huge group of Falcons coaches and executives visited, which was crazy. They put Max Garcia and I through a 90-minute in The Swamp. They wanted to see whether I’m an athlete, and obviously I feel like I am, so being able to show that really worked out well for me. It was a huge advantage to get that opportunity.

When we were done on the field, they took us in the weight room and they put us on these 3×3 square boards. We had to do six jumps in a row so they could measure our explosion and where our power was being generated from – is your core being activated, are you using your glutes more or your hips? After we finished that, they took us in another room and put 3D goggles on us. There were a number of balls laid out on the screen and two of them would get highlighted and you actually had to follow the balls and see if your eyes could follow when they scatter around. It kept getting harder and harder, and they told us that measured your peripheral ability to pick up on things. That was a very good workout for me overall, and I really enjoyed the experience with that staff.

Because I’m from Tampa, the Bucs like having some local guys drive over to the facility when they are able to make it, so I drove down to Tampa and had a great meeting with [offensive line] coach [George] Warhop, who also worked us out down in Gainesville. He tested me a lot on recall from the first meeting and I spit it back out to him real well. Other than that, the visit was very similar to the rest that I had to that point.

It was a bit awkward because, being from Tampa, I had actually been inside the facility before. I remember taking a visit there in high school. It was crazy to come back on a different side of things, being there for a job interview as a professional. Getting the opportunity to play for the Bucs would definitely be something that I would cherish. That’s not to say Tampa Bay is the only team or the main team I want to play for because I would be happy to go with whichever team believes in me enough to draft me. That being said, it would definitely be a benefit to be close to hoe. My school was just minutes from Tampa’s stadium and my family lives in the area. It would definitely be a surreal experience, going to games growing up and then winding up playing for the team.

Right after getting back from Tampa Bay, I flew up to Indianapolis on April 16 for a full visit with the Colts. After going through some meetings and workouts and such, they put on my game film from the Florida-Tennessee game. They wanted me to explain some of the Gators offense, some of the offensive line calls and my thought process on certain blocks.

One unique facet of the visit was that I sat down for what felt like a true job interview with three members of the front office at the same time. With a lot of teams, those meetings are one-on-one. But I feel like I gave a great interview and was able to tel them about my childhood and upbringing. While I was in town, I also got to see Jonotthan Harrison, so that was really good, too. It was another great visit, and I was happy to get the chance to go up there.

I look at all of these visits as opportunities to allow the coaches and executives to get to know the real me, a hard worker on the field and guy with a good head on his shoulders. There is still a little more to share, so be sure to check back early Thursday for the final chapter in my Path to the Draft series!

Go Gators!

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