REPORT: Noles pull safety Dorsey from Gators

By Adam Silverstein
January 25, 2010

UPDATE: Demar Dorsey no longer being recruited by Gators

Four-star safety recruit Demar Dorsey (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) has spurned the Florida Gators for the in-state rival Florida State Seminoles, according to three separate reports. Dorsey, who openly wavered with his commitment throughout the process, recently proclaimed that he was 90-95 percent solid to the Gators, the highest percentage he had given them over the last year.

He even went so far as to reaffirm his commitment to Florida and recruit other players for the Gators while participating in the Under Armour All-American Game three weeks ago.

“I’ve been to Florida several times on unofficial visits,” Dorsey told the Orlando Sentinel last week, “but I figured I’d take a couple of visits just to make sure Florida is where I want to go to school. [The Gators are] still on top, they’re still my No. 1. They aren’t going anywhere. I’d say right now they’re about 90-95 percent.” He visited the Michigan Wolverines two weeks ago, met with Gators co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach Chuck Heater last Thursday, checked out the Seminoles last weeked and has plans to take a trip to see the USC Trojans this weekend.

Though reports state Dorsey has made this decision, a lot can change after he meets with new Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Dorsey was originally interested in the Tennessee Volunteers mostly because of the coaching staff, and the same coaches at a more prestigious program may be enough to send him out West for college. No matter what happens this weekend, coaches from all three schools will have an opportunity to speak with Dorsey before he signs his National Letter of Intent on National Signing Day.

Expect Florida to make an even stronger push to four-star athlete Jeremy Deering (Tampa, FL), who is said to be leaning toward Florida State but may be swayed into changing his mind if Dorsey does indeed sign there on Feb. 3.

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  1. Evan Cooke says:

    Let him go, only the strong survive at the Swamp!

    Next in line! Welcome to UF!

    Go Gators!

  2. ReptilesRule says:

    No true Gator or Gator worthy recruit would go to the Noles. Maybe he is just confused like Matt Elam was or maybe he fears the depth chart. Maybe he just needs a good talking to by coach Meyer. I hope he stays a Gator but not everyone is cut out to compete in an elite program…

  3. liveoak87 says:

    although it would suck to have him leave, we are really stacked at safety, and i dont think it will hurt us to bad.

  4. Theo says:

    To be honest they can take him. He will fit right in with the Criminoles. I heard rumors that the coaching staff were actually telling him to look around because he wouldn’t qualify at UF. There have also been rumblings about off the field concerns. Don’t get me wrong the dude is a baller but we have Elam, Haden and Dowling. Hopefully the staff still has Dietrich Riley’s number on speed dial. I would love that dude in our class.

    If you ain’t a Gator you must be Gator bait!!!

  5. Patrick says:

    I’ve heard his decision to to decommit at Florida isn’t the real story! He has too low gpa to attend UF and has to choose another university which has more lenient admission requirements!

  6. npgator says:

    That is definitely a position that we are in great shape at especially with Elam, Dowling and Haden coming in.

  7. O-town Gator says:

    If you ain’t a Gator, then you’re Gator bait.

  8. brlgator says:

    I called this on the message board when he said he was visiting fsu. We are gonna lose kids too. It happens when ur class gets this good

  9. Patrick- It is the same story, the only difference is the reasoning. One way or another he left UF for FSU if the story holds up.

  10. O-town Gator says:

    From random lurkings I’ve seen that Dorsey may have issues with his grades not being up to UF’s standards, but nothing is confirming that just yet.

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Oh well. Bound to happen with as flip-floppy as this guy was.

  12. Mark01 says:

    While I would have loved to have him. This could end up being for the best. I heard he has character issues.

  13. Wingtee says:

    This is why you can’t get your hopes upwith 17 year old knuckleheads. He is a great player,fastest kid in Florida

  14. g8ter27 says:

    This guy didn’t know what he wanted so let him go figure it out…he will regret not being a part of the greatest class in history possibly later on. PS this is an awesome site you have here Adam.

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