FOUR BITS: Lee hurt, Elam, Tebow, Floyd doubted

By Adam Silverstein
April 22, 2013

1 » Golden State Warriors All-Star forward David Lee was ruled out for the season on Saturday after he tore his right hip flexor during Game 1 of his team’s first-round playoff series. “I knew [Saturday] night when I did it. I felt it pop,” Lee told a group of reporters before his team’s Sunday practice. “I went to run back on defense and had absolutely no sensation in my leg. It wasn’t even painful as much as it was just [numb].” Though Lee is unlikely to need surgery on the tear, he is expected to remain off the court for at least three months. He led the NBA in double-doubles this season and was ranked top-10 in the league in a number of other categories including defensive rebounds, total rebounds, efficiency, field goals made and triple-doubles. “We can’t replace him, and we know that,” head coach Mark Jackson said. “We have some guys on our bench that can do some things to cover up his absence, but we cannot replace David Lee.”

2 » FORBES contributor Darren Heitner penned an article that took a look at Florida Gators safety Matt Elam as the only top prospect set to enter the 2013 NFL Draft without an agent. Though Elam at some point will need to at least hire a contract advisor or lawyer to help him sort out a deal after he is drafted, he has been able to go through the process up to this point without one because of the financial backing and experience of his brother (NFL safety Abram Elam). “Not to discredit any agent, but Matt has done the things to put himself in a position to have a high draft grade without an agent,” Abe Elam told FORBES. “There is no contract right now to be evaluated because he hasn’t been drafted yet. At some point we will have to address whether Matt should hire an agent or an attorney. We are not biased against agents; we have just been able to delay the process because of the resources he has.”

3 » Quarterback coach Steve Clarkson spent much of last week praising quarterback Tim Tebow, claiming he fixed problems with the player’s mechanics after spending three days working with him earlier this offseason in Scottsdale, AZ. And while Clarkson’s evaluation of Tebow may very well be correct, not much about his statements appears to be accurate. According quarterback coaches Dennis Gile and Mike Giavondo, who spoke with SB Nation over the weekend, Clarkson only spent a single day working with Tebow while they worked with him for three months in Scottsdale. “We put in a lot of time and effort for [no pay] to really help [Tebow],” Gile told the website. How much did Gile and Giavondo actually help Tebow improve? “Steve Young’s mouth was hitting the floor,” said Gile after noting that both Young and Jim Zorn watched Tebow throw. “’Wow, you got it!’ is what he said exactly.”

Check out one more BIT on Sharrif Floyd…after the break!

4 » Gators defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd has been one of the hottest names over the last few months as far as the NFL Draft is concerned and surprisingly, up until this point, not a single analyst or evaluator has discussed Floyd’s potential shortcomings. That is until this weekend when the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn, who still has Floyd as the top defensive tackle in the draft, quoted anonymous scouts that have not fully bought in to Floyd being a overwhelmingly great prospect.

“I saw the short arms (31 ¾ in.) where he couldn’t keep people off,” one scout said. “Maybe that’s not as important as it is on the offensive line. If he doesn’t win with quickness, which is exceptional, it’s hard for him to counter and get off blocks. But he’ll probably win with quickness. I think you’re safe with Floyd.” Another scout added: ”Floyd is a good effort player. He’s got shorter arms than [Sheldon] Richardson, and I think it shows. He gets kind of Velcro’d on blockers too much.” And a third: “Those idiots on TV made Floyd. He’s not that good. He’s not better than Ziggy Hood. Floyd’s not a real bulky guy but he can run.”

Gainesville Television Network‘s Julie Quittner sat down for an interview with Floyd two weeks ago, which you can check out below.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Man, I hope that’s true about Tebow. Can’t even begin to tell you how much I hope that’s true.

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