FOUR BITS: Alajajian, Spurrier, Tebow, Stewart

By Adam Silverstein
April 12, 2012

1 » Though junior Buck linebacker Ronald Powell’s injury was more serious and detrimental to the Florida Gators considering he is an entrenched starter on defense, the unit also lost another player to surgery recently. Florida announced Wednesday that senior defensive tackle Nick Alajajian had successful surgery on his right wrist on Tuesday. Alajajian, who moved over to defense after spending three years with the Gators as an offensive lineman, is expected to be healthy enough to return for fall camp.

2 » South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier opened up to recently about a number of topics including his team’s game against Georgia being moved back four weeks (“I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”), Nick Saban (“If he wants to be the greatest coach or one of the greatest coaches in college football, to me, he has to go somewhere besides Alabama and win, because they’ve always won there at Alabama.”) and how his career might come to an end (“When I leave, they’re not going to pay me $4 million because I had another five years on the deal and got fired. I ain’t going to be one of those guys.). But he also spoke about Florida and a conversation he had with head coach Will Muschamp upon him taking over the Gators in 2011.

“I told Will that he had one of the hardest jobs in America because of what’s happened down there prior to him coming. I don’t know that they have that much greater a team than most others in the SEC now. They’re pretty good. But it’s a tough job because of what Urban [Meyer] has done and prior history. Those fans are expecting 10 to 12 wins every year. Our fans are going to expect nine to 11, which is fair, and that’s good. I hope our players expect it, too.”

[EXPAND Click to expand and read two more BITS in this post.]3 » Unlike a number of current and former Denver Broncos expressing their support and faith in quarterback Tim Tebow following his trade to the New York Jets, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas (who had some of his best games with Tebow behind center) told 790 The Zone out of Atlanta, GA that he is not said to see him go elsewhere. “I ain’t going to say I was sad because the only thing they remember is that pass,” he said. “You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn’t getting no balls and you had to make some of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t want to talk bad about Tim, but hey I am happy we got Peyton.” Thomas went on to praise Tebow for being a tireless worker and said there was no real tension in the locker room; he added that his former teammate has to learn how to read defenses better and recognize open receivers.

4 » Florida center and London, England native Azania Stewart was one of 20 players invited in April to a women’s basketball camp hosted by Great Britain that will help determine the 12 players that will represent the union in the 2012 London Olympics. Stewart has plenty of European basketball experience and that should give her chances of making the team a boost. Should she do so, Stewart would be the third Gators women’s basketball player in school history to represent her country in the Olympics following in the footsteps of Tammy Jackson (1992) and DeLisha Milton-Jones (2000, 2008).[/EXPAND]


  1. Ken says:

    I wasn’t getting no balls….. And they claim to make these college kids maintain academic standards LMAO what a joke.

    I hope Denver sucks.

  2. Julio says:

    Guess all those times Thomas was thrown a catchable pass and he just let them bounce off his hands don’t count…selective memory is a wonderful thing.

    Also, gotta love the Ol’ Ball Coach. Any true Gator still holds a place in his or her heart for him. And don’t get me started on how the SEC has tried to gift-wrap the East for Georgia this year. It’s a joke.

    • Tim says:

      I think if yo are objective you’d realize the SEC is trying to Gift Wrap the east for the most likely good team. They want to have two SEC teams going to a BCS game. Helping, what should be, the best team in the east this year will insure that. I don’t think it’s a Georgia Bias. Keep in mind that as the schedules rotate, they will have to suffer eventually for having it so easy….just as Florida will have the benifit of having such a tough schedule. I just hope we can take advantage of it when our turn roles around.

  3. SaraGator says:

    Ha! I miss the Ole Ball Coach.

  4. Spikr says:

    Love how spurrier tells it like it is.

  5. cegator says:

    I always wonder where Spurrier comes up with his zingers. I can picture him whipping out a notebook on the golf course b/c he has thought of a one-liner that he can use down the road.

  6. SC_Gator says:

    That’s the upside to South Carolina having so much success recently… the more he wins, the more OBCish the OBC is in interviews.

  7. DRU2012 says:

    I’m hoping Coach M took SS’ comments with exactly the weight they deserve: ABSOLUTELY NONE AT ALL. He is STILL rationalizing HIS reasons for bailing on us when and how he did, and why he returned to the SEC at a school and program with diminished expectations…ie. Because HE found that kind of pressure and scrutiny too much, finally; SS was afraid, afraid he couldn’t keep measuring up to his own success.
    As for Meyer’s work here and how it might affect Coach Boom’s immediate problems and impact on his new team, it wasn”t Meyer’s success that was about to bite the new Gator coach, and HE (Muschamp) knew that: it was the former coach’s inattention to the guys he had, and poor choices in the “experts highly rated” last couple of classes that all added up to a team already in accelerated decline and about to get even worse.
    Coach “Boom” has his own high standards, deep practical philosophy, a detailed vision of what he wants in his team and where he and his staff will go with it, all suffused with as much enthusiastic, driving energy as most of us have ever seen in a single individual. Comparing the Post-90s Spurrier with today’s Will Muschamp is your classic apples and oranges, and where the Gamecocks’ “apple” is comfortable with being “above average” and appreciated for it, our Gator “orange” has higher standards for himself and his team than any of us could even imagine hanging on him–even us over-the-top build-us-a-dynasty Gator-fans!

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