Gators great helps Florida land four-star OL T.J. Moore from his high school

By Adam Silverstein
December 25, 2016
Gators great helps Florida land four-star OL T.J. Moore from his high school

Image Credit: The State

The Florida Gators‘ 2017 recruiting class is in desperate need of talent, as is the team’s offensive line, so the Christmas Day eve commitment of four-star T.J. Moore (Charlotte, NC) was a welcome bit of news for head coach Jim McElwain.

Moore (6-foot-6, 290 pounds) is the 269th rated player in the nation, per the 247Sports Composite, which makes him the Gators’ sixth-highest rated commitment at this time. He choose Florida primarily over Tennessee and South Carolina; he previously committed to the Gamecocks in August.

A talented prospect out of Mallard Creek High School, Moore had former Gators OL D.J. Humphries in his ear, particularly late in his recruitment. Like Moore, Humphries played for the Mavericks in high school, and the former five-star prospect hoped to influence the local product to follow in his footsteps down to Gainesville, Florida.

With Moore’s commitment, Florida moves up two spots to No. 19 in the team rankings but remains eighth in the SEC and behind both its in-state rivals. Only seven of the Gators’ 15 commitments are rated as four-star prospects and none are ranked among the top 100 players in the nation.

Scottie Lewis (12)
Tre Mann (26)
Omar Payne (43)
Jason Jitoboh
Ques Glover
Alex Klatsky


  1. Chris says:

    Its just disappointing to hear we are moving up 2 places to 19…why are we no longer able to recruit top recruits that would put us in the top 10…I know stars are not the whole picture but why is Mac not bringing up higher rated players?

  2. firemcelwaintoday says:

    “Gator Great”? Humphries pretty much sucked during his time at UF. If you have any brain cells devoted to memory, you’d know that he wasn’t even an honorable mention All-SEC player. To be a “Gator Great”, you need to have actually been a great player and only a dumb person ever thought Humphries was great at UF. Adam, why do you continually make dumb statements?

    • He was a first round draft pick and certainly did not “suck” during his time at Florida. But if you think calling me “dumb” and insulting me is going to get future comments approved, you have another thing coming.

    • MAR says:

      Classless, which means you are a fan of the school out west. Get a life bro. However, you probably aren’t smart enough to figure out how to do that, like most fans and grads from the school out west. Don’t forget to ask the customers if they want to supersize it.

    • Alpha/Omega says:

      What have you done to call yourself a Gator Great…oh right…not a damn thing.

      What a douche

  3. Michael Jones says:

    I’m a Gator alum. . bleed Orange and Blue. . but I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been throughout my cheering for the Gators to run across reactions to what is GOOD news like those whiney, crybaby comments above.

    I know there are some great fans in Gator Nation. . super super people. . but there are way too many like those above who makes us too often sound like loser nation. Really a bummer. Would hate to go around my whole life always thinking the glass was half empty.

  4. Matt says:

    So let me help with some facts about Mcelwain’s recruiting history. He frequently gets cited as a program builder because of what he did at Colorado State. Mcelwain has a history as a recruiter whose classes do better before he arrived and better after he leaves:

    Colorado State Recruiting Rankings – Rivals

    2010 – 61st
    2011 – 69th
    2012 – not in top 100. (Mcelwain just hired, so understandable)
    2013 – 82nd
    2014 – 77th
    2015 – not in top 100, Mcelwain came here, Bobo hired)
    2016 – 63rd

    So excluding transition years, that’s 5 classes, Mcelwain had the two worst classes of the 5. The guy before him got fired…We see the same pattern here at Florida, If we look at the last 7 classes, excluding, coaching change classes, same thing, Mcelwain has the worst classes, 14th last year and currently 25th..22nd for ’15, but that isn’t on him..

    So analyzing a data set of 14 classes, Mcelwain’s classes are the worst at two different programs, and here they are substantiall worse.

  5. Michael Jones says:

    So, accepting your analysis, why do you think he struggles in recruiting?

  6. Matt says:

    I’m not going to pretend to know for certain but I read a lot about Mcelawin, articles going way back. When players, and former players talk about him, they have positve things to say of course, but they are definitely not raving about him. It seems there are things there that are left unsaid by guys like McElroy and his CSU QB…

    Will Grier came out and basically said negative things about how he treated him and he transferred. and there is a former CSU assistant who stated “I would never work for the man again”. Ok, but folks talk smack, about a lot of people, that alone doesn’t necessarily mean much.

    Last year he screamed at Kelvin Taylor, “to be a man”, I have never seen a player berated and demeaned in such a public way, Mike Singletary and Vernon Davis is the only other similar example I can think of..

    Watch his pressers, he is vague, insincere, condescending, snaps at the media’s legitimate questions like after the FSU game…He delibritely criticizes and nitpicks players that play well..His former players say that and he does it in pressers…I think he is not sincere and recruits see through that.. He doesn’t even call many players by there name, remember “The Dentist”, he wasn’t being just funny, he didn’t know the kids name.. Of course, I am speculating and reading between the lines and I have never spent time with the guy, but there is a reason he isnt landing recruits and that reason must have at least something to do with him…

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