Urban Meyer on Tim Tebow: “I think he’s going to win a Super Bowl.”

By Adam Silverstein
February 28, 2013

Tim Tebow detractors appear to be multiplying by the day, but his former head coach with the Florida Gators is most certainly not one of them.

In an interview with WOCA 1730 AM on Wednesday, Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer said that he still maintains a strong relationship with the New York Jets quarterback and believes in his abilities on the football field just as much as he did when he was coaching him in Gainesville, FL.

“I think I’m like every Gator fan and anybody that just appreciates great people and great warriors. There’s got to be a team – it all comes down to one team believing in a human being or believing in an athlete or a player. I think I got the same feeling as most everybody that watched him and grew up with him,” he said.

“All they need is to let him get his foot in the door and he’s going to win games, and I think he’s going to win a Super Bowl. I still believe that, probably because I spent as much or more time with him as any other coach. I have that much confidence in him.”

Meyer went on to describe their relationship, saying he and Tebow still converse “very frequently, once a week probably” though they have not spoken in the last few weeks.

The coach and former pupil went to lunch a few months ago when Meyer was in New Jersey recruiting the Tri-State Area. He felt Tebow was still in good spirits despite being traded from the Denver Broncos following the 2011 season and barely stepping foot on the field with the Jets in 2012.

“He’s a positive guy. He wants to win. He’s a winner. He’s always won. This losing thing doesn’t really sit well with him,” Meyer said. “He wants to be on a team that’s…he believes New York is committed to win. He has a lot of respect from Coach [Rex] Ryan. He’s a guy that’s pretty positive all the time, but I could see there was a little bit of worry in his face, concern.”

Recent word nationally (and out of New York) is that the Jets tried to find a trading partner for Tebow at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. If New York is unable to trade Tebow – a likely scenario because team sources have already let it be known that the player will be cut if a trade partner is not found – he is expected to be released when free agency begins in early March.

As far as Meyer is concerned, NFL teams should definitely be interested in Tebow as long as they are willing to give him a legitimate opportunity to succeed.

“You put Tim Tebow on a team with great players, he’s going to be a great quarterback,” Meyer said.

Photo Credit: John Raoux/Associated Press


  1. Swell Miguel says:

    Meyer would love to have Tebow in his recruiting quiver.

    • Michael Jones says:

      I’m not buying the “recruiting quiver” angle. I’m not a big Urban fan, but one of the things that I do admire about him is his ongoing loyalty to Tim Tebow. I think it’s one thing that Urban does without an agenda. He’s also right about Tebow: commit to him and he’ll continue to do what he’s always done–including at Denver–just WIN, baby!

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    “He has a lot of respect from Coach [Rex] Ryan. ”

    Really? So much respect from Ryan that he was passed over for McElroy? Way to put a positive spin there Urban

  3. Violater1 says:

    If the loser jets dump Tebow (that was given practically no chance to play while their lead QB lost their shirts) I pray the Jaguars are willing to pick him up and that they will build a powerhouse team with Tebow at the helm!

  4. Glen Kemp says:

    Tim Tebow can spark the fire that is needed to turn around any slumping NFL team. He is a winner, and given the chance he will prove this over and over again. The Gator Nation believes in Tim Tebow and stands behind him – we are rooting for him to succeed and know he can and will. So here’s my message to NFL coaches – if your team is under-performing it may be due to poor leadership. The solution is a no-brainer. Sign Tim Tebow and back him all the way. He will have your back and positive changes will begin to happen. It’s the chemistry he brings to the field and inspires in his teammates that transforms a mediocre team into a winning team. If you want the championship, you have to have a champion to lead you there. Tebow won at Denver despite the odds. Tebow will win for you if you will believe in his ability to do so and give him the tools he needs. GO TEBOW (and GO GATORS)!!!

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