Florida football recruiting: National Signing Day live early period updates 2018-19

By Adam Silverstein
December 19, 2018
Florida football recruiting: National Signing Day live early period updates 2018-19

Welcome to OnlyGators.com‘s live coverage of the 2018 Early Signing Period as the Class of 2019 begins to sign with teams across the nation. We will be with you all day updating every signed National Letter of Intent (NLI) and new commitment while reporting all of the breaking news in between.

Keep visiting this page for a constantly updating list of the Gators’ 2019 commitments and announcements along with viewing information. Follow our live blog below!

Schedule / announcements

» Florida targets: Predictions, finalists
Five-star RB Trey Sanders — Committed to Alabama
Four-star TE Keon Zipperer — Committed to Florida
Four-star DE Lloyd Summerall — Committed to Florida
Four-star OL Deyavie Hammond — Committed to Florida
Four-star DT Siaki Ika — Committed to LSU
Four-star DE Derick Hunter — Committed to Texas A&M
Three-star DE Brandon Dorlus — Committed to Oregon

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Live updates

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  1. Brandon Wright says:

    Everybody contribute to get Adam a better alarm clock!

  2. Michael Jones says:

    How in the heck does LSU do it? Year after year after year . . never out of the top ten in recruiting and usually top 5.

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    I am not happy with all these 3 star recruits. It’s going to be rough competing with A.and M. Georgia and Alabama when all their recruits are all 4 and 5 star recruits.

    • KB says:

      That’s a 1 star comment. Look at the jags shitty 1st round picks. Blake Bortels. How good is he. 3 star 4 star 5 star Mullen will make it work.

    • Jerome says:

      Don’t get to hung up on the stars, I look at the position they play, their body type, and what their game tape looks like before I say its a good pick up or not. I’m confident that Dan can take those 3 star guys and develop them into 5-star talent.

  4. Theodore Karadavis says:

    Dan Mullen did a great job closing out, Yeah we do not have a top 5 class. But i think we hit a lot of areas of need with the recruits we got. Also remember we are not done just yet… Missing out on Trey Sanders is huge, But the kid committed to Alabama 3 years ago, so i think we did all we could. Look out for the 2020 and 2021 classes to be top 10 at the very least, if not top 5.

  5. Austin Holmes says:

    Looks like Willie Taggart is a real smooth talker after destroying the longest bowl streak. Not sure how he is able to have the #11 recruiting class when his overall win-loss total as a HC is under .500.

  6. Austin Holmes says:

    I love what Mullen is doing. He has always done more with less but it would be nice to sign a 5-star recruit. We have one in the 2021 class, but that’s 2 years away and hoping he stays committed. I suppose one more year of improvement could help us. Maybe get to the Sugar Bowl next year or CFP and we will see a better class. That’s not to say that our 2019 class isn’t good but it always helps to get marquee players from high school.

  7. G2 says:

    That’s not necessary, look what Taggert did with a pathetic looking year 1.
    I’ll be surprised if he survives year 2 but out recruited UF who could win 10 game if we can find a way to ever beat UM.

    We are light years behind Bana and UGA in talent, now LSU and Texas A&M are making us look bad. What next, UT beating us on the recruiting trail?

    I do think Mullen is a very good coach and can do more with less. If he’s not going to be a great recruiter then we need assistants (like T Rob) that are, whatever the co$t.

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