Florida college football recruiting: Early National Signing Day 2019 live updates

By Adam Silverstein
December 18, 2019
Florida college football recruiting: Early National Signing Day 2019 live updates

Welcome to OnlyGators.com’s live coverage of National Signing Day as the Class of 2020 begins to sign solidify during the three-day early signing period (Dec. 18-20). We will be with you all day updating every signed National Letter of Intent (NLI) and new commitment for the Florida Gators while reporting all of the breaking news in between.

Keep visiting this page for constant updates from the Gators’ 2020 signing class and announcements along with viewing information. Follow our live blog below and scroll further to see the updated Class of 2020! Refresh the page to update the table.

Four-star RB E.J. Smith — Committed to Stanford
Three-star WR Sam Brown — Committed to West Virginia
Four-star DT Timothy Smith — Committed to Alabama
Four-star DE Donell Harris — Committed to Texas A&M
Four-star JUCO WR Malik Heath — Committed to Mississippi State
Three-star DT Clyde Pinder Jr. — Delayed commitment
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Live updates

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Commitments / signings

CommitRatingNLI / Time
DT Gervon Dexter (12)
LB Derek Wingo (63)
WR Xz. Henderson (66)
CB Jahari Rogers (86)
ATH Jaq. Fraziars (154)
OL Issiah Walker (156)
CB Ethan Pouncey (174)
DE Antwaun Powell (182)
QB Anthony Richardson (201)
DT Johnnie Brown (226)
ATH Marc Britt (267)
OL Joshua Braun (269)
DB Rashad Torrence
CB Avery Helm
DB Mordecai McDaniel
DT Lamar Goods
DT Jalen Lee
WR Leonard Manuel
ATH Fenley Graham
DB Tre'Vez Johnson
OL Gerald Mincey
TE Jonathan Odom
OL Richard Leonard
P Jeremy Crawshaw


  1. Eric says:

    Love all the 4 stars but does it not bother you that we have been on a LONG dry spell since last getting a 5 star?

    • Ethan Hygema says:

      I agree. We need 5 stars.

      • Allen says:

        Mullen is known for coaching up and player development. I would project that after another 10 win season, the 5* drought ends. IMO, these “big uglies” in the trenches on both sides of the ball should help us have a legit running game and that is a scary thought for SEC defenses.

  2. bDADDY says:


  3. Jr. says:

    I disagree you don’t need five star players to win a natty, because it’s all subjective recruiting boards are different for each team one persons four star but be another teams five star. for example dextor and wingo.

    • Anthonye Smith says:

      Exactly!! The talent is there and more otw…the stars dont mean much until they hit the field! I have seen the recruits we have in action and Im excited about whose coming to Gainesville…on top of last years class we will be alright!

    • SWFL Joe says:

      Disappointing finish. So much for winning = recruiting bump. Hopefully the new facility will get us over the hump.

  4. Darrell says:

    Where do we stand with Henry Perrish and when will he commit? thank you.

  5. MDK says:

    Do we only look at 247 rankings? Wingo is 5* according to Rivals, FWIW.

  6. David says:

    Staff eval players themselves and don’t pay attention to 247, Rivals, etc. How many current commits are considered the equivalent of 5 star by UF staff? That’s what is important.

  7. Darrell says:

    What is the latest on Henry Perrish? And when will he commit/sign?

  8. Patrick Fox says:

    How are you feeling about Leonard Manuel? Have been hearing rumors he wont be eligible

  9. Rachel Jones says:

    I agree with you on the Five Star. Do we not go after them hard enough or is there a fundamental problem here? On a side note, I thought Derek Wingo is a 5 Star?

  10. Raph says:

    Why can’t florida get any 5 stars? Maryland flipped a 5 star and they are not even the program florida is?

  11. Bob Harris says:

    Rivals has LB Derek Wingo listed as a 5star *****

  12. Bob Harris says:

    Chris Doering on SEC TV said Florida has already received just about all of their recruiting signees and have turned their attention to Virginia and the Orange Bowl…Doesn’t look like any surprises

  13. Bob Harris says:

    Looks like Florida has stepped up on the offensive and defensive lines with this class.When we played Georgia this year their 7 of their rotating 9 offensive linemen were 4 Stars Florida had 1 4 star offensive line man….Huge huge difference.

  14. Rustie Hibbard says:

    Georgia gets five stars all the time, when was their last NATTY? As Steve Superior used to say, “Ga does a great job of coaching them down?”

  15. Patrick Fox says:

    Chances on Tim Smith flipping?

  16. Patrick Fox says:

    Pinder moving commitment back is good for Florida right?

  17. Patrick Fox says:

    Do you see anyone in the Transfer Portal they will save room for?

  18. Ted Gorospe says:

    Ja’Quavion Fraziars is a 4 star but yes it would be nice to have more. Leonard Manuel is still a verbal and he is also a 4 star.

  19. Ted Gorospe says:

    So we are essentially waiting for no one at this moment

  20. Santiago Garcia says:

    I been following the updates from Quito, Ecuador. Great Job. I thought that we could of flip Tim, but I am good with the class that is already signed. I am freaking out about Issiah Walker, is he 100% in? This “cold” afternoon could affect his signing? Thanks!

  21. Santiago Garcia says:

    Thanks for your response. I been reading mad things about Billy and Knox. I think that as coaches they do a great job, specially Billy, but recruting wise they are not to the standard. Your thoughts about that, people are already firing Billy and Knox.

  22. Santiago Garcia says:

    Thats whats crazy!, we know Mullen as an offensive genius. The results in 2 years are amazing. That should be an easy sell for those kids. But, there is something that is missing. I hope that Dan after this signing period can improve. Now lets hit that hard on the transfer portal, and those kids signing in feb. One last question, Does Jordan Pouncey will be elegible to play next year? and, that Defense with the addition of Brenton Cox will be insane! I hope that the offense can match that.

    • Anthonye Smith says:

      That offense is fine should be better than last years to be honest! And signing Richardson is a huge +

  23. Anthonye Smith says:

    I respect these kids decision no bad blood or high hopes for any of them…we still have a great class and honestly its their loss for not joining #GoGators

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