Tim Tebow’s NCAA Football 11 cover revealed

By Adam Silverstein
April 19, 2010

EA Sports has officially released the cover art for their NCAA Football 11 video game featuring former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

The game will likely be released the second week of July.

Check out OGGOA‘s original story on Tebow being named the game’s cover athlete.


  1. liveoak87 says:

    That is AWESOME. I’m glad he is at least on the PS3 one. going to preorder this asap

  2. Jonathan says:

    Not really crazy about it. Other than its cool that he’s on the cover. You can barely tell that this is Tebow. His face and number are all covered up and this almost could be one of those generic athlete photos. Dont get me wrong, it’s cool he’s on the cover, just disappointed with the photo they chose.

  3. HotandBothered says:

    He’s so steamy. Just gets my blood boiling. Gonne be tough to fall asleep tonight

  4. Note that the image in the back is Tebow flipped. Nice work, EA!

  5. Joe says:

    Interesting he’s ummm not throwing a football… take it as you will

  6. Joe says:

    Nice catch Andy, very professional on their part

  7. Andy- Interesting. Fail on their part.

  8. On Campus says:


    Don’t worry, Tim is on all 3 of the covers according to EA.

  9. SEC commish will be ecstatic that the SEC logo is so prominent ( last 4 BCS National Champs!!)

  10. I wish he was in the blue jersey – the orange looks too red – very NE Patriotic…hmmmm….

  11. 305gator says:

    at least hes following the new ncaa rule…no bible verse

  12. G8R8U2 says:

    I think the cover looks great… and there’s absolutely no way people won’t know who that is, despite his number 15 not being more prominent, unless they’ve been in a cave for the last 5 years. I’m sure it’s much more orange in reality too; and there’s the “This Is Gator Country” part of the stadium beside him. That’s a perfect depiction of what Tebow was all about… strength, power, and unequaled determination.

  13. 1 2 3 4 5 AND THA GATA DON'T TAKE NO JIVE says:

    Wasn’t the SEC 75th anniversary in 2007? What the hell is that jersey doing on the cover? Too weird if you ask me — Maybe they wanted it from the season Tebow won the Heisman? EA you fail! Irving Meyers Percii Harvins and the rest of the Gata’s think this pic is a bust! 1 2 3 4 5 AND THA GATA DON’T TAKE NO JIVE

  14. Dan says:

    I’m not calling anyone out but I’m not buying this as the cover. First, the reversed Gators helmet in the background. Second, there’s too many Gators things on the cover. Third, the jersey. What happened to the “cover shoot” photos we all saw a few weeks ago? Totally different uniform.

  15. Dan- If you watch the video (especially when he is jumping onto pads), EA had Tebow put on a white uniform with the 75th anniversary emblem. It is the real cover – direct from EA Sports. Thanks.

  16. FloridaMITCHELL says:

    I don’t like it….you can barely tell it’s Tebow and that he’s in a Gator uniform! I guess we can’t really complain though, I’m just glad a Gator (or former Gator) is on the cover. This is one game that I won’t be trading in next year, it’s a keepsake

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