Tebow spurns Gatorade for…FRS Health Energy?

By Adam Silverstein
December 21, 2010

Though he briefly did sponsorship work for the company prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow has decided not to sign an endorsement deal with Gatorade, the sports drink invented by University of Florida researchers in Gainesville, FL. Instead Tebow has agreed to a multi-year deal with the wellness drink company FRS Health Energy.

“I use their products regularly and can honestly say I believe FRS has helped me perform at my best on and off the field,” Tebow said in a statement. “I look forward to sharing my FRS story with fans and spreading the word on this amazing brand.”

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, FRS Health Energy first “got on the map three years ago by signing Lance Armstrong, who endorses the product and owns a piece of the company.” Rovell reports, according to XV Enterprises marketer Angel Gonzalez, that Tebow’s endorsement deal includes some equity in the company.

One of the reasons Tebow and his representatives picked FRS over Gatorade is because Tebow actually used the product while training for the combine. The company reportedly “became intrigued with Tebow when they heard he walked into a Gainesville GNC while training for the NFL combine to purchase the product,” Rovell reports.

Both Gatorade and Powerade were also vying for Tebow’s services.

Other endorsers for FRS Health Energy include Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen.


  1. npgator says:

    I will stick with Gatorade!

  2. Daniel M. says:

    Gatorade is straight garbage anyway. “G” is nothing but sugar and salt. That and intense marketing. It’s no surprise that they developed a before, during, and after series. They get in your wallet three times that way.

    Much better products are out there and Gatorade has tried to rebrand themselves and responded with copycat products like Pro and G2.

    As an endurance athlete I know that energy drinks made by Heed and Hammer Nutrition are far superior to Gatorade. These products come in mixable powders and are much cheaper in the long run.

    If electrolyte replacement is what you seek, Ultima Replenisher products are the best I’ve ever tried.

    I’ve experimented with all of them at length during thousands of hot summer miles.

    You can find the above products in specialty stores and online.

    I don’t know about FRS Health Energy but I’m skeptical about anything sold at GNC. That store has absurd prices. I’m not saying FRS isn’t a good product, but I’ll bet, comparatively, it’s priced way high.

  3. PGator says:

    I wonder if Tim signing with FRS also had to do with his foundation. Check out the latest post from his FB:

    “The TTF is proud to announce the partnership with FRS Healthy Energy! To celebrate this new addition to their family, our friends at FRS have kindly put together a promotional through which they will be donating 25% of all sales through 12/31 to the TTF! Please visit http://www.FRS.com to learn more”

    Of course, Gatorade would not donate any of it’s sales to the TTF for obvious reasons but FRS seems willing to do so.

  4. SC Gator says:

    Indeed, Tebow is such a draw I have a hard time believing Gatorade wouldn’t cut a deal giving something back if he’d wanted it.

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    First tightey whitey campaigns now odd branded energy drinks? Weird path he’s traveling.

  6. Mr.3Bits says:

    Former Gator Mike Miller of the Miami Heat also drinks this

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